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Unique 3D car configurator!
September 22, 2021
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4.0 and up
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Wow! 3dtuning Mod Apk appears to be incredible. The detail of each vehicle individually has an astonishing amount of work for your engineers. You’ve done a fantastic job with this tool. Thank you for making it accessible to anyone who wants to use it for free at absolutely no cost. Your device can create the future of the unlimited, and every brain is unique in common. Yes, everyone should take advantage of their technological capabilities. Make everything accessible to those in need.

It’s truly unique, one of the most exciting games ever! Motorbikes, trucks, sports cars! It’s got it all, and even high-end quality also It’s worth getting it today. It’s Amazing! It is amazing! Children who enjoy trucks. I have no problem for me to pay for microtransactions since this is simply fantastic! One more thing I’d suggest you include a trailer in the customizations of the semi-trucks.

I highly recommend this 3dtuning Mod Apk to anyone fascinated by cars. It’s fantastic, absolutely free, and you don’t need to spend money on the game. I love it simply because I’m Irish and enjoy a tiny part of a car-themed scene. There’s only one thing this app can add, and that’s a bora. Reeky boras can be the best, and they’re not lying.


The 3dtuning Mod Apk is fantastic. I have downloaded it three times. However, I’d like to include cars:

  • Opel Calibra
  • Toyota C-HR hybrid
  • Opel Mokka
  • More Fiat, more Dacia
  • All Opel Vectra Opel Signum
  • All ages Renault Laguna
  • More Tesla
  • More Peugeot

I want to include Tire Vinylic for all cars. I reiterate that this game is fantastic, and I would recommend it to everyone. I give it five stars. And I didn’t realize I’d like this told you it would be in an update. Please respond to me as soon as you can.

I love the process of tuning my vehicles, motorbikes, and trucks using this app. It is well thought out and user-friendly. I’d love to see more attractive designs, for instance, for trucks such as the Kenworth. I’d love to look at some beautiful images that look great on the sides of the car and the other cars and vehicles that you can tune with this application. Keep up the great work guys, I’ve shown the application to my entire circle of acquaintances, and they agree that it’s fantastic too.

It’s probably among the top mobile apps. However, I would prefer to see more cars featuring this “Startup” feature that some vehicles have, such as the different Mustang versions and possibly the option of creating customized liveries. In all, it’s an excellent application to customize our dream car.

Graphics and Sound

The 3dtuning Mod Apk is perfect, and each car has numerous modifications that it can make. One of the benefits is being completely free. There are many options and a variety of options to choose from in the game. But, to make your builds more precise (such as camber, offsets for widebody builds, and other specific modifications), you’ll need to buy high-end. The whole thing said and done.

I highly recommend this 3dtuning Mod Apk because it’s fantastic! The app is excellent, with hundreds of cars to pick from, and I only see advertisements just before I get into a car. It’s nice to see that the developers keep improving the game, and it gets more and more enjoyable. It would be nice to add additional McLarens, but there’s only one.

I’ve had it for a few years and have finished hundreds of customized vehicles with the great offset/chassis/widebody kits I would make all body styles of trucks. I’d like to know why it removed the chassis kits for the aftermarket Ford F350. Did Ford F350 get deleted? The car was 10x more potent, in my opinion. Yall all are fantastic though I appreciate the application.

The best way to modify an auto, as there’s no other software that compares to this one. The only downside is the need for additional car parts, like splitters and lips, which would be tremendous and grills. If you could update the 3dtuning Mod Apk to paint other specific details, it would make this a perfect mod as the front bumpers have the characteristic of having a “lip,” so if I would paint just the lip, but not the bumper.


I love this 3dtuning Mod Apk and have an excellent car in the collection. It’s, without doubt, the best game I’ve ever played. The graphics are amazing, but please add more cars such as McLean and the 2017 GTR, more wheels for recreations, but this game is top-notch. It’s a must download right now, but please add the new cars, the bumper delete, and the other car startups.

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What's new

1. Updates in Truck & Tuning Configurators;
2. Minor Bug Fixes & UI Optimizations


Version Size Requirements Date
3.7.353 76.7 Mb 4.0 and up 22/09/2021
3.7.352 76.7 Mb 4.0 and up 22/09/2021
3.7.350 76.7 Mb 4.0 and up 22/09/2021
3.7.332 Varies with device 4.0 and up 22/09/2021
3.6.995 Varies with device 4.0 and up 22/09/2021
3.6.540 Varies with device 4.0 and up 13/01/2021

All vehicles and materials sold for real money in the game are unlocked.

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