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60 parsecs—that's how fast! is the follow-up to Robot Men of Honour's 60 Seconds from 2015. Before being exiled 60 parsecs from Earth as it enters nuclear war, you have 60 seconds to gather a crew and any supplies you can. Throughout the course of a three-part mission, you will be responsible for allocating resources, inventing new items, and managing your team. You begin by collecting supplies, then you manage everything while you go through space, and finally you will deal with the crew after you have located a suitable planet to land on.
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Mar 3, 2023
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Introduction to 60 Parsecs, the follow-up to 60 Seconds

60 parsecs—that’s how fast! is the follow-up to Robot Men of Honour’s 60 Seconds from 2015. Before being exiled 60 parsecs from Earth as it enters nuclear war, you have 60 seconds to gather a crew and any supplies you can. Throughout the course of a three-part mission, you will be responsible for allocating resources, inventing new items, and managing your team. You begin by collecting supplies, then you manage everything while you go through space, and finally you will deal with the crew after you have located a suitable planet to land on.

60 Parsecs APK

Gameplay and features of 60 Parsecs

First of all, I loved 60 Seconds! when I last played it, which was approximately a year ago. Being someone who has always liked dystopian scenarios and the board, the idea of supporting people in making do in a dugout piqued my interest. I won’t lie and say that I was an expert right away. 60 Seconds! featured a few unique features that required trial and error to master, but once you did, the interaction became simple (barring any unforeseen circumstances).

Surviving in space: managing resources and crew in 60 Parsecs

I had some ideas about what to expect from the game developed by the same designer: harsh environments that would gladly kill you if you made a mistake, a lack of resources, odd companions and packages, and a lot of soup in jars. I was also expecting my first try to be a complete failure since I wouldn’t know what actions to take or which answers to choose. All things considered, I knew what I was getting into, so Lucy, get ready for some intergalactic adventures!

Creating and improving items in 60 Parsecs

Provided you’ve played 60 seconds! You should know what kind of game 60 Parsecs is if you’ve played it or at least watched a video of it. No matter how much experience you have, I recommend going through the tutorial to learn about the many tools at your disposal and the people you may invite onto the bus. Deedee and Emmet are the first two characters you may meet at the beginning of the game. I wholeheartedly advise starting with the second one since he has more information.

You’ll find yourself on a space station that seems to have been completely destroyed. Everything is dispersed, and you are supported by a large number of publications. Maybe you should tidy up? Sorry, Woods, but an atomic war is approaching your front door. Get some supplies, such as cans of soup and assets, gather up some of your crewmates, and don’t forget to jump in the van yourself! Advice: Bring as many soup jars as you can carry.

Landing on a planet: choosing the right risk in 60 Parsecs

Each member of your team will require at least one of them, and by making something new, doors will begin to open. You, Commander, must now manage your assets and your *friends* in order to survive in this hostile environment with relative anonymity. In only 60 seconds! 60 Parsecs! There was thirst, hunger, and general emotional and mental health! has reduced thirst but increased self-assurance. If your crew members decide they’ve had enough of your treatment, they may rebel or become your enemies.

And you thought becoming a commander was smart? There is a snarky computer that can help you with various tasks, but it isn’t quite as interested in its own endurance as you are, so you’ll need to use your own wits to get out of a few sticky situations. 60 parsecs—that’s how fast! provides still another novel feature, that of creation. You can create anything you need and even improve upon some of the more fundamental components.

Exploring and making choices in 60 Parsecs

Certain equipment will be required for various travels, in addition to items like soup that will help you care for people and keep their spirits up (given by the PC, obviously). What could be better than a mysterious artefact? In addition, don’t forget to do some research! You didn’t think you could avoid trying to land on a planet, did you? There are three to choose from, and in reality, you don’t so much choose between them as arrive at one and then decide whether the risk is worthwhile.

As you reach the surface, you may brief one of your crew members and send them out to scout the area and look for food and supplies. This will also help advance the plot and may even be the deciding factor. I may add Choices to wrap up this section. A few choices can let you advance the plot or form connections with other passengers on the bus, in addition to the usual ones related to asset management. If your specifics aren’t precise enough, you can discover hidden locations or objects, interact with strangers, or even perish (there are 3 of them: how savvy, fit, or quick you are).

Graphics and Animation

60 parsecs—that’s how fast! is an absolutely stunning game. The artwork’s endearingly innocent nature makes for a pleasant addition to the game’s interaction. There are giant creatures and strange animals, as well as Soviet space explorers and small outsiders. I believe the Robot Courteous guys have been honing their graphical abilities ever since the release of their most acclaimed game, since both the game’s frameworks and the sprites for the characters are top-notch.

The same can be said for the motions; they are far superior to those from 60 seconds! Moreover, work more quickly. Whether a character is excited, mad, angry, sick, happy, or satisfied, they will have a different appearance. Their emotions might be really interesting. The foundation will also alter if anything really novel is added, such as a new item or animal, or if you relocate to a different location.

Music and Sound Effects

Regarding music, I have nothing really novel to say. I assume everything is OK. It fits in well with the artwork and the plot as a whole, and it doesn’t take up too much of your time. But that’s not a huge issue either.

60 Parsecs is faithful to a similar style of workmanship as its predecessor, yet it is unquestionably an improvement. The game’s 60-second intro is far better-looking than it was in the previous title and follows the same high standard of workmanship as the rest of the game.

Game Structure and Menus

The structure of the menus and the text displays are both attractive and straightforward to use. The sophisticated aesthetic works well with the game. The game’s overall elegance in composition and plenty of unexpected twists and turns make it a fascinating experience. Some of it is as expected, but a lot of it is exaggerated. 60 Parsecs makes no effort to be reasonable, yet it does its job quite well. The game’s realism blew me away.

Different Worlds and Endings

A fair amount of tedium may be found on these pages. As I write this, I’ve completed the game four times (two with good outcomes and two with bad ones), and each time I played, I encountered a wide variety of events (often around the same time). Thankfully, each run is sufficiently unique, and there are enough indicators that the game is plausible. There are obviously 21 different endings, and there seem to be many options with the three worlds you may land on.

Playable Characters and Captaincy

For instance, I’ve been to Robotofu twice, and both occasions were very different. Instead of the space-travel section, the planets provide the bulk of the selection.One of my complaints with 60 Seconds is that, after around 60 days, the game becomes boring since there are no more interesting situations to throw at you. Well, it has been taken care of here; 69 days was the longest I made it before one of my victories, and I had another problem continuously, so it’s good to know that this is being taken care of.

It’s true that some of them were only comparative, but they’ve basically sorted everything out such that you can use it as a reliable reference point. Excellent strategy.  The music was well-suited to the game and kept things from becoming monotonous while also providing amusing sound effects whenever you interacted with anything on your boat.

Any of the five playable characters may be chosen to serve as the team’s captain, giving the game a somewhat distinct feel for each option. One of my main worries with 60 Seconds was that you’d sometimes find scenarios that required stuff you didn’t have, and without it, you’d be stuck.  Despite the fact that the answer to that problem is still 60 parsecs away, there is still a good chance of a successful outcome if you have anything to leverage.

Unique Elements and Complaints

It’s not perfect yet; I felt like I was missing out on some wonderful opportunities in a few locations, but I get that if you did everything every time, it wouldn’t be enjoyable. The price is greater than I’d anticipate for a game of this kind. If you’re not the kind of person who enjoys playing through games several times to uncover hidden content and get achievements, you may want to wait for a sale.

The fact that the developers chose to recycle the first “60 Seconds!” equation and create a game that can without much of a stretch be viewed as a 1:1 clone of that one makes me very concerned. However, the game demonstrates responsibility and interest in making it as remarkable and charming as could be expected, and overall, I find it to be an improvement over the original. If you’ve ever played “60 Seconds!” before, you already know what to expect.

A Positive Review

For those who didn’t, you have 60 seconds to grab as much as you can before the world ends and go for the exit. The game features navigation, executive assets, and a large dose of comedy. When you’ve beaten the game a few times, you’ll find that it’s over much too soon and becomes tedious as the limited number of events quickly repeat themselves. This game is fun for a couple of hours, but there isn’t much to keep me coming back for more outside the novelty factor.

Unique Elements and Complaints

There are some unique things you could do, but nothing that would force you to reevaluate the current engagement or the outcome. Nonetheless, I believe it’s a good game and an upgrade over the original; it’s also somewhat easier and less reliant on random chance, which is something to be grateful for. The price is reasonable considering what you get, but you should try to get it via a group or, at the very least, a discount.

If you’re looking for a humorous take on survival in the end times (in space), I’d recommend this title; just don’t put too high an expectation on the game’s mechanics. I’d have to admit that I’m a huge fan of this game after spending more than 300 hours with it. It builds upon the aspects of the original game that I like while removing others. I love the characters, the art, the gameplay, the music, and everything else about it. I really like this game.

A Positive Review

After the first minute, there is a tonne of reading, so it’s a good game to play if you’re looking for a way to relax. I’d say this game is incredibly addictive; I play it on a regular basis. A number of legitimate complaints I have about the game are that it sometimes makes mistakes and messes up the ending so that you have to start again. Confidence problems with your crewmates don’t always show up, forcing you to leave and then return to the run.

And then, unexpectedly, when you load a previous run, it resets your information, which is annoying. If not, try this game. 60 Parsecs, that’s how fast! is a great follow-up to 60 Seconds, and if you like the original game you’ll love this one too. The game’s core principles are identical to those of the original, but it improves upon them with more polished progression, a few fresh environments, and an engaging cast of characters, making for a more livelier and enjoyable experience.

Randomness and Skill Tests

In reality, there are instances when the game seems monotonous, but not nearly as often as it does in 60 Seconds. 60 Parsecs—that’s how fast!—is always going to be one of my top choices for long-form narrative games, and I plan to keep playing even beyond the story’s conclusion. After completing about 30 out of 40 missions in 60 parsecs, I feel like I have a good grasp of the game as a whole. I adore this game.

While I also purchased 60 Seconds, I didn’t get nearly as much out of it in terms of involvement as I have from 60 Parasecs. The lack of clear “best” options in 60 seconds was a major letdown for me. I had to like it because of the tale and the initial confusion that forced you to make do with what you could get quickly. But I thought it was merely a matter of chance determining whether or not your game was going to be useless or finish prematurely.

Improvements in Gameplay

I could do without the games I play being so random. The results of skill and item tests in 60 parsecs, on the other hand, seem to be cobbled together with a little randomness, but not so much that I feel tricked. It improves skills as you succeed at them. When a traveller fails to return for seemingly no reason, that’s when I start to feel a little depressed. I guess you just happen to get a bad break once in a while, or a lot of them! Several of my games have been doomed by bad luck.

But in general, I like the improvements they made to the game’s gameplay. I take part in the composition and the absurd events that take place. Chief April has undoubtedly been my downfall, but everyone else has helped me succeed at least once. Commander April will advance towards the goal, but some random aggressors or bad luck will steal victory from her later on. The missions section needs to be finished by me.

Addictiveness and Missions

I’ve just finished one and attempted another that seemed impossible, but time is running out quickly on both of them. I really doubt that I will ever be able to complete them in the allotted amount of time. Since I acquired it, I’ve played this pretty much nonstop, so it’s become quite addictive. You’ll like 60 Parsecs if you enjoy games with a fun-tale component, a focus on the board and strategy, and a dash of irregularity to keep things interesting.

Even when you die of the space disease, the designs remain vibrant. 60 parsecs—that’s how fast! is a charming minimalist game that has further improved exquisite art and game mechanics in contrast to its most memorable segment, 60 Seconds! It’s hospitable and puts you in odd or embarrassing situations sometimes, but that’s how you want to get by in this place: in style. A pleasant experience but nothing particularly noteworthy.

Yet, I can see how some people would become bored with the engagement. By the looks of things, your day will consist of just monitoring assets, handling problems when they arise, and so on. The executive games can become extremely tedious if you spend a lot of time on them at once, typically because you need to do the same thing over and over again. However, if you have short little meetings – around 2-3 hours at once (barely enough for 1 complete playthrough) – it will always be enjoyable to return and see what is happening.

Another question can come up, another decision can be introduced, and another planet can be found (despite the fact that there are only 3 of them). Try not to forget that Deedee and Emmet, right from the start, are two of the many characters that may play the Chief. This will allow you to enjoy a wider variety of tales (however, every one of them will happen in similar settings, as you may have guessed).


60 Parsecs, in a nutshell, is a good option for casual players looking to spend some time with a lovely, minimalist game that doesn’t need them to kill people or save the world. I promise that it will only be one planet at a time. Soup’s on me, and I’m going on an excursion further into the story of the Astrocitizens.

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What's new

+ New Space Adventures music.
+ New icons and animations for the main computer.
> Improved traitor and morale-based events.
> Improved and simplified captain's goal representation.
> Improved damage-inflicting event effects.
- Fixed glitches and improved UI of modules.
- Fixed and improved planetary questlines.
- Fixed smaller bugs in various events and language errors.
- Multiple UI fixes and improvements.

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