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Explore worlds and collect Hatchlings in this adorable match 3 puzzle game!
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Jul 25, 2022
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Angry Birds Match MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – this game is cool! I’ve had it for north of 4 months now. I’m in the 700’s in levels. the drawbacks I see are that the more you progress, the more levels (something like 35) you need to pass to get one more chick and a portion of the levels are hard to the point that I’m experiencing difficulty passing it without one or the other A) purchasing more coins or B) playing it for close to about fourteen days just to pass one mother loving level or both).


Some of them are repeats.I experience this game and every one of the updates make it substantially more tomfoolery. the missions are very charming with the exception of a piece on the hard side on occasion. testing. I likewise like the new expansion of associations and attempting to up my positions or status. I wish it was more straightforward to get additional lives as well as limitless time. some of the time it’s not difficult to get them and different times not and I pass up advancing when it is restricted as well as excessively hard of a level. I’m at 400 lvl and that says I love this game a great deal.

Angry Birds Match MOD APK

The actual game is loads of tomfoolery. The responsiveness of touch appears to be excessive, as it moves pieces one way now and again when I obviously needed to accomplish something different. In any case, I can get passed that. This most recent update on 12/17/18 has transformed the game into somewhat of a blemish. The differentiation between how the birds are drawn and how the game pieces are drawn is too gigantic a distinction for me to appreciate it so much. It removes me from the game.


That, and I sort of think the pieces look terrible at this point. The cases are fine, it’s simply the game pieces themselves seem as though somebody was making a respectable attempt to make them look magnificent and expert and they came up short a piece yet at the same time put them in the game. The manner in which they looked before was fine, so why change that? It is a sufficiently large detail for it to bring down my rating of the game, as senseless as it might appear.

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The sun is shining and the Hatchlings are getting ready for a big Summer Party! Have some fun in the sun with new Hatchling friends and collect new outfits and rewards!
– Play the new Summer Party event – coming soon!
– Event Levels are back! Play special event levels to get the weekly Hatchling outfits!


Version Size Requirements Date
6.2.0 136.1 MB 5.0 25/07/2022
4.0.0 103M 5.0 and up 11/05/2020
4.0.0 103M 5.0 and up 11/05/2020
3.8.0 89M 5.0 and up 28/02/2020
3.5.0 87M 5.0 and up 06/11/2019

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