Angry Birds Rio v2.6.10 Best Angry Birds Game

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Angry Birds Rio v2.6.10 Best Angry Birds Game


Angry Birds Rio is slightly different from the angry bird’s version, in this version birds are cages and we need to save them.


Whereas in angry birds version birds are used to shoot enemies. but here we have to shoot birds that are locked in cages to save them. Talking about the game the angry birds are stolen and are caged in Rio city where you have to make all birds free, this is the short info of the game.

there are so many levels you will love to play and if you have any problem completing the level you can use the mighty eagle it will destroy all the obstacles out there and helps you in getting to the next level.

A lot of powerups in the game you can get them free by playing throughout the go start to free the angry birds  by playing the game and enjoy powerups .the bosses in this game are big and unique and you need to defeat them in each level .the game contains infinite money and birds, you can use any number of birds and unlimited number of mighty eagles as all the power in the game are infinite , you can use any bird or any boost or anything multiple times.

You are almost immortal and all you need to do is to use the power-ups as they are unlimited , the game normally provides only a few but in this version of the game, you will be getting unlimited lives and unlimited why are you still waiting for just install the game and enjoy.

Os Requirments:-

Angry birds Rio needs 4.1 +

Size Requirments:-

Needs at least 100 MB of free space.

In Game Screen Shots:-

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Personal Review on Angry Birds Rio:-

Angry Birds Rio is the best time pass game for all ages .any one can play this game like this a fun game. the sounds graphics and effects are really awesome and you will really love it. birds sound during releasing of birds from the slingshot is really awesome. Overall this game is a revolutionary game and it an evergreen.