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The New Protectstar™ Anti Spy Scanner & Spyware Scanner 4.0
February 9, 2022
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Best Anti Spy Detector & Spyware Detection:

Anti Spy app & hidden camera detector is a user-friendly anti-spyware scanner app that protects your android device from unauthorized tracking & surveillance with virus cleaner & hidden camera detector. With over 80 million anti spyware detection, virus cleaner & antivirus malware signatures.

It effectively protects against various types of anti spyware detection, & even espionage attacks, virus protection & hacker protection. Anti spy app, virus cleaner, virus scanner & anti malware scan proactively shields users from hacker protection, virus protection known spy apps, virus scanner, SMS & GPS trackers, & monitoring apps frequently used by government agencies.

Anti Spyware Scanner:

Anti spy virus cleaner & hidden camera detector uses cutting-edge Deep Detective™ technology to protect users from hacking attempts, hacker protection, virus protection, antispyware & espionage attacks. The app is a powerful anti spy app, anti-spyware detection removal & anti malware scan tool that comes in free & professional editions & alerts you to potential threats & scams.

Anti Spy Scanner & Virus Cleaner

Anti Spy detector & virus cleaner easy-to-use interface lets you quickly & effectively detect potential spy apps & hidden anti-spyware detection & antispyware processes with antivirus, anti spyware & hidden camera detector.

Protect Your Privacy With Anti-Spyware Removal Tool & Virus Cleaner:

Our advanced scanner detects & blocks spyware & unauthorized tracking or surveillance attempts. The app uses cutting-edge anti spyware detection & antivirus algorithms to identify anti malware scan, virus cleaner & remove any existing spyware on your device & provide you with detailed information about the anti spyware detection, antispyware & hidden camera detector. In addition, with real-time scanning & heuristic scanning methods virus protection & hacker protection can detect unknown spy headers with anti spy detector & anti spy app.

Hidden Camera Detector:

Anti Spy detector & hidden camera detector offers the ideal combination of security solutions, serving as a powerful anti-spyware scanner & anti spy app that complements other security tools, such as antivirus scanners, hidden camera detector & virus cleaner. By using anti spy detector & virus scanner in conjunction with our Firewall AI, Camera Guard™, & Micro Guard™, you can ensure maximum privacy virus protection, virus scanner & malware removal for your device.

Features Of Anti Spy Detector:

• Free virus protection against spyware, espionage & various types of malware!
• Over 80 million anti spyware detection & anti malware signatures for complete detection!
• App also detects backdoors, keyloggers, commercial spyware, trojans, adware & ransomware!
• Identifies anti malware scan & hacker protection blocks monitoring apps, SMS & GPS tracker!
• Advanced engine utilizing AI & heuristic anti malware removal detection methods!
• Detects known anti spy apps & virus scanner frequently used by governments!
• Anti spy app whitelist feature to exclude trusted apps!
• Real-time protection to keep your device safe from malware!
• Advanced AI generates spyware detector signatures in real-time for more accurate detection!
• Enhanced heuristic engine to detect a wider range of malware removal & spyware detector!
• Spyware detector on android TV!
• Protectstar™ apps are preferred by more than 5,000,000 users in 175 countries!
• Protectstar™ guarantees user privacy by not collecting personal data & being ad-free!


Please note that anti spy detector is not a substitute for an antivirus or traditional anti malware scan & malware removal app. Instead, it is a specialized spyware scanner & cleaner designed to protect & spyware detector & malware removal. To ensure complete protection for your device, we recommend using an antivirus app & anti spy detector.

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What's new

+ Screen Protection is now working again on Android 12
+ Further optimizations for Android 12


Version Size Requirements Date
5.0.5 4.5M 5.0 17/04/2023
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