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Aug 21, 2022
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Bad End Theater APK is one of the most mind-blowing intuitive fiction encounters I have at any point played. It is interesting, enchanting, and shockingly close to home. The music is great, the exchange is clever, and the cast of characters are exceptional and intriguing. I energetically prescribe this game to anybody and everybody. it is definitely worth the expense regardless of its short length, it is not difficult to get 100 percent accomplishments essentially from playing the game in a solitary playthrough, and it is a critical and charming experience.


“One of the best Visual Novel that I’ve at any point played. The characters are perfect, the music is likewise perfect and there are likewise a ton of extraordinary delineations inside the game. I energetically suggest it. It’s a short game indeed, however how much potential results that you can make in this game is crazy. All in all, 40+ endings? Wow that is a great deal (bunches of terrible endings).”

I was acquainted with Nami’s games in 2016 through youtube, despite the fact that at the time I just played the initial 3 Lonely Wolf Treat games. Years after the fact, I wound up playing different games in that series that emerged from that point forward, and afterward chose to look at additional games made by this designer. I wound up beating every one of them. I didn’t lament beating any of them, a large portion of the games were VERY great, and, surprisingly, the most un-great ones gave me a great time.


This Bad End Theater APK has been being developed since even before I knew about the engineer, and it’s certainly the best one yet. Here the story is told according to the viewpoint of 4 unique characters. Each character can settle on 4 distinct decisions at various places in the story, and when you begin once again with an alternate person, the decisions will remain. This outcomes in very various timetables prompting 41 distinct endings.


The Bad End Theater APK isn’t excessively lengthy, it took me 2 hours to 100 percent it, however that is the thing I anticipated from a Nami game. Assuming you might want to play a portion of Nami’s free games prior to choosing to purchase this, I suggest “her tears were my light”, “Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet” and “Brilliant Flowers”.

Those were Nami’s 3 best games in no specific request before this game emerged, as I would like to think. Desolate Wolf Treat series merits playing as well, however it’s excessively not the same as Nami’s standard games, so don’t utilize it to choose whether or not to purchase this game.

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