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It's no secret that bhop, slope, and sliding are the main attractions of the video game Bunny Hop. There are three different game types, all of which include testing and fooling around, and a handful of guidelines from which to choose. If you have ever played a game like Counter-Strike, you should be familiar with the bhop mechanic.
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Bhop Pro MOD APK v2.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money) – It's no secret that bhop, slope, and sliding are the main attractions of the video game Bunny Hop. There are three different game types, all of which include testing and fooling around, and a handful of guidelines from which to choose. If you have ever played a game like Counter-Strike, you should be familiar with the bhop mechanic.

What is Bhop Pro MOD APK?

To increase one's speed by air strafing, the bunny hop technique may be used. To become faster without losing control, you'll need to master the art of navigating the air. The controls are fluid and responsive enough to give you the impression that you have full command, which is essential for making progress.

Bhop Pro MOD APK

My Android has no issues with Bunny hop game, and the frame rate is consistently excellent. Turn off “crude mouse input” to have access to more shells. While it's meant to be funny, there are times when the game may be downright unsettling. That's because, in contrast to the bhop in Counter-Strike, real-life bhop makes you feel feathery light.

Because of your delicate physique, it's more difficult to predict where you should land, and you end up missing a lot of tiles. Some of the instructions are shorter and easier to follow, while others are more involved and take a lot more time to complete. While bouncing at full velocity, the guide setup has a simple feel to it, making it easy to investigate the design. not at all like Counter-Strike: Source, so don't go into the game expecting that.

Easy bunny hop maps

If you launch a sudden onslaught, you may find yourself completely helpless. It's tough to make heads or tails of the plot twists, but you should have a feel for how the game works before drawing any firm conclusions. The game is understated, and the developers pay attention to the neighbourhood by, among other things, fixing problems, adding new free guides, and sometimes releasing downloadable content (they are additionally modest).

No, I haven't tried the multiplayer, but I have tried the sliding and slope. These other gameplay styles, in my opinion, outperform the Bhop.Both gameplay styles are fast-paced, and both guide formats are demanding to master. Because bhop is the most vulnerable game style for me, developers should focus on these other game types instead.While the controls have greatly improved, something about the new update makes it really frustrating to miss a tile that you were sure you were going to touch.

This game is a lot of fun and will provide you with a new perspective on bhop; thus, I highly recommend it. The class is given new life in the game, though the bhop isn't as satisfying as it is in Counter-Strike. From my almost three years of experience with full-on bhop, I rate this game a 5. The barraging is similar to that of CS:128-tick GO's bhop, where players would likely just hammer their keys a lot rather than attempt smooth, variable barrages.

Realistic bunny hop game for android

And then there's the generating prespeed. Why you would want to include anything so terrible as this is beyond me. I'd rather see a system like prestrafe implemented, or even just keeping the maximum speed in production at 450.The ability to bounce up slopes to gain height is one of my favourite features of the game.

A similar mechanic can be seen in the game Shake, whereby if the player lands on an angle while bouncing into it, they will be assisted in getting back up again, as opposed to riding the angle like they would in CS.

Alone, I spent approximately an hour aiming the slanted guide pebble towards the magma zone. Most of these instructions are really brief and provide nothing in the way of variety after you've finished with a few.

Given that there are fewer than 20 guides in this game, while other games for Bhop have hundreds, a level manager for the region would be quite welcome. The lack of bots or other methods for disabling the HUD while recording runs is also disappointing. I think anybody who enjoys hopping will find this game very interesting, since the slants provide a fresh approach for guiding you through areas that you would normally just bhop through.

But if you want to play it safe, I suggest waiting until the game leaves Early Access before shelling out any cash. TL;DR: You can prespeed with bhops in produce:/; there are no bots for saving time, and barraging is quite similar to the 128 tick in CS:GO, while bouncing is very similar to shaking.

Good movement system

For several reasons, this game is just incredible. Most simply, I can say that this game is conceptually identical to “Calculation Run.” Clearly a rip-off of The Impossible Game, it was still far superior because of its impressive visual effects, several new levels, etc. Like Math Run, Bunny Jump Association is based on the concept of Bhop Pro from Counter Strike, but it manages to be so much more enjoyable because of its spectacular effects, stunning visuals, and mind-bogglingly inventive levels.

Bhop Pro MOD APK

If you're new to Bhop Pro, this game is ideal for you because it takes you through the stages level by level and teaches you how to bombard and travel faster as you progress. The music is fantastic. When you nail a leap on the beat drop flawlessly, you'll be rewarded with a faultless electronic soundtrack. Several of the tunes have already been downloaded, and I plan to keep listening to them regardless of where I am.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the engineer who provided the game's winning key for this audit. In any event, this altered my evaluation of my level of expertise. I have to ask: do you consider yourself an old-school player? Can you remember the bad luck the robots on Bad Dream difficulty felt, the Tremor levels, and the Bhop Pro? That concludes the contents. Unless you count robots. The same goes for weapons.

Maps for every skillgroup

PolyDigital's engineers gave us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when we tried to set a new world record for “bunny hopping” to a faraway location in the shortest amount of time. What's more, you'll never forget the feelings of despair and panic following a setback and the overwhelming sense of joy with a success, all associated with this unforgettable experience. The project proper consists of several chambers, the access to which is narrowed down to a single mechanism: remarkable bouncing over the various levels.

There is a briefing area for newcomers that lays out the basics. The current version of the game at the time of this writing is 0.1.1, and it is still in “early access,” so I can say that the realistic portion is passable, albeit not without faults. But the sound is a more challenging problem; apart from the level's conclusion, it doesn't exist at all. However, recalling the video game adaptation, it's possible that this may be forgiven, and other outcomes are possible as well.

Finally, the complexity has to be addressed. I was unable to complete the level of preparation. The game is really straightforward, yet it could be difficult for some people to play it without throwing it away. It is worthwhile to learn these new mechanics and get through another block in the game. It's good enough to have the mice smashing against the wall. Make an effort and see what happens.

Less levels than I expected

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to play bunny jump but didn't have any bunny bounce titals?Two of my favourite games are Garry's Mod and CS:GO. Well, the Bunny Jump Association is ready and waiting for you. The game is so good that the developers are giving away some extraordinary guides and difficulties for a ridiculously low price. with just a half hour of practise!

To preface, I'm not familiar with CS/Source motor bunny hopping; instead, I prefer Tremor 3 or the CPMA variant. As such, I can't say whether or not the bunny hopping itself is bad, but I do think that being able to halt mid-air by merely striking back is troublesome. The fact that the primary goal of the game is bunny hopping is a big plus, and I wouldn't mind seeing more games based on this concept emerge in the future.

Bhop Pro MOD APK

The visuals are impressive and varied in style; however, the game could use more character models, and the player's shadow disappears as they go into the background. The overall performance is improved, and it operates rather smoothly. Unfortunately, you can't turn it off (there's just a volume slider) or add your own music, so the whole experience is a little lacklustre. What makes everything so bad is the lack of attention to detail and the lack of a Steam Studio.

Good music integration

I've already mentioned that pressing the rewind button over and over again in an effort to dial back can bring your progress to a grinding halt, causing you to skip levels. Another issue is that the mouse's field of view isn't very large; at 1600 dpi, it's big enough for my 20 cm/360 span, but not much more. For players coming from Source, having a numerical scale that is comparable will help them calibrate their radii to the same level they play at.

Assuming the developers put in the effort, or if they let the setting inspire their creativity, there is a lot of potential here. It would be a shame if the inadequacies of this game prevented a similar one from ever being created again. I'm not sure how strongly I can recommend this game; if you already play hopping servers in games like Counter-Strike: Source or CS:GO, don't buy it. However, if you don't have such games but are interested in a bunnyhop-type experience, this may be for you.

After just twenty minutes, I'm completely hooked on this game. To this point, it has piqued my interest; the visuals are stunning, and the gameplay is fluid.But there are a number of things I could be interested in checking out. Since my mouse cushion is somewhat small, I usually use turn ties while hopping in CS:S and CS:GO. So, in the future, I could not ask for more than the option to either establish turn ties or set keys in controls to turn.

The maps are fun and challenging

Another item that I'm sure is already being worked on is focusing the guide's attention on the most important location while making the selection. above or almost above the difficulty of the guide. Although it's a clever idea to update the bunny-hopping formula for a newer engine, the game still needs a lot of work on the barrage and the atmosphere before it's fun to play. Instead of trying to mimic the bombardment mechanics of the original engine, I think it should try to develop its own unique style that is both fun and satisfying to play.

Bhop Pro MOD APK

Instead of making something where the only way to progress quickly is to spam barrages, I think it would be better if we made something that encouraged you to do it perfectly. If you're interested in it and want to support the engineer, you should probably just go ahead and buy it now. I say this because there are now just seven manuals and an instructive exercise map in the game, and I say this mostly because of the lack of material.

Even though the game is far from complete, I think it would be a good idea to allow players to create their own instructions and share them with the community for use in the game. Doing so shouldn't require too much effort, and it would make the game more engaging for players. If you're just going to play it casually and aren't interested in the game's development, I don't think it's worth buying right now, but I have faith that it will mature into a fantastic experience in the long run.

Many areas

We beg you not to ruin what might be a fantastic game. Furthermore, I think it would be cool if you could increase the maximum speed and include new play styles like authentic, halfsideways, and so on so that players may pick up on the latest fads. I know you're just getting started, but there are a lot of directions you could take this game. I suggest you choose the path that gamers really want, like how CSS and CSGO handle bhopping.

Bhop Pro MOD APK

And it would be nice if there were more tutorials with fewer followers. Still, in the BHO itself, you can create some pretty interesting maps by using a variety of forms. To sum up, it's a serviceable game that, with any luck, will be heading in the right direction. After spending 5 hours with this game, I can say with confidence that it will be a masterpiece when it is completed. The improvement is spot on, and the artwork is stunning.

Custom studio maps, multiplayer, multi-man hustling and testing, placement, individual video settings, and whether it's just me or not, the air acceleration appears to be relatively low are just a few of the main things I'd like to see improved.Anyway, I'm sure some of those are being worked on, but the game is still amazing despite its flaws; the main problem is the relative lack of guides, which is completely understandable given the game's early access and the fact that the guides are created by the developers rather than local area mappers.

Achivements and cards

I can scarcely contain my excitement to experience this game at its full potential. Because it's such a fantastic game, I've already bought it for two of my friends and myself. Before you continue on, I should mention that, because the BHop community is extinct, I will be comparing this game to the Bunnyhop servers found in Counter-Strike: Source and Garry's Mod. Actually, in its current form, Bunny Jump Association is a great game.

In general, I'd say go for it, but be aware that learning the fundamentals of bunny hopping will take some time and effort. If you're involved in the BHOP community, read on; I believe it's time to shake things up in this genre. I'm not arguing against the beauty of the designs. The game's real settings worry me since they constitute so much of the experience. If you were BHopping when CS:S or GMod first came out, you could notice a subtle difference in how they were programmed when put under the microscope.

Bhop Pro MOD APK

In this regard, I'd like to draw attention to two facts. When compared to the original games, you can do ten complete turns in a single second and yet make the same amount of progress as you would with ten turns in ten seconds. Absolutely ridiculous. Finding the sweet spot between massive bombardments and the perfect line is a crucial part of BHOP. Quick barrages allow for the rapid acquisition of significant velocity in a very short period of time.

When you want to relax , just play this game

Something has to be done about this. Though you shouldn't always duck, let's say you're in a position where you have to… It seems that if you duck when barraging in CS:GO BHop, you will lose a lot of your momentum very rapidly. Why? I have not a clue where to begin there. Also, it's not quite the same as Cs, but that's OK with me. Right now, we're hoping for additional guides, multiplayer, and a WR-rating system.

It's possible that over the next few months, bunny hopping may become a true phenomenon since the activity is both soothing and endearing to people of all ages. If you're even somewhat interested, you should check it out. Expenses will be kept to a minimum, assuredly. Some have complained that the game's motor is jerky, the physics are strange, and the speed is difficult to control; however, I believe these complaints stem from the incorrect assumption that it is meant to be mechanically identical to source bunny hopping.

There are no bugs in this game; I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with it and have played for nearly nine hours at the time of writing.Doesn't that sound like source rabbit hopping?similar, but not the same. Since this is not a motorised game, you may expect some unusual mechanics, although that doesn't necessarily make them bad. No. 1, the preferences you establish won't stick around. The music level must be turned off in the game's settings menu every time the game is sent out if the player wants to listen to their own music while bhopping.

Hard to master

It's a little annoyance, but it won't ruin the game for you. Unlike the source motor, it is extremely difficult to rewind to a previous step if you skipped it by a hair.To hit it, you can either perform a full in-air 360 or dial yourself back. For the most part, I really like playing this game. This is a fun game to check out if you want to add some silliness and something new to the classic activity of bunny hopping. If you need to source bunny hop, stick to your source strategy.

Bhop Pro MOD APK

Simplicity itself Having played the game and being a fan of the bunny-hopping genre, I can tell that the title is accurate. This game is basically an independent version of CS, CS:GO, and bhop, but with superior designs; it's especially beautiful in the passages of the “very hard” map, where it outshines CS:GO bhopping in terms of vividness. The barrage in this game is spot-on; it's virtually the same as CS, except for the fact that if you turn too quickly, you lose all of your speed, which is a bit of a bummer but, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't matter.

I've completed all of the in-game guidelines so far, and I can confidently declare that the game's blocks are perfectly spaced, neither too far apart nor too close together. I've said before that I've read all of the guides save one; nonetheless, the guide titled “science fiction” was the only one I couldn't stack, but “science fiction 2” was OK. Though most of the guidelines are on the money, the one titled “development” makes it quite difficult to know in which direction you're supposed to be travelling since the game leads you on fruitless quests.

Gain speed and try not to lose control.

The developer has included a few tunes for you to listen to as you hop about like a bunny; there isn't a lot of variety just now, but this is much better than merely, without a doubt, silence, and I hope more will be incorporated in what's to come. You can't currently challenge your friends because multiplayer isn't supported, but because it's in early access, you can be sure that this feature will be added in the future.

Likely, a level checker will be included in the game, allowing people to create their own guides, which should be fun to use. Regardless of the quality of the game, I would recommend it to anybody who likes BHOP and also enjoys speculating. Overall, I give the game a perfect score of 10,000/10 because it is fantastic, has bhop, and includes some weak choons.The game is worth your time and money.


Bunny Hop Association is a game that borrows the core mechanic of bunny hopping from other popular titles like Counter-Strike, Unbelievable Competition, Shake, and others. That's because it's powered by the Incredible Motor 4. The game adopts the viewpoint of Bunny Hop and then makes it substantially more polished and simple. You'll have this down in 10 minutes on any game and any motor you're used to bunny hopping on.

As of the time of this writing, Bunny Jump Association is available for $3.99 USD in Early Access. Some basic guidelines are included in the early access that focus on climbing, sliding, and bunny hopping.

So if you need it, the final delivery will have a different sticker price than the early delivery price. You should get it right now. Definitely expect to pay between $10 and $20 for this one. Future developments will provide multiplayer functionality. At the time of complete delivery, or as soon as possible afterwards, it will be brought to your attention. The following are a few suggestions I have for the developers:

Visuals and Customization

When it comes to visuals, customization is essential. (Requires features like granularity in the model, nuanced lighting, textured surfaces, protection against associations, etc.) Since you can't see anything in such a design, very low-polygonal layouts are now infeasible for gameplay.

Bhop Pro MOD APK

Clear vision has been replaced by fuzzy pixels. Enable users to create their own guides and sell them via the studio. It would be wonderful to see gloved hands bouncing around like actual ones. in a similar vein as Mirror's Edge. the ability to modify or do away with the crosshair. ability to “noclip” into the guide and stick it out. Purchase a console if you want to cheat in single player (for example, Noclip) or increase your frame rate.

The process may need a little bit more simplification. To add variety, it would be wonderful to link our Spotify accounts and choose a playlist or radio station. one in which the user is only an onlooker (totally unrelated to multiplayer). Friends may join in like an audience, watch you, and share information with you through voice chat and text message. On both the spectator and participant sides, voice visits should be allowed to weaken. as with a text message visit.)


This is still in Developing Mode, so don't expect anything perfect, but I think you'll find some value here if you see these concepts as prospective building blocks. It should be evident that they represent my beliefs and points of view.

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Applied patches

  1. every time you open a safe in the game, your money increases by 1,000.
  2. Your booster case where valuable knives and gloves come out is unlimited, you can open it as much as you want. You can sell valuable items and buy the knife - cape - glove you want from the market.

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ui redesign
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new maps added
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