PUBG: New State is Released

PUBG: NEWSTATE is an exciting, futuristic multiplayer first-person shooter video game, slated for release sometime in the future, developed by PUBG Studios and released by Krafton Worldwide. It is the second release in the popular PUBG series, following Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, developed in 2021. In Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, an unknown alien race from another dimension attacked Earth and caused a massive volcanic eruption, creating an immense energy barrier protecting the Earth.

Humans were quickly pushed back to the caves and had to survive on their own. PUBG: NEWSTATE is set around the same time as Player Unknowns. The player is given instructions on fighting off the aliens while recovering from the damage caused by the volcanic explosion and using new resources gained throughout the campaign to help their cause.

As of right now, there are only two versions of PUBG: NEWSTATE and PUBG. According to Game Rankings, the first one sold about six million copies, and the second one is still on its way to reaching the million pre-registrations mark. Since the game is an open-source project (like the original Player Unknown), anyone can download it absolutely for free. However, a fee is required to play online.

The story behind PUBG: NEWSTATE involves one man's struggle against an onslaught of marauding aliens who arrive on Earth shortly after the eruption. It isn't too much of a stretch to imagine a new element of battle royale video games entering the mainstream as we move further into the future. If it's good enough for MMORPGs like Final Fantasy and Zelda, it could certainly be equally successful with a game as diverse as ours.

It will be interesting to see how popular this new indie game gets once it releases into the public arena and how well it performs once it does. For any title to make it to this point in its development is pretty amazing. Still, considering the quality of the titles coming out of independent studios these days, it's not too surprising.

As previously stated, the story behind PUBG: NEWSTATE is based on the novel “The Dispossessed” by George R.R. Martin. The book's premise is that Earth is no longer safe due to a global war that has left the planet broken and powerless. In the new territories around the planet that have fallen to the invaders, the last remaining humans are forced to live as second-class citizens under the rule of a benevolent government known as the “New State.”

The first trailer showcased some of the new features in PUBG: the New State of Resistance, which includes an extensive amount of gameplay. The game will utilize the Unity monetization platform to earn money by promoting the different games you are involved in. The trailer also revealed that the game is in multiplayer and will feature both iOS and Android devices.

The mobile game will release on both iOS and Android in early 2021, focusing on iOS being the more technologically advanced mobile platform at the moment. If the game is successful, it is expected that the mobile versions will receive similar treatment on both iOS and Android. No release date has been disclosed for the iOS or Android versions of the game just yet.

The second trailer gave some additional information about the gameplay of PUBG: the New State of Resistance, including the weapon systems and the game's setting in the future. The mobile game will feature four classes: Recon, Assault, Support, and Medic.

Each class is different from the others, focusing on different aspects of combat, from weapons and armor to shields and gadgets. Each character can level up after earning experience points, meaning that your support character can learn new abilities as you do for your Assault or Recon characters.

Royale has yet to announce any concrete plans for the New State of Resistance release and be ready at all. There have been several delays in previous PubG games, including the release of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which hit store shelves in May 2021 but has yet to gain any positive reviews from critics or gamers.

Some of the delays in PubG related projects can be attributed to scheduling conflicts with other project obligations, such as the release of Mafia Wars on Facebook and the delay of Mafia Wars 2: Marikina, among many other things. Other delays in PubG related projects include the cancellation of the highly anticipated Wrath of the Lich King, which would only have come if IT finished the video game.

It's unclear what exactly will happen with the New State of Resistance game once it finally launches, but it is safe to assume that it will be receiving at least a few new concepts from the canceled revamp of Mafia Wars. There are already rumors that the game will feature the “Maniks,” a new character class from the canceled Facebook game.

The character will likely be able to take advantage of the player versus player features present in the massively popular game while also retaining the addictive playability of the current versions. Regardless of whether the new game will be better, bigger, or worse than the old version, it'll still have millions of pre-orders for it, and that's the real news that anyone interested in playing the game should pay attention to.