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Honestly, this Blood Copter Mod Apk is a hidden treasure just waiting to be played. However, I do not believe the game has much of a chance of success given that as of right now there are only four instructions (with one extra PVP map).
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September 18, 2019
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Honestly, this Blood Copter Mod Apk is a hidden treasure just waiting to be played. However, I do not believe the Blood Copter Mod Apk has much of a chance of success given that as of right now there are only four instructions (with one extra PVP map).

You capture bases by destroying nearby enemy units, and you transport friendly fighters by landing on the helipad. Experience points earned from playing various missions may be used to unlock helis and weaponry, much as in games like Universe of Tanks.

However, there is a limited selection of doors, with just around 2–5 on each helicopter. Some of the openings include a variety of weapons, rocket units, heavy armament experts, and flares. A whole unit consists of three helicopters, each of which might have unique abilities and stats.

Blood Copter Mod Apk

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What is Blood Copter Mod Apk?

When your time comes and you finally meet your maker, choosing between the last two heifers is a must. After a little rest, you may visit the site of the destroyed helicopter. One player may transport soldiers while the other provides fire support, expanding the range of possible strategic considerations.

Similarly, not all helicopters are outfitted with frontally mounted weaponry, and not all helicopters have the room to carry troops. You have the option of playing alone, with friends, or against other players. The PVP is horrible, with several bugs relating to damage indicators and hitboxes.

You keep hitting enemies without doing any damage, and every so often, when two helicopters are near each other, one of them will suddenly explode. There is a huge gap between the two nations (Russia and the United States).

A 3D flight action game

Available US helicopters first and foremost need higher-quality guns and larger missile containers. Using just 7.62mm weapons and 7 rockets to destroy armoured vehicles is a challenging task. In other words, you want to employ Russian helicopters to smash a thousand experience points’ worth of US helicopters before they become interesting to use.

The Russian helicopters can hold a lot of soldiers, have heavy assault guns and rocket units with a lot of rockets, and can even take off and land vertically. Whether or not you agree with this generalisation, the result is very uneven participation in a computer game.

Opponent ground units (bots) include troops, anti-aircraft (AA) guns, highly armoured vehicles, and vessels. The infantry remain immobile and make no effort to flee when fired upon, while the armoured vehicles are often set in place along predetermined routes.

A battle straight out of a Hollywood action movie!

The factories are located in close proximity to one another. Gunboats’ quick movement is the primary source of energy. The units will generate right in front of you, and the vehicles can sometimes generate right inside your helicopter after you land, setting it off.

The heavy weapon experts at your disposal at the front gates are often fully blind and will not fire at unspooled enemies in front of them. When flying a two-seater helicopter, you typically control the main gun (for example, Apache and Rear).Auto-shooting, like door heavy weapon specialists, would be useful if it could be enabled or can be disabled with the flip of a switch.

Regulators, joysticks, and chokes all get some support from the Blood Copter Mod Apk. Using any of these, however, causes you to lose control of the most fundamental aspect of the firearms themselves (! ), rendering the Blood Copter Mod Apk unplayable without the use of a mouse and a console.

The material sciences used to create the helicopter are impractical since it constantly attempts to restore stability when you release the controls. The arcade-style controls make it easy for new players to get the hang of flying.

Get to the choppa

The Blood Copter Mod Apk does not provide any assistance for head following, and getting it to function with vJoy or OpenTrack is tough since you have no control over the primary firing point if you don’t use a mouse. Duh.

Although the scene illustrations aren’t great, the helicopter models are accurate to the last detail. Absolutely terrible voice acting and radio communications mar an already terrible sound design. Circling engine and rotor noises are the only audible clues, while there are some horrifying gunshots and blasts that aren’t limited to firearms.

Improvement is definitely possible in the office of good strategy. Getting rid of the radio communications and the voice acting is a huge step forward. If you want my advice, do you want it? Sure. Sharing a few laughs with friends while playing is a lot of fun.

In any event, this is not going to be another massively popular copy of Universe of Tanks. This Blood Copter Mod Apk is fantastic since it has a beautiful setting, active gamers, and a creative team of engineers. I support early access games because I like contributing to the underserved community, and this studio and their offerings are without peer.

Best Moments

  • Those who are new to the action should seize the moment to:
  • First, be kind to other players in-game; the vast majority of players are nice.
  • Find out more about some crucial details.
  • Hit F1 to bring up a cheat sheet and give yourself some breathing room as you examine it.
  • Once you’ve joined a server, go to the vocation page and watch the recorded exercises for that section.
  • Connect to a Server, Head into the overhang, Pick a helicopter from the hub (after you’ve done some preliminary exploring) and fly out!

The flying model has been mostly established since the Blood Copter Mod Apk entered early delivery, and although there is currently no in-game-led training while in-flight, the controls are intuitive, the visuals are beautiful, and the science behind the Blood Copter Mod Apk’s materials has been well addressed.

You may get an edge from the height and terrain.

Because of how active the local area is and how well the engineers work together, this prankster works well, has great mechanics that have been thoroughly tested, and generally has few concerns about being delivered early.

Blood Copter Mod Apk

While there is an emphasis on test-system mechanics and an arcade feel, there is also a fair amount of physical science that you must anticipate and plan for in this Blood Copter Mod Apk. You should not expect to use CS:GO, WoT, or stop-go run-and-shoot methods; instead, you should be piloting many tonnes of metal beneath two or three blend ace razor edges.

If you’re a fan of helicopters, it’s very stunning. At the end of the day, Blood Copter Mod Apk is an exceptional game. This Blood Copter Mod Apk is for rotorcraft pilots that require a swift mode of transportation, such as in Conflict Thunder or a similar game.

To play, just move in front of the sensor.

You may draw parallels to games like War Thunder, War Thunder: Fleet Command, and Universe of Tanks. Nonetheless, there is no tedious monotony, and it does not pay to win.Where do you go if you manage to get away from the standard edition? Yes, you get absolutely everything, except for a few paint jobs that are only cosmetic and add nothing of substance.

You get access to every helicopter, every mission guide, and every side quest in the Blood Copter Mod Apk. Though I haven’t personally tried them out, the single-player missions are based on real events. Helicopters from the Korean War served as a jumping-off point, eventually leading to those in use today.

There is a manual for each level (I, II, III, and IV). The Night Guide replaces the daytime version on the fourth level. Although the current instructions are excellent and detailed, I may eventually want more. If you’re worried that you don’t have a powerful enough computer to run the Blood Copter Mod Apk, you needn’t be.

Plunge headfirst into gripping combat!

The Blood Copter Mod Apk has an arcadey feel with regards to the science of flying, but it’s also thought-provoking enough to keep things interesting. Along with rockets and RPGs, your AA will reliably keep you apprised of the situation. The correct response is “do not go aimlessly around enemies.”

Really, I can’t think of anything else at this point. If you made it this far without giving up, congrats! You correctly guessed my jumbled-up train of thought! It’s a fun, not-too-complicated helicopter game (in the event that you need authenticity, go for DCS).

It is possible to get around 50 helicopters from the armed forces of the United States or the Soviet Union. Intense PVE requires you to catch and hold bases on the map while completing side quests (obliterating approaching tanks, annihilating mounted guns, clearing well-disposed infantry, and so on).

Rapidly traverse a massive battlefield.

Focuses, which provide access to other helicopters, are gained via continuous engagement (it goes very quickly). You may play it with only a keyboard and mouse, or you can use a flying stick or regulator (I’ve flown for a long time with a HOTAS in other games, but KB+M works best for me here). There is a lot of potential for interaction, and the visuals are appealing.

The Blood Copter Mod Apk’s biggest flaw is that it only has a few guidelines (7–8), but I have faith that the developers will find time to beef up the game’s content as it progresses. Taking up arms in one of these flying beasts is a tonne of fun.

There’s nothing like hearing the fundamental thunder of your rocket units as you rain down vengeance while barreling through a swarm of enemy antiaircraft fire. This Blood Copter Mod Apk gets an 8 out of 10 from me.

As soon as I started playing, I had serious reservations. At any rate, I made the purchase. After then, the controls were all over the place, and the stacking was slow. Getting crashed was common, and enemies could quickly and easily dispatch me.

Incorporating a Toolbox of Methods

When I meant to press the “W” key, I instead sent the heli backwards. I got angry, gave up, and then used the Steam sale to buy the Blood Copter Mod Apk at a discount, just to be disappointed and leave a bad review. But even so, I didn’t have to give up. After a lot of trial and error, I reset the game to its default settings and managed to go beyond my base.

How I managed to get through the sporadic recurrence of the odd controls given is beyond me. However, I didn’t feel nervous this time around. My crushing readiness was at an all-time high. As early as the 20-minute mark.

I was dominating in every aspect of the Blood Copter Mod Apk. On the way, I learned the importance of the frag, catch, and other metrics that popped up with each visit.  I was completely immersed in the Blood Copter Mod Apk before I knew it.

Equip yourself with a wide variety of planes and weaponry!

At that moment, time had already passed for an hour. Despite having passed away many times recently, I have not been credited with a single kill. But it didn’t matter since I was having the time of my life playing the Blood Copter Mod Apk.

It was just stunning. In terms of entertainment value, this Blood Copter Mod Apk is really enormous. Just understand it. This Blood Copter Mod Apk is not worth $10. Its actual potential is grossly underestimated. As an afterthought, let me add that.

Blood Copter Mod Apk

After being roused from a deep slumber by my significant other, I promptly cancelled my steam discount and deleted my poor review. This helicopter arcade game Blood Copter Mod Apk has both cooperative and competitive modes.

In CoOp, you and up to three other players (for a total of four) take to the skies in a single cockpit to do things like destroy ground targets, drop soldiers into landing zones, or perform a medivac. In PvP, you win if you capture landing zones by sending troops there while destroying the landing zones and helicopters of your opponents.

Enhance your fighter aircraft to maximum performance and go for it!

Even though there are only a limited number of guides, many of the same fun things can be done more than once if the levels of difficulty are changed. The controls are very intuitive for localised peculiarities while being completely unobtrusive. You unlock helicopters by progressing through a tech tree, similar to how you would unlock tanks or planes in Universe of Tanks or Warplanes.

However, there is hardly any grinding involved, as you can unlock a new heli after every game or so, and you can earn unlock points from both cooperative and competitive play. Also, the Blood Copter Mod Apk just got a big update, which shows that the people who made it are still working on it.

If you have even a passing interest in rotorcraft, you can easily sink several hours into this Blood Copter Mod Apk. Otherwise, you just won’t understand what’s being said. Because of my undeniable fondness for helicopters, I can wholeheartedly recommend this.

Select the most fitting weapon from a large variety

Note: If you decide to buy the Blood Copter Mod Apk, you may also want to check out the controversy surrounding it on the Steam forum. An exciting aspect of Blood Copter Mod Apk is the feeling of commanding a powerful flying combat machine, capable of levelling out small towns on the ground yet vulnerable to a variety of threats.

It’s a fantastic fantasy of might and can let you live out your dreams of piloting a gunship in Vietnam, Afghanistan, or anywhere. Blood Copter Mod Apk seems like it was quickly made in the style of the likes of the universe of warplanes, warships, tanks, warthunder, shielded fighting, and so on.

The interactive core is, in fact, very comparable, but with several important caveats. The first is that it can’t be played, thus it can’t force you to hurt yourself. The last four eras are easily accessible. I believe it is possible to get the primary Gen IV helicopter after 30 hours if you focus on just one of the two trees (the United States or the Soviet Union).

Arm your fighter jet with anything you choose!

This also means you don’t have to worry about grinding for content and can instead focus on playing games you like. The helicopter games you may play at each of the four ages and the ways in which you engage with one another are also age-specific.

There is less tolerance for error at higher levels since weapons (both yours and your enemies’) get more accurate and lethal as you progress. Besides being a reasonable approximation of reality, this also provides for a steady stream of interesting content.

Blood Copter Mod Apk

For another, its PvE mode is a rethought and fully realised game. I haven’t even bothered to get in touch with PvP, and I probably won’t. To a greater extent than in PvP games, your primary focus in cooperative games will be on the tasks, many of which are far more upbeat.

The difficulty of the Blood Copter Mod Apk’s missions may be adjusted during setup to better tailor the experience to the player. Do you want to simply dismiss them as concepts while speeding around with your guns blazing?The answer is yes.

Try to outwit your opponent by taking advantage of differences in elevation.

Do you want to challenge the odds, determine which objectives are unrealistic, and hope you don’t fail too miserably? The answer is yes. In need of a focal point? Of course, you are capable of doing the same. Third, it’s not a top-tier video game. Its independence is clear.

Even if the models are lovely, the Blood Copter Mod Apk’s visuals aren’t great, and the ground soldiers appear out of nowhere; development is ongoing. But the developer efficiently communicates in the Steam chat, and the Blood Copter Mod Apk is progressing as a result.

But, undoubtedly, the Blood Copter Mod Apk gets better as it goes along. If combat choppers are your thing, by all means, get one. At the very least, it’s a need, and at the most, it’s worth your time. We are engaging in harmless prankplay here.

You’re free to take it as seriously or casually as you’d like. How would I feel after playing for more than 90 hours straight? I’m enjoying myself tremendously at the moment. I’ve been trying to make it big in some of the more well-known helicopters, but all I’ve done is make the planet uninhabitable.

With its photorealistic visuals and immersive audio

As a result of my extensive downtime, I have done very little PVP on the United States side of the tree. Even if I think the Russian side should get more done, it may be difficult to persuade gamers on the US server to take part.

I’ve only played a few games of PVP, but what I’ve experienced has been entertaining. first and foremost, a fantastic Blood Copter Mod Apk in which you may relax and have fun. Very relaxing (with the exception of level 4, when I’ve lost more helicopters to high-electrical lines than a bug critic does to mosquitos).

To show how much I love this game, I bought every skin available (because looking cool is great just before the mid-air crash). Right now, twenty dollars is a fair price for the Blood Copter Mod Apk. If you’re reading this during a sale, don’t think twice before clicking “Buy.” In doubt? The Strong Jingle has a review of it, so check it out.

Battlefield 1 immerses players in a world where aircraft carriers

That’s how I found out about it. Negatives: ( You had better believe it. Because I like playing this Blood Copter Mod Apk so much, I decided to bypass the Expert level. Irregular terrain is essential for troops. There will always be criminals around, so there will be occasions when you can fire without thinking.

Fortunately, they are relatively rare, and if you have to leave the Blood Copter Mod Apk in the middle, you won’t lose any of your spots. Even military escorts may benefit from a little randomness. There’s a lot of room for improvement in the game’s main hall, but if I’m understanding the situation correctly, there are only four developers working on the game, so I’ll give them a break.

90+ hours for just $20. In the 1980s, when Space Rock was popular, I just wasn’t feeling it. People like myself who have played the Blood Copter Mod Apk quite a bit might benefit from having more options or instructions available to them.

hardware look and sound exactly as they do in real life

Not the fault of the developers, per se, but you built a fantastic Blood Copter Mod Apk, and we’re working our way through the material. $20? You better believe it. In a nutshell, get it if you want to have fun piloting helicopters in a light-hearted war setting.

As of right now, I’m making less than a dollar an hour, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. You won’t find another option quite like this anywhere else. Check out the analysis of this on “The Powerful Jingles.” It hits the mark precisely (incredible for the American crowd).

In a pleasant surprise, the controls are excellent and allow for fluid progression. Almost everything may rebound. It is technically possible to fire an entrance weapon and complete a full circle around a target at the same time. The graphics are good, and the Blood Copter Mod Apk can reach a smooth 60 frames per second on my 780 GPU with v-sync on and maximum settings.

Offers Authentic Sound and Responses

However! When playing PvP with a nearly full match, the frames-per-second (FPS) reduction is noticeable due to the casings. The United States and the Soviet Union both feature in a single-player campaign mode.

In multiplayer games, both centre and player vs. player modes are available.The Blood Copter Mod Apk of centre may be played on one of four different rule sets, one for each rotor speed. There are currently 6 maps available for competitive play.

Though there are only two playable modes, each has its own distinct spirit of hilarity. combat in Vietnam to that in Kosovo and Afghanistan. This World Cup pits nation against nation, unlike some other global competitions that could be interesting to compare and contrast.

That means there won’t be any Mi-24s fighting Apaches in the immediate area. Though I like it, it does raise some questions, as all the characters seem to side with the United States over the Soviet Union and Russia.

Diverse foes and battlegrounds

To get the most out of this Blood Copter Mod Apk, you should play with friends. Getting on communications and coordinating several helo courses together can be a lot of fun.I get great satisfaction from conducting a base search with recon helicopters, then calming the area with mortars and gunships so that vehicle helicopters can go in and construct the base.

There are fifty different types of helicopters to inspect, spanning two countries and four different in-game locations. These helicopters hail from the United States (26) and the Soviet Union/Russian League (24) and range in age from the 1950s up to the present day with models like the AH 64, UH60, and Mi28. Most of them are artists, and you can either pay real money or use in-game currency (experience points and credits seem to be combined in this Blood Copter Mod Apk).

Helicopters’ armaments and equipment may be customised, and defensive upgrades like flares and new door guns are available for purchase. Helicopters may be divided into three distinct types. for the sole purpose of satisfying their own remarkable gaming specialization.

There will be a conflict on a genuinely global scale.

Since no single aircraft can do all of the errands needed to completely dominate a game, the three of them have agreed to meet and aid one another. Regardless of the kind of match, you may bring three helicopters. Reconnaissance: Helicopters that are fast, small, and well-coordinated, with no major weapons to worry about.

Blood Copter Mod Apk

ability to identify potential threats to the group and function as an advance observer for mortar units. Two or three troops might be carried by some, allowing them to capture a base but not defend it from enemy attack.

The Transportation profession in the Blood Copter Mod Apk is the most difficult to predict.Each coordinating player must take this rudimentary course since they are responsible for catching bases with the rookies. They may range in size from a Huey carrying a small crew (10–11 people) to the massive Ocean Steed, equipped to launch an entire squadron of fighters (32).

Explore a variety of environments

Some of them have forward-firing armaments that the pilot may limit. Nonetheless, the majority of them could be protected by stacking rifles designed for use in front doors.starting with large, heavy assault weapons and progressing to lightweight pistols and even projectile launchers.

This is my favourite class in the Blood Copter Mod Apk, although I could just as well be a screwball who enjoys doing errands as mundane as being a famous cab driver. The bulk of us are here to play the Assault and Gunship classes; therefore, let’s not forget the most famous aircraft in the Blood Copter Mod Apk.

Whether it’s the Apache, a fast and nimble helicopter built specifically for tank smashing and hiding soldiers, or the Soviet-made Rear, a more general-purpose and rambling gunship, it’s clear that helicopters come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and speeds.

Automatic rifles, guns, projectile launchers, rockets, and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) are all present in case of an emergency and may be swapped with one another if the helicopter can manage to keep them all in the air. ready to withstand as much destruction as you deem necessary.

Use torpedoes to destroy the opposing subs.

Now, if you haven’t been feeling a “Wargame” vibe up until this point, this could change your mind. In Wargame, you can literally transport and dispatch soldiers on the road, much like a helicopter transporting troops (the game’s minimap also helps me remember Wargame).

To aid in vanquishing the enemy, four various types of infantry forces are at your disposal. The Blood Copter Mod Apk’s oblique reference to “infantry” implies that they can also catch and hold bases. Damage to a base under fire may reduce its ability to fight, eventually leading to the base’s lack of all warriors.

As a result, the AAA on that base is no longer under observation and is open for capture by both sides. Bases need the deployment of infantry. ‘MANPAD.’ Combat aircraft equipped with three shoulder-fired SAMs pose a significant threat to any surrounding helicopters. have the ability to be sent anywhere in the directory.

‘RPG.’ Fighters armed with four anti-tank missiles threaten both ground- and air-based objectives, so be wary of lazily cruising about while they’re nearby. transferable to any section of the manual. A “mortar bunch” two-man mortar team.

Drop bombs on enemy installations and ships!

A helpful recon helo should be able to direct their fire in the right direction. transferable to any section of the manual. The helicopters and scenery are detailed to perfection. In any case, when placed asymmetrically on the helo’s fuselage, flares really release from their packaging.

There are cases when even AAA game developers are to blame since their games’ reflective surfaces don’t seem right. For this reason, you won’t see the “Peril” logo lazily shown on helos. From what I can tell, this lethal helicopter tool is the real deal.

Tanks are the only structures for which the calculations used to determine reinforcement thickness are accurate. If you hit a calculated BMP, you won’t do much damage, but if you make your point steep enough, you may end up right in front of the shield and do some big damage.

Air-to-Air Missiles should be used to destroy any incoming enemy aircraft

Simple nuances that you would not expect to find in a game with such an arcadey aesthetic and a small development team That they were able to do so much with such a little budget is a testament to the developers’ hard work. As of the audit date (October 14, 2017), the Blood Copter Mod Apk was no longer grindy in any way.

If you really wanted to, you could probably rise to the highest political office in a nation in less than 24 hours, but I can’t predict how things will develop in the future. So, any thoughts? After around 9 hours of gameplay, I started to feel tired, though some of that lethargy might have been the result of playing alone.

When coworkers don’t drop by or chat much, it can feel like you’re playing alone… with a bunch of headless chickens running around.Desync was a minor problem sometimes while locking in on an enemy helicopter, which caused your hits to fail to register.

Use an AGM to wipe out enemy strongholds and armour!

I once accidentally shot a coworker, even though I had stopped firing well before he entered my field of vision and the shots had already travelled some fifty or so yards before he was even in range. The primary menu user interface might seem cluttered and busy, leading you to accidentally click on the wrong options.

In my opinion, its value is closer to $10 or $15, or anywhere between $10 and $20 at most. After watching me stream it for free, most of my friends think that $20 is much too much to pay to see it. TL;DR: It’s a simple but enjoyable game that can be played for as little as a few minutes at a time.

If you don’t have a group of friends to play with through comms, you can find the experience to be fairly monotonous after a while. Though it was a little pricey, I was able to satisfy my need for Soviet Strike. Foolery and unusual gameplay elements that I have little experience with There are lots of helicopters that fly and hover just as they do in the videos.

Gain gifts and points as you progress through the rankings

There is a significant desync issue that prevents hits from enrolling on enemy helis, and it is faultless in its complexities.Like Apache: Air Attack, but less crappy? It has a Wargame-like feel to it, with some nostalgic memories of Soviet Strike.

The developers of Blood Copter Mod Apk seem to have done rather well considering their small size. If you enjoyed games like Soviet Strike on the PlayStation 1 or Apache: Air Attack, or if you’re weird like me and enjoy watching miniature Abrams and Humvees drive down the street, then you should consider supporting smaller development studios that have put in a lot of hard work into games like these.

After that, I will most certainly propose it strongly. This is, without a doubt, the finest non-mainstream board game I own. The accomplishments of this Blood Copter Mod Apk are enormous when compared to the size of the improvement group.

Join the ranks and compete against players from all across the globe!

Putting aside the lacklustre visuals and (arguably) repetitive objectives (which, in reality, are fairly realistic given that most incursions are roughly equivalent while in the same fighting region), this Blood Copter Mod Apk is a lot of fun.

Some have compared it to “Universe of Tanks and Helicopters,” but the Blood Copter Mod Apk’s excellent controls, depth of customization, and dynamics make it much more than that. It’s obviously more than that, and it’s a game that I think is well worth the price for anybody who enjoys casually blowing things up in games ranging from the Cold War to modern-era helicopters.

At any rate, there are a few side remarks. This isn’t a demonstration system, flightsimmers.All of us playing the same game would give the impression of living a normal life. Also, even at their best, the visuals are rudimentary, which is acceptable given how small the development team is.

Iconic helicopters

Even if it’s a stretch, I worry that the action will be too rapid, ending the game too quickly for many players. To be honest, that’s just my opinion, so I can’t really include it as a negative aspect of the Blood Copter Mod Apk. I give it a 9 out of 10 since the flaws aren’t game-breaking and can be easily remedied with time.

This isn’t the best Blood Copter Mod Apk to play if you’re looking for a test-taking strategy. From this great distance, I must declare that I am actively engaged in this game. Play missions to level up and come closer to better, more modern weapons and helicopters, much as in Universe of Tanks or Universe of Warships.

It’s a pity that there’s a limit on the number of tour guides. With just one pilot allowed in the helicopter’s class, this problem becomes exponentially more serious. Not only do I not understand why they did this, but I also suspect it was the group’s worst idea ever for the Blood Copter Mod Apk.

Gameplay good for short doses of arcade combat

It’s not like it matters much if the directions aren’t 100% genuine for all the helicopter levels. Catch and Bleeding Edge are the two main game types. Landing areas in catch games are only captured and held.

More so than static AA positions and varied choppers, the presence of intelligent artificial hordes that generate and migrate from base to base increases the need for cutting-edge technology. There are three distinct uses for helicopters of each class.

First, reconnaissance choppers are often fast and agile but poorly defended and outfitted. They do, however, gain the ability to locate targets, search for allies, and hit with mortar from deployed mortar units (favoring that later).

Great developer team

Two, the weapons and armour on board an assault helicopter are unparalleled in Blood Copter Mod Apk.They provide the cutting edge and firepower to engage the enemy. Transportation helicopters provide fantastic all-around protection, but they move at a glacial pace. However, they do bring a large number of soldiers to secure landing areas.

Blood Copter Mod Apk

There is not much of a difference between the helicopter models. You may come across a transport helicopter with a respectable weapon loadout, like the Blackhawk DAP, or an assault helicopter transporting soldiers (like the Rear). Finally, the method by which you transport soldiers with containers aids in game play.

This includes MANPADS, anti-tank units, and mortar groups. This really aided in energising the involvement, and maybe it will be expanded upon in the future. Thank goodness, there is very little boredom involved with this Blood Copter Mod Apk.

PvP and PvE modes are both fun

Since there is no minimum commitment required, there is no compelling incentive to artificially prolong the time it takes to acquire another helicopter. Depending on how you use your points, you may quickly go from level 1 to level 3, and there are several upgrades for each helicopter if you’re interested.

Everything considered, Blood Copter Mod Apk is a fantastic game, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Neither the visuals nor the audio are really well done in this Blood Copter Mod Apk (although that is not to say it isn’t great).

At the same time, the concept and aspects of constant contact more than make up for these minuscule deficiencies. To simply label it as a “WoT clone” or “helicopter test system,” however, does not do it justice; the game’s focus on sending ground soldiers adds a new dimension to any interactive options, boosting the game’s realism and, by extension, its players’ enjoyment.

Aside from that, the structure itself adds a huge dynamic, and the ad hoc missions provide the Blood Copter Mod Apk with some welcome variety; with a little tweaking, it has the potential to become flawless. Significant Helicopters, Exceptional Mini-Game Interactivity.

Progression system that isn’t too grindy

and a Superb Design Team There’s a lot of nonsense to be had in both the PvP and PvE modes, plus there’s a mobility system that isn’t too grindy, plus there are a lot of great skins available via the system, plus there’s a lot of unique class balance, plus it’s cheap.

The following is an excerpt from a thread in which the Overpowering asked whether the Blood Copter Mod Apk was over and someone replied “no.” “A small number of people play until Also, if you’re here for the PvP, know that coop bouts seem to be the norm as of late, especially on the weekends.

While it makes sense that an equipped military force wouldn’t deploy a bunch of helicopters into a position in which your side has air supremacy, the lack of enemy aircraft in single-player and centre mode does slow things down a little, if not tyre you, in a computer game.

If this were a meme, I’d be ok with it, but all at once it’s not. Work isn’t too bad, but I’ll probably quit this Blood Copter Mod Apk after I’ve tried every helicopter and weapon. Personally, I don’t think it should have gone through with full delivery.

Many neat skins available through progression

The Blood Copter Mod Apk has a lot of glitches, from occasional framerate dips to complete crashes. Even though my PC’s specifications aren’t top-notch, they still far exceed the game’s recommended framework requirements.

Additionally, the game’s content is lacking, and yet the developers demand a hefty sum of money for skins that are difficult to distinguish, especially on other players’ helicopters. For the last three days, I’ve seen the same tiny group of people playing online, mostly on the U.S. server; when I’m finally done with this game, that number will be reduced by one.

After spending a lot of time in the air in Grand Theft Auto Online, I can attest that this Blood Copter Mod Apk’s flight mechanics and material science are superior. This is due to the fact that the game was built from the ground up to be a flight simulator.

Since there aren’t many other options for helicopter flight simulators that aren’t centred on the Mi-24, this one stands out as a top pick for as long as you can stand to play it. However, this is not a simulation, so don’t go in thinking you’ll have everything sorted out on a virtual plane.

Unique class balance

In any case, the “cockpit” (if that’s what you want to call it) is only a delineation for the windows and HUD controls that are universal to all helicopters.  However, it is not enabled by default and requires manual activation through the settings menu in Blood Copter Mod Apk.

It hasn’t been a terrible experience; it was just superficial. And, as many people have pointed out in Steam polls, having a paired rating scheme might confuse things for the overwhelming majority of games, even if simplicity is usually the superior option.

Many criticise the use of numerical rating scales; however, I’ll explain why I’m only giving this a 6 out of 10 Scratch Enclosure Fire Birds. A score of 7 was possible with improved safety measures. There was an increase in happiness, an additional 8.

I’d give it a 9 for single-player/center if there were more exciting battles. If it had been Nicolas Enclosure, an Apache, that would have been a 10. I really miss being presented with games like Comanche 4 and Jane’s Longbow 2 (I know 4 wasn’t the most popular, but it was the one I was introduced to the most).

Low price

The Blood Copter Mod Apk collection has not one but two unique iterations of the popular game, Blood Copter Mod Apk. You can select either the standard Blood Copter Mod Apk or the more advanced Upgraded version.The only noticeable difference between the Standard and Upgraded versions is cosmetic, affecting only the HUD, menus, and overall layout.

From what I can see, the servers for the “Upgraded” variation are no longer active, so there is no compelling reason to play it. Your progress will be carried over from one Blood Copter Mod Apk to the next, so there’s no need to worry about losing any hard work.

The standard version’s visuals are a little bit more disappointing (though, in reality, they’re not that horrible, and I’d argue they’re more attractive in some locations), and the HUD and menus are a little bit more complicated, but generally, it’s good. Because your progress is synced across the two versions, you may play either one at any time.

Only a few maps available in Blood Copter Mod Apk

One key difference is that the upgraded version is no longer supported (i.e., its servers are down), therefore you shouldn’t use it. Actually playing the Blood Copter Mod Apk is fantastic. It’s a terrific third-person arcade game, although it’s a shame that not all of the helicopters have working cockpits.

Depending on your preferences, you’ll either have a picture-based default cockpit that you may activate or a floating HUD with no other visual cues (I have no idea what these are called, but you’ll learn quickly if you play the game).

The Blood Copter Mod Apk has a lot of repetitive gameplay and an arcade aesthetic, but it’s not bad and has some really fun moments. Several helicopters, including two or three distinctly different kinds, as well as numerous helicopter skins and redesigns You can get to all of it in-game, and the work isn’t exactly a nightmare.

It seems that both the helicopters and the tour guides are really nice. There are only two possible technological paths: American and Soviet. As a result, you mostly use American or Russian helicopters in your games.

PvE could use a bit more challenge

American players may choose between skins representing a variety of countries, including Canada, France, West Germany, and more. Russian players, provided their helicopter supports it, can give themselves a clean skin.

But in the end, you use helicopters made in the USA or the USSR. There are just a small number of helicopters from countries other than the United States and Russia hidden among these technological trees.

I counted at least two Chinese helicopters within the Russian technology tree and one Italian helicopter among the American technologies. So either a small number of countries or all the options except the ones you’ve chosen are OK with me.

The visuals and audio in the Blood Copter Mod Apk are excellent. When I unlock a new helicopter skin or weapon, it’s like Christmas morning. I’ll admit that the skins are a little pricey, but you can easily access them in-game.

Enjoyable gameplay

If you play and win one game, you may unlock helicopters, new weaponry, or a new skin. Since I have experience with World of Tanks and find its laborious gameplay to be tedious, I applaud the game’s low level of tedium.

If the work was on the level of World of Tanks or World of Boats, I’d have a major problem with it. That doesn’t mean I’m a happy person, however. I’m OK with the three available game types being single player (against ground computer-based intelligence, you don’t have well-disposed or enemy helicopters), cooperative, and player vs. player.

I’ve just played the single-player mode, although I’ve seen other players (albeit not very many). There are a lot of game options, and that’s wonderful, but keep in mind that you might like the Blood Copter Mod Apk more if you have some friends to play it with.

The music isn’t the focus of the Blood Copter Mod Apk, but I did find one tune to be rather enjoyable. two variants of the Blood Copter Mod Apk. One is (obviously) more attractive, but no one lives there, and the Internet connection is always down.

Decent graphics

The heads-up display and menus are the most notable changes. If you’ve played the improved version, you may find it difficult to navigate the HUD, menus, and other game features in the other version since it looks worse and the internet component is still active to some degree.

Fortunately, your progress in the Blood Copter Mod Apk will be preserved. To put it simply, the internet is… At least, it seems to be having some problems. Whereas the standard version still has a few active users, the upgraded releases are completely dead online. I put a lot of time and effort into this game, playing it single-player, so I didn’t give a hoot about the online player countries.

However, playing with only AI ground troops and no enemy or friendly AI helicopters can become very tiring, really fast.  A rut of sameness sets in as the game progresses. One of the odd things I noticed is that some helicopters have different names than their actual models.

Easy to master controls

The helicopters themselves are top-notch; the only difference is in the nomenclature. that is similar to the back. It’s a dead ringer like the original, so why is it called “Hv-24” or something? instead of the Mi-24. Alternatively, the Mi-17 is referred to as the Hv-17.

It’s completely out of the ordinary, and I could do without it. How does all this arrival stuff normally go down?If it were down when I was in the air, I wouldn’t insist on it. You can’t just do a simple landing to end the landing sequence, can you? Due to the fact that early aircraft only had fixed-gear landing gear, this was hardly noticeable.

However, it became more pronounced in subsequent aircraft. I really should have waited for a better sale price on the game. The maximum price is just too high. In short, 61 Turkish liras is too much to pay for this Blood Copter Mod Apk.

Blood Copter Mod Apk is not hard to run for low end Android.

I got a discount of 60%, so I just had to shell out 24,40 Turkish Lira to buy the game. I think I paid a little bit more than the game was worth. In any case, I had no major complaints about the match. Not much to write home about, but also nothing to marvel at or find horrifying.

Let it all out if you can acquire it at a huge discount, but otherwise, don’t bother. Despite the fact that I’ve only put in about two hours into the Blood Copter Mod Apk, the level of engagement is what’s sold me.

Even though it may be difficult to get the hang of the controls, the developers have included a training map where you can practise manoeuvring your helicopter around in real time and shooting at various targets.

Clearing out enemy soldiers, boats, and AA with rockets and automatic weapons is a blast after you learn the ropes of the Blood Copter Mod Apk. You not only have to worry about the AI destroying you, but you also have to fight against other players.

You can play any tier and research whatever you like

This adds to the stress and makes it more satisfying when you blow a player who doesn’t know what they’re doing out of the sky or take part in an amazing dogfight and beat the competition. However, the Blood Copter Mod Apk has just recently been properly released, so I’m taking the mobility framework at face value for the time being.

While not as grindy as most games of this type, progressing slowly does not feel as rewarding when the plane you want is given to you after only two missions in single-player and ranch centers. While it’s true that the higher-level heroes are more eagerly sought after, progressing through levels 1–3 is currently way too easy.

The class system is satisfying and forces you to plan ahead; you can’t just get into a gunship and wing it to victory. Choose between scouts, gunships, and dedicated troop carriers, and familiarise yourself with each one’s play style as the Blood Copter Mod Apk throws you against a wide variety of adversaries.

Easy to grind

In a nutshell, you have to choose between using your gunship, which is designed to destroy anti-aircraft installations, or flying back to your generator to switch helos, which are not designed to intercept arrival zones where the troop transport arrives.

I’d recommend doing that instead of dying; it’s wise to learn how to land since there will be times when you need to; higher levels take longer to repair whenever damaged, despite the fact that landing itself takes around 30 seconds to a minute.

Despite that, I still recommend picking up this Blood Copter Mod Apk since the developers, albeit small, are always in touch with their audience and provide frequent updates. There’s little question that the asking price of £11 (or $15 for you Yankees) is low when compared to the product’s potential; for myself, I’d gladly pay up to £18 or £20 for something similar.

If you like games like World of Tanks and War Thunder, where you get to do some light smashing, and games like this, where you fly a strategic alliance, this is the game for you. But don’t worry if you like something less arcadey.

Requires actual teamwork

they also have the potential for more “reasonable” flying via joystick. Hurry up and come in, there’s a fight on the kid, and Huey won’t leave on his own! This is a condensed version of a review I wrote for the game since Steam couldn’t accommodate all the gushing praise I had for Blood Copter Mod Apk in its original form. It was first published in August 2018, but I’ve updated it to reflect developments since then.

Like Universe of Tanks and Universe of Warplanes, Blood Copter Mod Apk is a helicopter-based action game; however, there are no physical miniatures involved in the gameplay (skins can be bought, both with genuine cash and experience points, yet they are simply superficial).

In this Blood Copter Mod Apk, players are introduced to a variety of NATO (basically American) and Russian helicopters, from cylinder-driven models that seem like flying freight ships and are armed with simple automatic guns to smooth-current attack choppers armed with guided missiles.

Undetectable enemies

Every helicopter flies differently, and it’s a tonne of fun to master each one’s unique quirks. Despite the fact that the flying concept is more arcade than simulation, each bird flies with real heave and force.

Going from A to B (or, should I say, LZ 1 to LZ 2) is ridiculously simple, but doing it with style? Rapidly dropping soldiers into a dangerously hot drop zone while under heavy fire? Training is required, but only somewhat.

Fantastic Burglary Auto could have solved the problem very quickly if only its creators had a more in-depth understanding of material science. If we’re talking about company, Blood Copter Mod Apk is best experienced with a couple of pals, especially if you can all get together for a Discord or phone conversation.

The Blood Copter Mod Apk has a few tasks that may be checked, but there isn’t much joy in them right now. The game’s PVE core is where the majority of the game’s appeal lies. What really sets Blood Copter Mod Apk apart, however, is that it isn’t about blowing up bad guys.

Objective: Clear out enemies near base

Overall, players are thrust into one of many simulated war zones, ranging from Vietnam to Kosovo. Once in mission, choose one of three customizable helicopters and then pursue objective markers.

Switch between your helicopters to make sure you’re using the best one for the job as you attempt to accomplish objectives and maintain landing zone control throughout the tour. There are many different kinds of missions, such as fundamental inquiry and annihilation missions, setback and recon departures, and setting up LZs with more troops.

All of Blood Copter Mod Apks helicopters fall into one of three broad categories. Troops may be dropped from outfitted transports like the ubiquitous Huey, which may need more ammunition or larger weapons.

It’s interesting to note that scout helicopters may use mortar groups dropped by transporters to bring about gunnery hits on targets, despite the fact that they may not have many or any weapons and can only carry a small number of soldiers.

Shoots and destroys all the orange targets

Last but not least, gunships are exactly what they sound like: aircraft designed and outfitted for the sole purpose of exploding. A successful group will have the right proportion of all three. Blood Copter Mod Apk’s interface isn’t completely intuitive at first and has a few quirks, but after you get used to it, you’ll find it’s really straightforward and useful.

The fundamental movement structure is compensatory without being grindy, which is a huge deal. In-game objectives may be attained in a number of ways, including the obvious (such as destroying enemy powers and capturing LZs) and the more subtle (such as imprinting enemy targets and dropping mortar groups for other players to use).

Approximately seven days into the Blood Copter Mod Apk, I have unlocked the vast bulk of the US/NATO tree and am now starting to deal with the Russian tree. You won’t need “one last game” of the night to win a prize or advance to the next level in your current Black Hawk variant’s story campaign.

Maps that are big but not too big.

There is a small selection of high-priced skins that may be used as XP sinks for high-level players. Subtle interactions, such as mortars and other unique troops that may be deployed, really take Blood Copter Mod Apk to the next level.

However, the inherent pressure of a ticking clock and the human component given by your partners make a miniature story for each game, even though the targets themselves aren’t particularly exciting because they aren’t prearranged and what little exchange there is generally comes from canned radio transmissions.

Losing becomes more difficult as your abilities and technology improve and the margins of victory get larger, but there’s just enough variety to keep things from becoming monotonous. As I’ve already said, playing Blood Copter Mod Apk was the most crazy, pure fun I’ve had with a video game in what seems like an aeon.

The Blood Copter Mod Apk is really rather solid. On a (smoothly) improving rig, I have no issue playing it at maximum settings. My frame rate usually stays over 59. There is one major exception, however: the preparation map, on which you may assess your growing fleet of helicopters.

Makes You Feel Like Airwolf

I detect a little stutter there, but only in this manual. The helicopters themselves are the show stoppers, and they look fantastic with their detailed models and skins. Greatly elevating the experience is the option to purchase additional skins for use with the Blood Copter Mod Apk, with designs that vary greatly from the original olive monotony (the Air America skin for the UH-1D is an undisputed top choice).

The draw distance is quite long, but not always long enough; you may see tracer fire long before you’re in visual sight of enemies, which is my main complaint on a technical level. The music of Blood Copter Mod Apk is competent but not particularly memorable.

The individual gunshot and helicopter noises seem much better, but they might benefit from a little more variety. Adding more distinctive choppers would be a subtle but welcome change. In general, the Blood Copter Mod Apk’s soundtrack is satisfactory.

I didn’t think it was especially relevant or appropriate for each tutorial, but I usually play with it muted and a playlist I made on Spotify playing in the background.

Great Controls

This Blood Copter Mod Apk’s biggest flaw, in my opinion, is the lack of tutorials. The recent addition of two PVP-only manuals to PVE is helpful, but even more variety is welcome. I’ve dabbled in a few PVP games, but I would rather collaborate with others than compete against them.

Each guide is meticulously crafted, offering a broad variety of terrain and strategic situations in which players are expected to make informed decisions on how best to use geology for long-term success. Clever manoeuvres, such as using mountains as cover, are rewarded when Blood Copter Mod Apk.

The most serious problem is that each guide can only be used with a certain generation of helicopters; for example, only age-I helicopters may play on the Bay of Tonkin map, and only age-III helicopters can play in Afghanistan. This upper bound has been argued for from two different perspectives, at least.

The first is genuine precision, which is just eh. As a teacher, I focus on teaching the past. For the sake of fun, I don’t mind if a multiplayer online game steals a few licences that can be independently verified.

Iam Team USA And Soviet Side

The alternative, more complicated explanation is that modern helicopters are too advanced for the simpler, older maps. They are also too well armoured and equipped. Despite the fact that this argument holds water, if I had my way, I would gladly accept less XP for playing older maps with more advanced helicopters or (ideally) seeing the enemies and hostile air hazards cranked up to keep on delivering a challenge.

It’s also important to remember that Blood Copter Mod Apk is being developed by a small, indie team that, from what I can gather, releases regular updates and tweaks to the game in the hopes that it may find success in the Western market.

Last year, by complete accident, I decided to purchase Blood Copter Mod Apk during the Steam Summer Sale. I was having so much fun with it that, after an hour, I convinced a friend to play it with me after handing him a copy.

Our group of friends has had a blast playing centre matches since many people have purchased the game. I bought some of the downloadable content covers too, since the developer deserves a few more bucks for producing such a fantastic product.

Progression System Is Fast

For experts, number one is constant, pleasant communication. It’s great to see various types of helicopters in Blood Copter Mod Apk working together, and it takes true cooperation to pull it off. Transporter, Assault Helicopter, and Scout. controls, in-game mechanisms, and user interface that are easy to master.

The game can be run on a low-end computer system with little trouble. It’s up to you to play any level you choose and look into everything you like (ie: play with a scout helicopter to open an assault helicopter, or play with the Allie group and open a Russian helicopter).

One of the many drawbacks is the awful, nonexclusive music that is played. Unbalanced enemies; all it takes are one or two hostile air strikes to put you out of commission, and it’s next to impossible to avoid the tens of thousands of projectiles coming your way (at higher levels).

There are not many detailed guidelines available for perusal. Unseen enemies make it hard to complete objectives while the scout aircraft isn’t available. While it’s easy to use, the frame rate could have been greater for a computer of this kind.

PVP And Co-op

Unfortunately, 144 Hz is of no assistance. There aren’t many players on the North American server, but things aren’t much better on the European one. While the consequences of your central misfortune will not be delayed, they will be visible in-game after you’ve used your other option.

With the regulator plugged in, the text user interface might be unstable. Displaying overlapping console and regulator keys There’s no way to conduct a conversation with a friend in-game without first starting a fight, but the server does support friction if you do. recommend it with great enthusiasm for fans of helicopter video games.

It’s not a heavy simulation game like Arma or DCS, that’s for sure. One that focuses on combat and provides players the sense of flying about in both vintage and modern military helicopters would be fantastic. especially like World of Tanks and similar games, but with the added bonus of both player-versus-environment (PVE) and player-versus-player (PVP) gameplay.

Even though they’re a small development team, they’re full of energy and excitement. Both the controls and the Blood Copter Mod Apk’s level of engagement need some time to get used to, but otherwise provide little resistance to the average player.

Progression System Is Fast

Thankfully, in contrast to WoT or anything like it, Movement is substantially less torturous and more charming, with an Opening Chance to Play that is greater than expected. Since I can’t help but play this Blood Copter Mod Apk whenever I have the chance, I usually have to choose the option to give it a very positive review.

Blood Copter Mod Apk is a fun cooperative or multiplayer game centred on helicopters From the Korean War to the present day, it depicts an excellent variety of rotorcraft from countries other than the United States, the Soviet Union, and the Russian League, such as China, the European Union, and Poland.

Although the interface isn’t entirely natural, it works quite well once you get used to it. Cooperative battles may be initiated with up to four people, and settings such as difficulty, number of enemies, and objectives can be modified during play. Alternately, you may have a player vs. player match.

Combat between first-generation helicopters from the Korean War is at best humorous. It’s a lot of fun chasing down other players and trying to take them out with 7.62mm rifles and larger-than-normal explosions.

Strategy Elements

You can literally pimp your helis to flying porcupine levels at times thanks to the Blood Copter Mod Apk’s model tree for helicopters, which has many different types and variants that can be enhanced by swapping hard-earned combat stars for research. that we need to face, and doing so is entertaining.

The design and implementation are good; however, I haven’t tested them with reliable machinery. The biggest annoyance is a random disconnect from the servers; however, this may be greatly mitigated by adjusting a preference.

On the other hand, my connection is poor, so take that into account with other issues; nonetheless, the meetings do seem to include some criticism on this matter. What more could you want? As a whole, additional helpers would be welcome.

possibly as downloadable content. It would be nice if there were a lot more helicopters available, even if they were paid add-ons. However, the current selection is unparalleled. And genuineness? I was able to use the developed flying model in the time I had available.

Battlefield pilot simulator

There’s an aggressive mode, but the overall vibe seems a little more arcade-y fun than the mechanics of a pilot training programme, which is quite remarkable. In particular, the Linux version is flawless.

It’s amazingly fast on both a built-in AMD Vega and a dedicated RTX. Consistent, free of dated details or blunders, and utterly remarkable. The developers are obviously working on a sequel, but that shouldn’t deter you from enjoying this Blood Copter Mod Apk in the meantime.

Aside from the jokes, this one is out of this world. If you’ve ever wished that classic Heli games like Apache, Rear, and Commanche were available in a multiplayer setting, now you can. This Blood Copter Mod Apk came out of nowhere, and it’s turned out to be a real find.

War Thunder and Universe of Warships-style multiplayer conflicts, but with more meaningful, long-term involvement and less repetitive grinding.Opening a helicopter takes surprisingly little time. The non-player troops on the map may be rather deadly, increasing the game’s degree of engagement by requiring the pilot to keep track of the battle’s development at all times.


Instead of being able to buy upgrades for the miniatures, the whole game comes with the first purchase. Massive guides, each with a number of bases that must be conquered, are the usual focal point of a match’s fighting.

This is accomplished by airlifting soldiers to the target location. The enemy’s core may be destroyed as ground forces advance. It’s not a myth that AA is used for both base defence and ground power protection. You should be as securely locked in as possible.

The player may add more soldiers to the map, and they can be armed with mortars, RPGs, or anti-aircraft rockets. Exhilarating action is guaranteed in each Chopper battle. It has a great deal of depth. Many possible play styles exist.

Choose your commitments carefully. Cover provided by the environment, the advantages of progressing through the levels, the freedom to move freely, and the wide variety of weapon structures all provide players a great deal of leeway in how they respond to varying battlefield conditions.

A focus on 21st-century aerial combat!

In almost every game, players will engage in fierce battles with one another. Despite the chaos and explosions, a good player will want to read the game and make quick, well-informed decisions. Helicopters allow for a plethora of manoeuvres that aircraft wouldn’t be able to accomplish, which leads to remarkable surprises when it comes to discovering the tactical possibilities the Blood Copter Mod Apkpresents.

It’s fun to discover new ways to surprise and bond with other players, no matter how skilled they may be. The answer is yes, and I heartily recommend it. It seems to work well with the mouse and the console.

As a matter of fact, helicopters are my favourite kind of aircraft. When I was a kid, SimCopter was one of my favourite games. You’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the flying models in these two games. Whatever the case, this is an improvement.

You can’t beat humming “Ride of the Valkyries” in a Huey over the Vietnamese jungles with three other friends. Nothing beats blasting the desert with a hinds 30-mm cannon while listening to Ransack Zombie.

Engaging combat

People have been complaining that the controls and hitboxes seem too far away. While the tutorial is still under development (and one of the major features of the guide), I found that the in-game YouTube videos were more than enough. Understanding how to fly is sufficiently elementary.

Several people have made mention of passive or pliable controls. The responsiveness option was designed for this same purpose. While the hitboxes aren’t flawless, they do the job. In truth, I don’t play PvP (because I’ve learned that PvP on the internet is where arseholes dwell; this is true of every online game), but PvE has been so enjoyable and engaging that I’ve kept my subscription active through both tech trees.


Each day, more joy is added.I have a few points to make. If you’re tired of PvE’s difficulty, increase it. When you’re simultaneously dodging four RPGs, you won’t think so any more. If you find the controls to be unsatisfactory, it is recommended that you take a practise flight and fumble about until you get used to them.

Additionally, if you’re consistently feeling unlucky Stop making the ridiculous assumption that an Apache’s hide is the same as an Abrams’. These helicopters are fragile, and if you don’t respect any capabilities, not even artificial intelligence (AI), you’ll likely die quickly.

If you give it some serious thought, you should be OK. That may seem like a brilliant notion to some, but I think it’s important enough to warrant your attention. An additional point worth considering is that some people compare this to World of Tanks with helicopters.


Although it only took me twenty or thirty games to unlock all of the helicopters, all of the in-game purchases are reversible. Should you get it, you ask? If you have a thing for flying machines, then you’re in luck. If you like violent video games, then absolutely. If you have a passion for air travel, then of course! You will not be discouraged if you just get it. If you don’t need any of them, you probably shouldn’t be here reading this.

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