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Take the driver’s seat as you transport passengers around a lively city in officially licensed buses from famous manufacturers: Alexander Dennis, Blue Bird, BYD, IVECO BUS, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Setra, Volvo, and Vicinity Motor Corp. Drive routes and complete campaign missions to unlock even more buses, districts, and routes. Climb the career ladder and build a public transport network for your city.
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Package Name Bus Simulator City Ride
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Bus Simulator City Ride APK – Take the wheel and take tourists all around a lively metropolis in buses made by Alexander Dennis, Blue Bird, BYD, IVECO BUS, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Setra, Volvo, and Area Engine Corp., to name a few of the permitted manufacturers.

To get access to a plethora of buses, regions, and courses, you must drive them and fulfil assignments. Develop a system of public transportation in your city to advance in your chosen profession. It’s your bus, and it’s your city, and you’re in charge.

bus simulator city ride apk

What is Bus Simulator City Ride APK?

Here are 10 unique buses from extremely well-known manufacturers. Specialized, legally permitted buses are ready and waiting. Operate 10 vehicles from 10 well-known manufacturers, ranging from electric to articulated to multi-level buses.

There is a wide selection of buses available, with many different models and makes available from major manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, IVECO BUS, and BYD. Because of the dedicated cockpits, you can take the wheel of YOUR bus and feel like a real bus driver.

Learn all there is to know about the Bus Simulator City Ride from the guide that goes into great detail while still being fun to read! Haverstock, with its port stockroom area, harbour, old town, and surrounding open country, is a city that is enlivened by the urban communities of northern Europe and provides a variety of eye-catching buildings and settings.

The citizens of this bustling metropolis have to move about, whether it’s to meet up for a cup of coffee with a friend in the historic district or to take the kids to the waterfront. It’s never boring following a group of wandering tourists, and who knows, maybe they’ll even attempt to share some of their tales with you along the way.

The Story

Connecting with locals in your city is now a priority. Show off your skills as a bus driver by working your way to the top of the transportation industry. When you go through the quest, you have access to a lot more transportation options and zones.

Drive courses to earn credits, then spend those credits to purchase more buses and assign those buses to other courses as your vehicle network matures. You have the power to determine the company’s future.

bus simulator city ride apk

When I play driving simulators, I brace myself for the worst, but sometimes I encounter a Bus Simulator City Ride that is relaxing, appealing, and testing, even if it is truly uninteresting. In Bus Simulator City Ride, you’ll take the wheel and manage a fleet of buses over many courses. The game’s unassuming, sophisticated, and subtle driving foundation makes it easy for me to overlook its flaws.

I was surprised at how much patience I needed for this Bus Simulator City Ride, given my preference for fast-paced arcade racing. The time commitment for each class is about 10 minutes, but increases with course difficulty.

Different buses feel distinct in both handling

Some people can take on more and more risk and responsibility, but there is always a test.  The driving is difficult; slamming on the brakes may get you to a halt faster, but it will also cause your passengers considerable discomfort. Negative points will be deducted for going past a red signal. Anyhow, moving to a different lane without first signalling is still another violation.

Obviously, there may be a winner in each category. The Bus Simulator City Ride rewards you for making the most of your time at stop signs and detours. At red lights, cars behind you will honk at you to move, but as a bus driver, it is your job to ignore them. Happy tourists will reward you with points.

To score, either complete one mile of travel without incurring any penalties or ensure that all passengers remain in good spirits during the journey. In an environment where things may quickly go south if precautions aren’t taken, the constant push to keep everything going smoothly is understandable.

Handling is actually realistic

When you’re behind the wheel of a lengthy bus ride, even the most routine tasks become a test of your focus and endurance. Accidents are common during lane changes because drivers who make them too wide risk colliding with oncoming traffic or other obstacles. In the event of an accident, the worst that may happen is a loss of points.

Too abrupt of a turn might cause you to crash into a lamppost, curb, or other immovable object. Your mission consists of making scheduled stops, picking up passengers, and delivering them to their final destinations. Even though it may seem simple on the surface, the issue is far from resolved.

stopping without slamming on the brakes, rushing to the next stop without committing any traffic violations, and, of course, having faith that passengers will board and exit the bus. There is no sign of them coming or going; they mysteriously disappear from the bus stop.

Dynamic weather

It adjusts for the city’s peculiarities so that you can focus on driving safely. There are emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances, as well as automobiles and various types of buses, and yet there are also brilliant ideas everywhere.

Semitrailers that have been separated from one another anticipate a change in route. Extreme growth and the occasional abandoned car clutter the streets. To be honest, I didn’t think the Bus Simulator City Ride would become so intense and make the environment seem so real.

bus simulator city ride apk

Exit ramps and throughways provide an intriguing new dimension to the Bus Simulator City Ride. If you want to take the bus anywhere other than a flat road, you’ll need to learn how to control its mass and momentum as it makes its way up and down inclines.

Playable areas are actually quite large

When you get going fast enough, the bus begins to vibrate. Maybe it’s just the air giving you a little jiggle. Everything combines to provide a more realistic scenario in which you confront and attempt to subdue these bus monsters.

Though it’s a very convincing and easily replicable revelation, the game-like focused structure prevents it from feeling entirely at home here.Travelers, transportation time, incentives, and penalties all contribute to your overall course score.At that moment, the score is stored, and the top six scores are kept for that course.

The encouragement to keep striving to become better is a wonderful consolation. There are a total of six stages in the Bus Simulator City Ride, and each one has its own unique set of courses and bus configurations. Despite their apparent diversity, all of the buses have a similar atmosphere.

Turning is somewhat cumbersome

Perhaps there is genuine nuance between them, but I never sensed it. The next level unlocks after you’ve completed a few modules. Your classes all take place in the same made-up city, but each section of this city—including its midtown thoroughfares, its snowy mountain alleys, its airport traffic circle, and its serene views overlooking lakefront property—is unique.

The designs are adequate and roughly at a wonderful level, but there is room for improvement. There are plenty of games that look worse, but if you’re hoping to be shocked, you’ll be disappointed. Your GPS device will show you a little red dot to follow as you go from one location to the next.

More impressively, however, the roadways themselves will be marked with flashing bolts to indicate whether you should make a turn or continue straight through a five-way intersection. The city’s summit is where the weather shifts from one direction to another.

Passengers aren’t animated at all

Wind, rain, and fog are all here, but so are sunny, happy days. The rain never seemed to have an effect on the brakes, unlike going downhill. Since there are just two types of cameras, it might be difficult to observe any automobiles directly in front of the bus.

bus simulator city ride apk

The camera seems to be positioned off to one side of the bus, which is weird, but it still lets you see a finger clamped down on your nose. There’s another camera that takes you to the bus’s grill. I agree that their most memorable character was the one who wore the mask, but in this case, you have to look where your headlights are pointing.

There are no kudos to be gained for sitting behind the wheel, and if anything, I find myself identifying less with the role of Bus Simulator City Ride and more with the bus itself. I was hoping that, despite the Bus Simulator City Ride’s title, I would be able to choose a career other than Bus Simulator City Ride and use that character in the game.

Aged, simplistic visuals

The courses are not presented visually but rather with brief explanations of their content that, in many cases, are essentially the same. Subtle changes are introduced at later stages, such as having to track a chopper, ignore rules, and safely transfer prisoners to a new facility.

I was really floored by this level of ingenuity. The Bus Simulator City Ride has no audio or music.The Bus Simulator City Ride’s primary score can be found in the menus, and when you’re really playing it, you’ll hear the soothing hum of the engine and several other realistic noises, like squeaky brakes and honking horns.

Why should I advise you to stay away from a Bus Simulator City Ride if it is still entertaining and engaging in some way? Playing as a bus driver requires a certain skill set. There are better games available, but if driving games are your thing and hustle games aren’t, this may be just up your alley.

It’s a simple game, but if you find it for cheap, you’ll have to take on a challenge. Just prepare for the worst-case scenario, and you could be pleasantly surprised by what really occurs or amused to discover that you can annoy your fellow passengers into not moving at a leisurely pace.


  • a nostalgic throwback for those who heard it when it first came out.
  • The monsters in the pictures are just in your mind.
  • Most transit restrictions, including speed limits, are meaningless.
  • The passengers are so happy that they cheer every time you hit the brakes.
  • When using your turn signals, you may avoid oncoming traffic and drive on the shoulder.
  • At a crossroads, you may take any route, and cars will pull over to let you pass.
  • If you switch lanes and cut everyone off, they won’t be very worried.
  • If there are no law enforcement officers around, you are free to drive erratically.


  • There are no law enforcement officers around to stop you from driving erratically.
  • The lack of a blasting speed metal score is disappointing.
  • Buses cannot be modified or upgraded.
  • Whether you invest 10 minutes or ten hours, you will leave this Bus Simulator City Ride feeling weighed down by disappointment.
  • Constantly moving at a snail’s pace eventually becomes tiresome.
  • No artificial means of increasing speed are allowed.

Bonuses for Green lights

About this Bus Simulator City Ride, what more could be said? Due to the topic matter (bus driving), is it too trite? It’s stupid since you can’t store any weapons in there, right? In fact, I’m glad I added this little game to my collection, and it’s all because it’s more challenging than it seems at first glance.

bus simulator city ride apk

On maximum settings, the graphics excel and the controls are refined. especially with a Delight Cushion.The buses have decent acoustic cues and are polished properly. While costing the same as other shooters and system games, “Bus Simulator City Ride” offers a relaxing gaming experience for those looking for a change of pace.

The Bus Simulator City Ride is essentially broken down into missions where you drive one specific kind of bus on one specific route, picking up and dropping off passengers in varying environments and climates. Early missions often last less than five minutes, although this lengthens steadily as the game progresses.

The routes are good

You get points for driving safely and following traffic laws, and you lose points for annoying other drivers on the road (by braking too hard, running lights, etc.). Your total points will be added up at the end of the course and posted on a leaderboard.

The visuals are antiquated (in reality), but because it’s a 2007 release, cranking up all the settings to 11 gives the Bus Simulator City Ride a fresh, inviting appearance with very little effort. It presents an air of extreme allure with its eye-catching, king-sized bed.

The ever-changing UI overlays scream SEGA arcade racing excitement.The Bus Simulator City Ride’s visual style is quite unique, giving it a lot of distinct personality. In addition, I think it has aged far better externally than other established SCS truck-sim products of the same date, while striving for a more infantile design.

Drive properly and you are rewarded

Finally, as you go through the objectives, the Bus Simulator City Ride becomes really challenging. Maintaining passenger satisfaction and punctuality while adhering to transit rules and regulations is a demanding task that puts your ability to multitask to the test, especially on longer, more involved routes lasting 10 or more minutes.

From what I can tell from the screenshots, Bus Simulator City Ride is a hidden gem at SCS that may escape your attention entirely. There’s a lot of silliness in the Bus Simulator City Ride, and it has more of an arcade feel than the reenactment style for which SCS is renowned. fantastic for quick bursts of gaming or unexpectedly delayed appointments.

The pricing is reasonable, too. classic, but still enjoyable. It’s rare that I like a driving game, but Bus Simulator City Ride is fantastic. If you want an engaging experience, don’t play Bus Driver.The gameplay of Bus Simulator City Ride is reminiscent of a video game cabinet.

Break the rules of the road and you are fined

While playing stages, you guide your bus from one location to the next. One’s attention is directed only toward the task at hand when driving. Focus may be attained via the use of signals, patiently waiting for the green light, keeping the road’s centre of attention in sight, and generally adhering to traffic regulations and driving safely.

bus simulator city ride apk

Several stages are brief, while others go on for quite some time. You have to operate a bus fleet in all kinds of weather, including hot and humid summers, cold and snowy winters, balmy fall days, and harsh winter nights.

The Bus Simulator City Ride’s wardrobe offers a wide range of clothing options. It’s a classic game, really. Keep your expectations reasonable, and I have little doubt you will have a terrific experience. This Bus Simulator City Ride cost me a cent, and I found it in one of those fancy denim stacks of games.

Speed limits and most major traffic laws mean nothing

Even more so, I won’t sugarcoat it: I thought it would be a terrible game. How fantastic could it possibly be in the future, since it came with like six other obscure games for less than $3? Now that I give it some thought, I have no clue why I bought the bundle; I must have been drunk.

However, after spending a few hours with “BBus Simulator City Ride,” I can confidently say that it is among the best replication games I have ever played. Furthermore, although it is a true reproduction, the Bus Simulator City Ride has the look and feel of an arcade game.

But it probably has an impact on the game’s aesthetics or atmosphere. Just picture “Insane Taxi,” only with a bus and some rules. Now, I know that rules don’t seem like the most fun thing ever, but the greatest part of this game is, you guessed it, sticking to the rules.

Your passengers scream for joy whenever you brake

Don’t forget to use your blinker; don’t jolt the tourists too much lest they abandon ship; don’t slow down too often; don’t slow down at all; etc. What I mean by this is obvious. The amazing, bus-consistent guidance is another great feature that might make the Bus Simulator City Ride challenging at times.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a bus driver, you should get this Bus Simulator City Ride while you still can. In addition, a few drinks before obtaining the regulator will make the game more fair. It was a pleasure to be behind the wheel in this bus simulator.

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 bundle cost $19.99 at the time of my purchase, and I added it to my library a few days later. As a vacation from work, this Bus Simulator City Ride is great, and the visuals aren’t bad. However, it’s not a very impressive simulator in the role of a game, and there’s no option to roam out on your own.

No speed boosts or power ups of any kind

You lose points for failing to use your turn signals while switching lanes, and the controls may be tricky in tight spaces, much as in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Since they don’t inform you by themselves, I recommend reviewing the controls before embarking on your most memorable assignment.

bus simulator city ride apk

Also, you have no say over where the camera points. In most cases, the camera works really well; however, when you’re driving through areas with plenty of trees, your vision may be obscured. The camera will change its position in an effort to aid the situation, but this usually makes matters worse.

The traffic lights themselves seem to have been altered, since they fail to stay green even if you’re approaching them.  When I’m driving in the city, it really annoys me when I’m travelling down an empty 5-lane roadway near a green light and the light suddenly turns yellow (for what seems like an infinitesimal fraction of a second) and then red. For disobeying a traffic light, you will lose 200 points.

No cops to stop you from driving like a complete maniac

Also, the simulated intelligence of the various cars you encounter isn’t as good as it may be, and they don’t seem to respond to your calls for help. Despite a few minor issues, I still believe this is a superb game by SCS Programming and recommend it.

In summary, the goals and timelines have changed, the roads are excellent, the rules for using public transportation are crucial, and artificial intelligence may be sensitive. Bus Simulator City Ride is the ideal time-waster if you’ve ever wanted to pretend you’re the driver of a bus without the hassle.

You pick up passengers and drop them off at their designated places while avoiding accidents and irate passengers in accordance with basic traffic regulations. Your final grade in this mission or course will reflect how well you performed in each of these areas.

You can turn from any lane at an intersection

This is what allows for the Bus Simulator City Ride’s replay value; after you’ve completed a course, you’ll have to do it again, hopefully this time without making any mistakes. You’ll be behind the wheel of authentic European and American buses in this game set in a nameless American city.

The map has a wide range of environments, from chilly and rugged regions to a bustling downtown full of high-rises, rural areas, a contemporary region, an airport, and a few massive expansions and tunnels. There is even a prison on the premises.

This really differentiates each task! At some point, you’ll be transporting employees from the suburbs to the city, and in the future, you’ll be transporting inmates while ignoring transit restrictions and following the directions of a helicopter.

Timer pressure

You drive kids to school on a school bus and take tourists from the airport to their hotels. There are a plethora of objectives to complete and a total of six “levels,” each of which becomes progressively more challenging as you go through more lengthy and populated pathways.

bus simulator city ride apk

Despite the great variety of missions, the core objective of each is the same: get people from point A to point B. That bus seems to be being moved with genuine muscle and determination on the driver’s part. You may also use a gambling wheel; however, I didn’t give it a try.

It’s likely that the driving itself will seem foreign at first, what with the slower-than-usual turning speeds and the seemingly endless distance required to come to a complete stop. Currently, a new mechanic known as overbraking has been introduced to the Bus Simulator City Ride.

Excellent driving simulation.

If you brake too hard, a bar will appear at the bottom of your screen, and the people on the bus will make a noise that will make your heart stop for a second, and you’ll lose some points. In this situation, it’s best to let off the gas gradually and slow down according to a predetermined strategy.

To me, this is a tomfoolery-inducing driving system, and the rewards for performing manoeuvres like a smooth turn or coming to a complete stop at a good speed without having to slam on the brakes or cross the centre line are substantial. A few real left- and right-wing viewpoints are what I miss the most.

While a careful check of both mirrors is possible, players often fail to provide sufficient attention to either their left or right sides. I have to put my faith in the fact that I won’t get run over by a car every time I step out into the street from a side stop.

Weather conditions.

At the moment, complying with transit restrictions is another major factor. Because of the available signals, you must make it clear when you are changing lanes. If you succeed, you’ll get some bonus points; otherwise, you’ll lose some.

The stoplights are another transportation rule that must be adhered to precisely. The Bus Simulator City Ride is intense in that you may cause the worst accident imaginable, yet you’ll still be penalised for going a whole metre past a red light.

And it’s somewhat of a bummer since your stopping distance is so far. So, if you look and find that the light is green, you should gamble on whether or not you will go through it quickly, hoping that it won’t turn red before you go through it.

There is no posted speed restriction, but unless you’re driving downhill, your bus probably can’t reach speeds of more than 50 miles per hour even if you want to. Even on the parkways, computer-based intelligence won’t be able to reach speeds much higher than around 40 mph, so it seems that speed is something that nobody in the city really enjoys.

Detailed cities, and highways.

How is your family out there faring? You seem to be the only vehicle on Earth that is powered by genuine energy; all the others are just paper. They’ll come to a quick halt, so leave a little space between your car and the one in front of you at the next stoplight.

Both of them suddenly picked up the pace. To accommodate your desired lane change, the artificial intelligence will halt its forward motion to let you safely cross over. But they may also be part of the problem by honking at you while the light is red or, even worse, by impacting you at full power when you’re attempting a turn.

Bus Simulator City Ride, or Bus Driver Gold as it’s officially called, is a re-creation game in which the player drives a bus on 36 different trips. Some of these trips are regular bus routes, while others involve driving students to and from school or inmates.

Fans of more recent bus driving games will find that this one lacks the depth they’re used to. However, the unique reward and punishment system included in this Bus Simulator City Ride adds a degree of difficulty while also enhancing the arcade feel.

Realisitic driving.

Also, obviously, you need to be trustworthy and keep an eye on the passengers’ happiness, which should be at an all-time high, or at least for as long as you are driving a prison bus. The visuals showcase the game’s 2007 release and Bus Simulator City Ride Gold’s harrowing encounters with artificial intelligence-generated traffic.

It takes a while to get used to the controls, especially when it comes to directing and slowing down the buses (I doubt this Bus Simulator City Ride includes support for directing wheels, since they wouldn’t match the aesthetic of the game in any case).

The reward and punishment structure may be annoying at times, such as when turning left in front of oncoming traffic and receiving a penalty. However, there are situations when really dangerous driving is not penalised.

Hours of gameplay.

While there are a few glaring gaps in the storyline and a significant amount of time has passed since the game’s release, the game’s level of detail is nothing to write home about. However, it should be noted that the book is rather large and offers a wide variety of topics.

The fact that this is the first and only bus recreation by SCS Programming adds a lot of intrigue to the Bus Simulator City Ride. Unlike the 18 Wheels of Steel series, which paved the way for great truck driving games like Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, this Bus Simulator City Ride never saw a sequel. Based on this, I have faith that SCS will ultimately release its own bus recreation.


I gave the Bus Simulator City Ride my stamp of approval because it presents a novel and impressive approach to the genre of bus driving games, one that allows for a casual flow of ongoing interaction while also challenging the player to achieve the highest possible score once the game’s ultimate goal has been accomplished. I’m sure SCS Programming has more plans for their bus driving simulations than just this one game.

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