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Butcher X – is a bone-chilling game where you are desperately trying to escape a psychopath. You have to be extremely cautious in order get away.

Your adventures begin in an abandoned hospital. In these frightening halls, you are forced to participate in the butcher’s bloody hunt. Only your paramount skills will allow you to avoid becoming a victim.

The butcher’s soul is filled with dark rage, his presence spreads oppressive fear and deadly horror. Try to shelter yourself from his gaze.

The Altar of Nightmare twisted the mind of the butcher, creating a dangerous lunatic. In order to satiate his dark master, the butcher is striking terror and dread into his victims.
Butcher X has many absorbing and scary quests that will keep you engaged throughout the game. Remember that even the slightest noise will attract the attention of your pursuer. Stealth and vigilance are key to survival in this bloodthirsty world of terror.


Run and Hide

The objects around you can be hiding places. The dreadful Butcher will not notice you in a wardrobe or under the table. Run as soon as you see the Butcher. The Butcher feels the fear, so he will chase you. Your fear will be your worst enemy during the whole game.

Solve riddles

Discover hidden passages and acquire keys to locked doors, all while evading the terrifying madman. Find a way to unlock the entrance door and escape before you get caught by the butcher.


One wrong move could lead to a terrible and painful death.
Do you like horror games? How did you find yourself in this creepy and dismal hospital? Look to the eyes of terror, save yourself from the bloodthirsty and frightening butcher that dragged you to this dark place. Your mission is to keep your sanity, overcome nightmare and find a way to escape this forsaken institution.

Distinguishing characteristics

– The harrowing atmosphere of a classic horror game
– Deadly horror butcher!
– Caution as a key to survival
– Frightening interactive environment with extensive exploration
– Enjoy the nerve-racking gameplay
– Unearth dark secrets
– Grim atmosphere
– Immersive story
– Realistic graphics

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