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CASE: Animatronics is a truly scary and challenging first-person stealth horror. Control of the police department is in the hands of an anonymous hacker. There’s no escape. The power has been shut off. There are metallic thumps getting closer. Will you survive, Detective Bishop?
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CASE Animatronics MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Life) – CASE Animatronics could be a free-wander terribleness game during which you, Minister, square measure caught within your PHQ with three dangerous robots: the Wolf, Feline, and raptor. Presently, I even have been trying to finish this game for quite a while, and you may scarcely believe: the sport is exceptionally Obscure. I was required to look at five advisers for notice that I needed to trace down a blue card in an exceedingly restroom/storage area to advance through the sport.


However, the foremost horrendously terrible half was the closure. Reason? This CASE Animatronics was scary and extreme. It can be in an exceedingly real sense, the “Five Night’s at Freddy’s” we tend to due but ne’er got. I won’t have any spoilers; nevertheless would possibly wish to debate the sport.

Within the event of robotics, you assume the part of John Minister, a cop WHO woke up from his night shift at a station in the wake of obtaining a decision from one of all his shoppers WHO desires “retribution.” Whereas it’s woolly-headed what it’s, you finish up among animatronic robots within the station trying to kill you, whereas this individual is dominant in them.

Survive and Hide

You have a pill to check up on the CCTV cameras, explore yourself across the station, and acquire by until half-dozen am. This game includes a raft of great minutes, jumpscares, and collectibles. The styles square measure adorable for low finish workstations like mine, and i was obtaining a swish in progress interaction at radical settings.

I’d 100% bring down this game to anyone who has partaken in the FNAF series. The last foe, the Owl, can as if by magic transport across the PHQ, and you want it’ll not as if by magic transport right behind you.

Solve Puzzles

I even have had that issue as if by magic transport behind American state twofold, one in all the time with my game stopped, whereas associate attempt} to lockpick an approach to advance through the sport.

From that time onward, the joke gets a great deal more challenging. You wish to induce within Jumpscare distance of the robotics and behind them to cause a few keycards; therefore, you’ll escape the PHQ. The robotics haphazardly become dynamic and deactivated through your inquiry.


  • 1. it’s that FNAF elements with relevancy are glancing at CCTV cams. Be that because it might, what is a lot you’ll likewise conceal below tables, within pantries, behind entryways, and then o
  • You’ll again activate and switch out lights (switching out lights won’t allow you to see through the cams since it is dim).
  • you wish to stay off from the robotics that is very surprising and pursue you around conjointly. It’s a good deal of jumpscares and is price encountering the terribleness.
  • This game was on a Christmas deal. I spent ₹34/ – that is exceptionally modest and cheap :]
  • This game doesn’t need a smart-quality laptop. I even have a coffee finish laptop and ran it swish on radical settings.
  • CASE Animatronics includes a ton of references to the FNAF series. Just like the person obtaining back at you named Scott (Scott Cawthon is the maker of FNAF), and also the episode of the “nibble of the 1987” (occurrence from the most FNAF game), and a pizza eatery motion down attributable to the robotics failing (Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria) and then forth.


  • I want this game to have a hunch button. Therefore we tend to keep one’s hands off the robotics by hunch strolling around tables and stuff.
  • I figure this game has to have a Department of Housing and Urban Development wherever you’re enlightened that area to travel in since i used to be exceptionally befuddled that area the subsequent endeavor is.
  • This game has to be compelled to have a clock. Since in one of all the missions, you wish to trust that the ventilation can activate.
  • However, there’s no clock to imply the time. Also, to let the player recognize once it is going to be half-dozen am.

CASE Animatronics is that the consequence of the 5 Evenings at Freddy’s pattern of game preoccupied the present purpose that it turns into one thing altogether, albeit continued as before pitching at intervals. Attempt not to rummage around for a convincing story or sound recording here.

How to Play

All things being equal, center a lot around the mischief of your perverted automaton foes, which can hunt down several alarming and creaking approaches to following you down the passages of a station. The illustrations are not particularly terrible nor square measure.

They are honestly attention-grabbing to see with a precise goal in mind out. The goals square measure genuinely simple and usually comprise of going from purpose A to purpose B, thanks strolling take a look at system range x.


CASE Animatronics can instead guarantee to own tight animatronic plans and mechanics, sufficiently intriguing to irritate you for the pleasurable to endure somewhat longer and provides some great investigated strain. An excellent token spherical of minimal degree will advantage your money, even though i might exhort to not expect a great deal from it.

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- Errors and crashes fixes


Version Size Requirements Date
1.53 133M 4.4 and up -
1.43 131M 4.4 and up 21/08/2021
1.42 124M 4.4 and up 20/07/2021

  • When you log in to the game, it is enough to look at the amount of life.
  • Also, boring ads have been removed.

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