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Cat Museum is a surreal 2D side-view puzzle adventure where you explore a museum full of cats and other peculiar creatures while dreaming you're somewhere else entirely. You look for distinct indicators that will assist you in uncovering the truth about the hero's childhood experiences and join in the adventure by connecting with your mischievous cat pal, engaging in its lively organisation as you progress.
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Version 1.1.1
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Date Update 10-Aug-2022
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Introduction to Cat Museum: A Surreal 2D Puzzle Adventure

Cat Museum is a surreal 2D side-view puzzle adventure where you explore a museum full of cats and other peculiar creatures while dreaming you’re somewhere else entirely. You look for distinct indicators that will assist you in uncovering the truth about the hero’s childhood experiences and join in the adventure by connecting with your mischievous cat pal, engaging in its lively organisation as you progress.

Cat Museum APK

Exploring the Museum Full of Cats and Peculiar Creatures

The game combines aesthetically breathtaking reinterpreted art works that take players on a fantasy journey, where they must seek for clues to find the truth behind the protagonist’s strange origins. While players go to the museum, they have to deal with their naughty cat, who goes with them.Together, they must solve puzzles, explore the strange and interesting world of the museum, and find the horrible truth that is hidden below.

Uncovering the Truth Behind the Hero’s Childhood Experiences

The game’s premise centres on a museum set in the middle of nowhere, guarded by a mysterious cat. The protagonist suddenly becomes the museum’s manager and sets out to fix it. Along the journey, he finds secret clues and solves riddles while dealing with his naughty kitty friend. As he dives further into the museum’s mysteries, he starts to recall a weird and distant childhood memory of loud shouts, a blood-red sky, and a faint breathing sound under a wardrobe.

Joining in the Adventure with Your Mischievous Cat Pal

He understands that something horrific is hiding beneath the museum’s walls and must overcome his anxieties to learn the truth. The prologue gives a free experience to users, giving them a sample of the game’s graphic style and gameplay. If they like what they see in Cat Museum and want to know what happens next, they may buy the complete game and continue their bizarre journey.

Aesthetically Breathtaking Reinterpreted Artworks

The real plot might appear to be pleasant and colourful from the start, but it nevertheless turns out to be quite surprising and heartbreaking. The hero evidently is managing damage associated with particular incidents in his existence as a youngster, and the place and images are repercussions of that hurt in the kid’s brain. When looking for something simple to play, the puzzle arrangement was extremely simple and basic, quick to figure out and not overly concerning.

Cat Museum APK

Solving Puzzles and Finding Clues in the Strange and Interesting World of the Museum

There are certain chasing scenarios that add a touch of loathing to the mix, but all at once, in any event, it’s a pretty calm game. Despite appearing to be highly designed and planned, the cats managed to be endearing, attractive, and, in some cases, disturbing. The ending and a few other parts of the story caused me to destruct slightly, so it’s definitely meaningful.It’s a game that I would prescribe to other people; just know that certain symbols may be really unpleasant and that it’s not a fantastic match for everyone.

Overcoming Anxieties to Learn the Horrible Truth

Two of my favourite things, horrible nightmares and cute kittens, collide in this healthy point-and-click adventure.I genuinely despise the game, and it’s because you need to hold down the mouse to move, yet beyond that, it’s an altogether enjoyable plot with good images.

Pleasant and Colourful Plot with Surprising and Heartbreaking Twists

I would agree that an hour and a half of content with a couple of discretionary accomplishments, practically every location having a one-of-a-kind plan with fascinating characters, extremely innovative and cordial riddles, and a shockingly respectable story made me even drop a couple of tears towards the end. I felt the game’s completion went on for like 30 minutes, which is decent for that conclusion, and I thought they progressed from dim representations into the confident end well overall.

Cat Museum APK

Endearing, Attractive, and Sometimes Disturbing Cats

It’s a point-and-click with almost no retracing; in fact, 40% of the game consists of intuitive puzzles, with little emphasis on obtaining items.I’m happy to report that I actively participated in the game’s riddle strategy; the game strikes a good balance between difficulty and novelty, with the most difficult riddle taking me no more than a single second to solve.

Good Images and Creative and Friendly Puzzles

I suppose I should specify that the game is kind of straight; you actually do get to explore a bit when moving between the levels, but typically, the inquiry is pretty constrained, which isn’t really anything horrible, and I believe the game works successfully in attempting not to confuse targets.

Straightforward Gameplay with Limited Exploration

I honestly despise clever puzzles where you need to connect or move things on the screen, although in this game, these components didn’t seem clunky or excessively difficult. There are certain beast encounters when you’ll need to stow away, but there’s no need to worry; they are quite simple or common, and I never had to give up (I assume I included like 3 getaways altogether).


  1. I was following the story from beginning to end, and I think you did a genuinely amazing job with the ending, and I love all of the setting while reuniting with the characters.
  2. Each area had something new to offer in terms of sights; there was little retracing, so you always got something new.Some visually and thematically interesting characters
  3. Simple riddles are not a scam in my opinion, and I believe you struck a good balance between producing something inventive and easy to follow.
  4. The majority of the hints were obvious; the only one I missed was the manikin problem, which I unknowingly handled.
  5. Some achievement assistance with discretionary undertakings

Gameplay and Puzzle Difficulty

I don’t want to go into specific criticisms.The main little issue is that you need to go for the gold-snap growth as opposed to holding down the button, despite this game, probably for the following: I wish you had a couple of burden focuses just to get the successes.If you don’t want to include save slots, you could always include some secret content; I’m guessing it would be easier to implement than actual save slots.

Cat Museum APK

I’m not a ‘cat person,” thus I don’t often select games with cat subjects. Be that as it may, the exquisite art in the Cat Museum fascinated me, and it was marked down. Second, I had enjoyed playing Life Display, a previous game created by similar engineers.After completing the game, all I can say is “Goodness!” At face value, it is the tale of a youngster and a cat discovering a weird museum.

With craftsmanship in the frightening manner of a Neglected Slope game (though with lively variants) and a distinctive music track, this game is a treat to play. The puzzles range from easy to very challenging, with the latter requiring pinpoint precision. There are no voiceovers, and there is only a small amount of writing to comprehend when tapping on objects designated for evaluation.

Game Controls and Saving System

Because not all critical issue areas are examined, there is some scrolling around to find a way to proceed when there are no obvious alternatives. The game utilises simply the mouse (snap and hold to move the individual, snap to drag and drop stock, and double tap to associate). It took me a few seconds to figure out how to play since there are no instructions on the controls.

The game subsequently saves at a lone opening, and it is essentially impossible to retry a riddle or pursue your approaches for a lost achievement. Thus, achievement trackers are probably going to wind up expecting to play through at least a number of times. A narrative begins to take shape as you wander aimlessly around the most intriguing of museums. To stay away from spoilers, I will just say that it made me extremely angry at the end. It starts as a gorgeous sight with problems and develops into a really affecting, diverse experience.

If you love cats or video games, you shouldn’t miss this quick (it can be completed in less than 3 hours) and sentimental adventure. Anyone who is even a little bit interested in art will enjoy looking at the Cat Museum’s reimagined versions of famous works of art. An up in some weird child cat museum; it’s brief but intriguing. It’s a good experience overall, so don’t discount it too quickly. There are some unexpected sights and simple puzzles.

Narrative and Emotional Experience

The kitties are the main attraction, of course. There are so many of them, they make the cutest noises, come in all shapes and sizes, and do the craziest things; it’s hard to imagine not being a cat person. In addition, when you factor in that their magic is blended with a terrible environment, you end up with something quite peculiar. I’m relieved to see how hard the developers worked to ensure each area felt distinct from the last, as if the player were exploring a real museum housing works in varying states of preservation.

The answers to these riddles, which are all intrinsically linked to the weather, are easy to find if you put in the time and effort. Even if covertness incidents occasionally undermine the class-typical level of involvement, this is unlikely to be a deal-breaker.The game is fantastic; the survey turned out to be short, but I really want to assist the creators, so I wish you the best of success with your future endeavours.

I started this game with no idea what to expect other than puzzles and small kittens.The more I looked at it, the more it scared and interested me at the same time.The craftsmanship, animals, puzzles, and senses were all of exceptional quality, and everything worked out in the end. To say that this game took me to tears is putting it gently.  As I put all the pieces of the puzzle together and saw the memories and photos, it struck me right in the feels.

Art and Design of the Cat Museum

The things the ghosts say make me so sad to think about now. This game’s message was presented in a way that made it impossible for me to see the game being completed, much less completed so beautifully.  Playing this game will give you a glimpse of the ugliness and odd brilliance that coexist in the world. I have no idea whether the people who helped create this game will ever read my review, since I’m sure they receive hundreds every day, but if by some miracle you do, thank you very much.

Thank you so much for the effort you put into making this game. Everything, from the craftsmanship to the motions, lighting, and music.You earn a display of approval and good health. I pray that the departed might find peace at last. I enjoy short point-and-snap games, although they are sometimes all excellent, sometimes not so nice. It takes a lot of skill to create a compelling narrative, a compelling hook, and enjoyable gameplay in a game that can be completed in under two hours.

Almost everything in the Cat Museum is correct.The only things missing are a narrative and a real emotional investment. Although the game’s unusual style and emphasis on puzzle-solving make it more interesting than pixel hunting, its exceptional craftsmanship highlights even the smallest details. That the narrative makes no sense is glaringly clear. Storyboards with abstract illustrations tell the tale.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

I just realised you might be dreaming, and your imagined cat museum is actually full of wild creatures in need of rescue.You want rare eggs, but I could only find regular ones. That appears to be too good to be true.It’s fantastic because the game doesn’t need any brainpower to figure out. The child may be controlled by clicking about, and there are icons representing eyes for exploring and hands for talking.

Any possible combination between these hand symbols furthers the game. Games that require the player to do unconventional actions in order to reveal clues include jigsaw puzzles, slider puzzles, games of a shorter duration than usual, and the like. Since there is always one article in each place to talk to, either to solve a mystery or advance the tale, it’s hard to get stuck in this game. The insanity of the art style is the most impressive part of this game.

Twisted people, gore, all-natural fluids, and demented beast schemes: this is everything a child’s nightmare is made of.At any rate, it’s gorgeous and bustling with life even now. Although Cat Museum’s setting and environment were immediately appealing to me, the game’s hour-and-a-half length prevented me from engaging in any meaningful worldbuilding. The conversation is reduced to two or three lines per person, and none of it matters.

Unusual Puzzles and Mini-games

There are a few instances when you’ll wish to flee from a monster, but you’ll always just be able to go to the furthest corner of the same area, so there’s no actual challenge there. In a nutshell, not much can be said about this game. This is a cheap and interesting exhibition of art, but it doesn’t provide much more than that. I like the unusual puzzles and mini games, but the beast blueprints are so amazing that I had to get them. Initially, I’ve solely come to engage in various cats in light of the fact that I’m just a cat sweetie.

Then, after the initial flash of enlightenment showed and morphed quickly into a frivolous firecracker show of disclosures, I stayed for the bizarre and imaginative scenes, “characters,” and completely odd climate overflowing out of every inch of computer-generated material. And it was entertaining, truly, to take a look at those new animals, to laugh about how strange everything was, and to simply jump further into this particular oddity show.

Not really a riddle game, as most of the puzzles are straightforward, and the game offers help throughout most of them. Several of the puzzles were more challenging than others, but only because they were so tedious to read and complete. Likewise, it’s not a really terrifying game, unless you can’t set off your alarm. Since it is an interaction, one I will not forget, and because I like games that leave an indelible impression on the player, I recommend it.

The Bizarre and Imaginative World of the Cat Museum

A word of warning, though: if you hate depressing movies and books, you won’t like this game. I’d also like to thank the people who gave me a break while we debated the need for a trigger warning in this game. When you first come out of the womb and into the real world, nobody gives you a stern lecture on how to handle things. At the point that you think of unexpected, however important, riches, you are likely pondering pearls that are covered up, and that is fair.

Whatever your reasoning may be, I think you should visit the Cat Museum. There are a lot of cats at the museum, but there are also a lot of grotesqueries that are either real works by the great surrealists or look like their work.The game’s design is masterfully macabre, and since it’s so linear, you can go through it at your own pace, taking your time to admire the scenery as you move from one very simple puzzle to the next (though sometimes it’s not quite apparent what the point of doing so is).

The Masterfully Macabre Design of a Linear Game

It’s fine, though, because it accurately describes the original game.The story moves through it like a resident of the museum, peeping through cracks and offering glimpses of what disturbing things lurk just beyond your gaze. Imagine… or maybe recall. Just what the Cat Museum is may be less of a mystery than its very existence. The cats can’t be trusted to spill the beans on how you got here, which could be a bigger mystery.

Yet maybe there aren’t any secrets at all, and the cats are just there to keep us company while we continue along the same route we always have.  Just a fluffy little friend hanging around nearby, a muttering psychopomp, observing us with the wisest of eyes and saying, “You people… Actually could remain cheery until you’re fully gone, would you?” This is a surreal and beautifully illustrated gaming experience.I have had much pleasure in playing this unexpected work due to its engrossing music.

Appreciation for the Game Developers

That was puzzling enough to make me question what was going on, but not so puzzling that I couldn’t articulate my confusion. It’s the perfect blend of narrative and mission, and I have faith that the developers will continue to expand their library to include more games like this one.

Although I haven’t fully understood the situation, I have a hunch that it will turn out to be something in the child’s mind, perhaps a persistent nightmare brought on by an unresolved trauma.As a cat was clearly either a friend or foe in that era, all the action takes place inside the Cat Museum, which features some of the most disturbing exhibits imaginable.


Q: What is Cat Museum?
A: Cat Museum is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure game that invites players to immerse themselves in a surreal world of classical artwork and strange puzzles. Players must solve puzzles and navigate through the museum’s bizarre and curious world to uncover the truth behind the protagonist’s mysterious childhood.

Q: What platforms is Cat Museum available on?
A: Cat Museum is currently available on PC through Steam.

Q: Can I play Cat Museum for free?
A: Yes, the prologue of Cat Museum is available for free on Steam. If you want to continue your adventure and find out what happens next, you can purchase the full game.

Q: What is the story of Cat Museum?
A: The story of Cat Museum revolves around a museum situated in the middle of nowhere, guarded by a mysterious cat. The protagonist unexpectedly becomes the museum’s manager and sets out to repair it. Along the way, he uncovers hidden clues and solves puzzles while dealing with his mischievous feline companion. As he delves deeper into the museum’s secrets, he begins to remember a surreal and distant childhood memory of deafening cries, a blood-red sky, and a faint breathing sound beneath a wardrobe. He realizes that something monstrous is lurking within the museum’s walls and must face his fears to uncover the truth.

Q: What are the features of Cat Museum?
A: Cat Museum features a surreal 2D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure gameplay, visually stunning reimagined classical artwork, search for strange clues that help you revealed the truth of the protagonist’s childhood, interactive gameplay with a mischievous cat, and a bizarre and curious world that transports players into a fantastical adventure.

Q: Can I play Cat Museum with a friend?
A: No, Cat Museum is a single-player game.

Q: Is there a demo version of Cat Museum available?
A: Yes, the prologue of Cat Museum is available for free on Steam, which serves as a demo of the game.

Q: Is Cat Museum suitable for children?
A: Cat Museum is rated T for Teen by ESRB, and it may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 due to mild violence and horror elements. Parents or guardians should use their discretion when deciding if it’s appropriate for their child.


It’s fascinating to me that I can buy a cheap game right after it comes out and end up with something even better, but it’s clear that you put a lot of work into this setting. For me, the start was a little late, but you really drove the point home as much as possible. Excellent summary. I enjoyed it from start to finish; it looked great, had some solid puzzles, and included interesting characters.



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