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Chameleon Run is a unique, fast and challenging autorunner with a colorful twist. Jump, switch and run through expertly crafted levels that will have you running back for more.
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December 14, 2021
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Chameleon Run APK (MOD, Full Version Game)Chameleon Run is a uniquely fast and exciting auto-runner with a vibrant twist. Run, jump, and switch through carefully designed levels that will keep you coming to the next level. The goal is to change color to correspond to the ground’s color as you leap and run across platforms. It sounds easy. But think twice!

I’ve never understood the appeal or value of runners, and the Chameleon Run APK is the only game I’ve played following bit. Trip runners: Since I couldn’t get much done in that game (I still enjoyed it initially), I was expecting to see something similar here.

Since the only thing you have to do is jump and switch to two colors to match the object’s color that you’re near to touching, it’s a lot easier to play. However, it’s not easy. Holding the jump button (up the arrow on the controller or keyboard) will allow you to jump further; double jumping is also an option, as is the left arrow, which it can utilize to switch colors.


The best part is that hitting an obstacle isn’t always a failure. However, you might be able to maneuver around. There are 30 levels spread across four worlds that it can unlock one at a time. However, you’ll be required to make multiple times to accomplish each objective and earn three stars.

The first one includes two types of collectibles. The colorless switch will be accessible for the level in question when they’re completed. After you’ve completed this, this game secret star is revealed on every level, which serves as an additional goal. You get one chameleon when you complete these, and you’ll need 35 total to unlock each level.

Regarding the star rating, it’s based on time. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll advance at first since finishing objectives will give you speed boosts and unlock more blocks to the levels by creating alternative paths and shortcuts. However, it’s still not an issue to get three stars for everything.

And while memorization can be effective in most cases, levels toward the final stages randomly alter the color of some sections; therefore, you shouldn’t be relying only on memory.

Story And Missions

The presentation is fantastic with smooth graphics and excellent music that didn’t make me feel ill and non-annoying sound effects, but when you play the game the first time, you are immediately thrown into the action. I kept going through level after level, which is why I only got to the main menu that had the options when I needed to stop.

Different volume controls and flip buttons are accessible; however, I’d rather both arrows switched on their own. When your game is not successful, restart is instantaneous with no loading time, an important feature for games such as this. However, I would like to see also a hotkey to restart using ESC, and then selecting restart can be painful. It’s also irritating that there’s an option to use a mouse. However, it does nothing or disappears during play.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not an expert on runners. I didn’t focus on the various goals (the stars are more insane than the others) neither did I get more than two 2-star ratings and zero 3 stars whatsoever. However, I had a lot of fun and was able to conquer and complete every level that I could, which is more than I’d hoped for. It is recommended to runners or anyone who wants to experience something new outside their zone.

Graphics and Sound

Chameleon Run APK is the Best smartphone game I’ve ever played! (I’ve had fun playing Android games since I got the Motorola Droid back in 2009). Simple idea, but difficult to master. Simple controls fluid and responsive smooth and smooth and clean GUI great performance, amazing animations, and levels Levels are quick and sweet.

They restart immediately after the failure, and multiple goals for each level provide an incredible replay value. Different gameplay techniques are added as you progress. And most importantly: I am impressed with the way that the game functions. It is a lot of fun; however, it can be confusing.

Pros: A fresh and original game, a very quick-paced, fun idea using the color switch and the jump head.

Cons: Only three large chapters, with 5-9 levels. As the higher level, the more difficult it becomes,

Features Of Chameleon Run APK

  • Speedy running with jumping and changing colors
  • Fun jumping mechanics like “double jump” and “head jump.”
  • Pixel perfect physics
  • Super smooth, stylish, and vibrant graphics
  • Non-linear levels, with 3 objectives specific to each
  • Try to beat the fastest time at every level
  • Two-button controls that are simple to use

It’s an amusing little runner with extremely polished gameplay and carefully designed levels. It is easy to play but difficult to master. I’ve spent a lot of time playing and enjoyed achieving all the objectives and the different goals within the levels.

A fun running game that has lots of additional challenges for those interested. It shouldn’t take too much time to win the game, though the final two levels are quite difficult. The best part for me is that additional parts of each level become available as you accomplish the goals in them. It’s fun to complete every challenge and do speed runs to beat your best time.


I was concerned that these worlds would prove to be hard to master; however, since you can unlock faster routes with every challenge, they are similar to the previous two worlds after you’ve put in the effort to tackle the tasks.

The Chameleon Run APK is an app for mobile, but it runs well and looks great. It is possible to change the settings and use alt-tab differently from traditional PC games. The controls are straightforward. However, the game can be quite difficult. These two elements go well with the relatively brief level (no checkpoints) to create an enjoyable game.

This game’s difficulty curve is fairly reasonable, and it’s fascinating to replay previous levels while learning the techniques you’ll learn later on. I’m not a fan of the platforms have their colors randomized in a few of the higher levels. It is not appropriate in a game focused on the importance of practice, precision, and finding the most efficient routes.


There were a few minor issues with the leaderboards occasionally not loading after submitting (completing the level over and over again typically solved it) and fans occasionally not working properly. None of these problems interfere with the gameplay. I got the Chameleon Run APK through the game’s creator (or the publisher?) via SG. Thanks!

One aspect I’m not sure that the game told me, even though it’s quite possible that like the fact that you can press the jump button in a fan to jump higher. It is vital for certain difficulties, and, unfortunately, you can’t review the suggestions again.

If you’re not aware, for instance, that you can boost your score when you change color just before reaching a platform, obtaining three stars is much more difficult. In that regard, don’t go for three stars until you’ve completed the four challenges of a fundamental level since each level adds new methods to speed up your progress.


The style is adorable and cool and has a subtle impression of psychedelic, though it’s fairly basic in its base. The controls are precise and responsive, and the moves are very satisfying. You must perform lengthy distance leaps, stunts, or jumps on certain levels that are extremely enjoyable. The overall design of the levels is very good, with plenty of variation to keep players entertained.

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