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You can use the free programme Clap to Find My Phone to sound the device's location with a clap of your hands.When you can't remember where you put your phone, this app comes in handy. It has features such as an electric light that may be turned on in the event of an emergency.
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Jan 17, 2023
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You can use the free programme Clap to Find My Phone to sound the device’s location with a clap of your hands. When you can’t remember where you put your phone, this app comes in handy. It has features such as an electric light that may be turned on in the event of an emergency.

a streak alarm on notice and SMS, an SMS and guest name talker, call blocking, battery level warning, and PIN security. If you instal the Don’t Touch My Phone app, you may get a notification each time someone picks up your phone. With this cell phone locator software, you can personalise alert tones to help you track down your lost device.

tutorial on how to use the Clap to Find My Phone app.

  • Please don’t get too flustered trying to track down my cell phone. The whole cycle length was formerly included in the “Clap to Find” data tag. It can be found at this location:
  • Start by activating the feature by clicking the “Find My Phone” button.
  • Utilize the Enable Switch. You may use this feature now.
  • Under “Settings,” you can change how often the alarm goes off, how long the warning lasts, and how fast the lights flicker.
  • Optionally, choose your preferred atmosphere by clicking the “Pick Tone” button.
  • 5. You may adjust the frequency and responsiveness of your phone’s identification from 1 to 10 based on the weather.
  • The duration of the glow may be adjusted from 50 to 1500 milliseconds.6.

Particulars of this application include:

  • If you lose your phone, clap your hands.
  • Choose any ringtone as a starting point to locate your phone.
  • The #flashlight has a strobe or signal that may be adjusted in a variety of ways.
  • # Indicate the source of power for the streak warning.

Default DND time setting: #

  • # Framework for Talkers with Guest Name
  • Every text message you send and receive could be overheard by anyone.
  • # Change the conversational tone’s volume.
  • More stringent phone security settings

Clap to Find My Phone’s essential features make it easy to locate your phone in any environment:

Lost Phone:

This section is where you’ll discover the options for using claps to locate your phone. It has four different labels: Clap To Find, Whistle To Find, Don’t Touch, and Pocket Mode. Through Find My Phone, you’re able to toggle the functionality and settings of your lost device on and off. To set an alarm, go to option 2. There are three default tones to choose from, and you can also access your phone’s storage by pressing the “Pick tone from phone” button.

Patterned alerts and do-not-disturb settings:

If you want a heads-up about incoming calls or texts, you may enable streak alerts from the menu. There are two switch options here, one for phone calls and one for text messages. The user may adjust the brightness, the amount of warning, the frequency of flickering, and the number of streaks.

Put a stop to the call.

The Clap to Find My Phone app has a built-in blocklist where you can enter any phone number or create a custom blacklist.

SMS Broadcaster Name and Guest Name:

The person whose decision you were informed of or whose SMS you received is shown below. Prefixes and suffixes, as well as SMS preferences and speech rates, are all customizable.

Low Battery and Charging Warning:

Whether your phone is connected to or disconnected from the charger, you have the ability to set the mood. When the battery drops below the user’s preset threshold, an alert is triggered. It also allows you to use a PIN security system to keep your phone secure even while charging.

Please don’t mess with my phone.

Use the “Don’t Touch” feature to be notified whenever your phone is touched by another user. Controls for brightness, tone, PIN security, and volume are among the highlights.

Access Permissions, Primarily Useful:

  • Permission to Answer Calls is used to silence numbers that have been added to the app’s internal blocklist. (for versions of Android earlier than 8.0).
  • Read Phone Status: Allow this app to read your phone’s status (for streak warnings during approaching calls) in order to find out the status of any ongoing call.
  • Tight Spot Availability Administration: This permission is used in the app in order to track user devices for the purpose of receiving alerts about potential security breaches.
  • Join the Clap To Find My Phone family by installing this app and filling out a short survey.

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