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Become the chef of your own restaurant in a fun time management game! Cooking Diary is the cooking game loved and supported by players around the world! Caution: this game can cause real culinary fever!
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Cooking Diary MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)Turn into the Chef professional of your restaurant during a blast usage game! Change of state Journal is the change of state game idolized and upheld by players everywhere on the planet! Alert: this game will cause cooking fever!

Cooking Diary Interactivity

The mission daily is separated into three stages, starting with the design. It ought to be committed to displacement and preparing fixings. Many things, like dishes and veggies, maybe get too quickly from the storage space, and there’s a compelling reason to be compelled to stress over them. Any developed hardware and things, for example, flavors or fluids, ought to be purchased from the crates that act as stores, with their alternative menu. 


As this cycle is also terribly tedious, addressing it throughout this era is prudent. Toward the beginning, there are often around five orders to end over the day. The recipes are dedicated to reality fixings wise, but changes in state times have weakened the sport. There is a different change of state stations, for example, the essential kitchen appliance, stoves, food mixers, and fryers alongside an ideal proportion of hardware varieties. 

Change of state stations is restricted to those all around place within the room. However, further apparatuses may be purchased whenever from the crate. The stations have their strength, and once some are used, they must fasten them. It consumes a while and money. However, as luck would have it, they do not break oft, and many benefits will assist with limiting the encumbrance.

The story, Exchange and Characters

Every food request is shown on the screens at the center room island and provides the instruction, yet because the time left to end it. Many tasks expected for the arrangements of the dishes are to chop, cowl with flavors, bubble, broil heat, or collect the fixings. Because the game advances, new recipes are opened.

Every serving is passed judgment on in sight of the fixings coherency and change of state strategy following those on the instruction, on the off likelihood that a dish is not plated accurately, it’ll not be acknowledged.

After the serving stage comes to the improvement, which is also utilized to purge the instrumentality and pots, improve the flavors, order the room with a wipe and a story mop, and discard the trash. It will likewise act as AN enlargement of the design stage. Every day closes with AN encounter, distinction, and money precis. Expertise levels are utilized to amass valuable talents, and a few stories have many benefits.

Take a look at the Cooking system.

The purpose once the eatery is at long last ready to accomplish the subsequent infamy stage, a cooking initiate passes judgment on a serving of food. If the take a look is fruitful, it substantially increments the recognition level and permits accomplishing an extra class, giving the player a touch prize too.

The higher the excellence level, the additional difficulty the continuing interaction gets, increasing request quantity throughout a functioning day. Contrary to the mission mode, recipes and fixings open incessantly, and the player is provided with issues accessible within the game, yet as infinite money.

Seeing that enormous variety of fixings is genuinely rousing and permits a fundamental change of state creative liberty. It cannot pass the dishes in here judgment on except if the player chooses an instruction to follow and serve. As there’s no tension by any stretch of the imagination, this mode permits a high-level game investigation with extra unsafe exercises.

Graphics and Sound

Supported by a dart target safeguard, the player will participate in some blade agitated. A tacky note on the broiler proposes the foremost splendid thought within the game – “I will not at any purpose place a hearth quencher within the stove!” is what it says, but the frier works equally as fine!

On the off likelihood that the containers unknowingly find yourself on the open kitchen appliance hearth, they’re going to consume and cause an excellent response with the gas canisters to place all around the room, setting the ground burning, which can create the fireplace suppression framework enact.

It would not be an actual look at the system, while not the windows, screens, and AC units breaking too – precisely what’s needed for the degree of disappointment bound recipes will provide. Screen capture of the change of state takes a look at the system


  • unbelievably thoroughgoing food and hardware arrangement.
  • sixty-seven authentic recipes to find out and cook.
  • Advantage and experience framework could be an excellent plan for the sport.
  • Most things are actual articles that will be emotional, pivoted, tossed, and connected with the climate.
  • Interactivity is not restricted to a mission but also provides a sandbox mode.
  • unimaginable thought for every a part of the room work, as well as improvement and appointing individual fixings their change of state times.
  • every work day is separated into three stages for ideal effectiveness.
  • probably infinite long periods of folly.


  • Minor crash problems.
  • Requirements above, no matter, is recorded as least to run it simply with most reduced settings conceivable.
  • Minor issues with controls not being as comfortable as attainable.


A cooking check system could be an essential look at strategy, a mission, and a sandbox mode—complete storage space and room with stoves and flammable, unsafe materials. Strive not to try this at home! The illustrations are pretty and intensely definite, minimum setting all the food appearance sensible outside and within.

By merely taking a goose at it, the player will verify what kind of change of state it’s skilled. The climate is exceptionally satisfying and similar, as well. An integral beneficial screen capture framework stops the sport and permits the player to require the screen capture from the foremost ideal purpose and distance.


There are many music soundtracks to decide on, yet no music by any stretch of the imagination. Each one of them performs praiseworthily as a foundation commotion. Additionally, room sounds are all around created and advocate what is going on within the frying pan, coordinative the souse.

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Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB, and put in the given path:
Android → obb

How to install OBB?

ᐉ To avoid being banned from the game, play without an internet connection!

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