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The Crashmetal Mod Apk is fantastic; however, there are lots of bugs. Occasionally, when I'm on the page for performance upgrades
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Android 5.0+
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Package Name CrashMetal MOD APK v2.0
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.0
Size 200M
Requirements Android 5.0+
Last Update Dec 06, 2023
Date Update No update available
Verified AppSecure Verified
Average Rating 5.0/5
Page Views 23,238
Downloads 4,648
Comments Enabled Yes
Supported Platforms Android

The Crashmetal Mod Apk is fantastic; however, there are lots of bugs. Occasionally, when I’m on the page for performance upgrades, I try pressing the escape button; however, it does not function, and I need to close the game and then reopen it to get it working. Also, when you enter the drift area, it is impossible to access other events when the timer for drift mode is over, which means you’ll have to go back to the garage before returning to the Map to join other races. 

Also, there is a problem with “Name too short” while trying to connect to multiplayer is that you are unable to change your name, so it was a little disappointing. The graphics are fantastic; however, the game’s gameplay can be challenging initially, but you get used to it quickly, while the racing is fun but repetitive.

There are many options for customization with regards to parts, performance, paint, and camber. It has two different types of driving “normal” and “drift” drift can be enabled via the pause menu in free roam.

Thank you for taking down the billboards with no purpose! We’re excited to see what’s going to be added shortly! In a race, it would be helpful to highlight that the track on the Map is beneficial to plan turns instead of needing the race lines or arches to plan the next turn.

I am enjoying having fun playing the game. It has fantastic graphics, doesn’t require any extravagant rig, and has cars that I’ve played and know.

Features Of Crashmetal Mod Apk

But then suddenly, I cannot start events because the prompt on the screen disappears occasionally, I’m. It’s not clear why, but I cannot see any button that maps to events to enter or exit in the control screen, and the Map occasionally remains on screen but will not go away until I hit buttons.

Other than the odd problems that recently came up, I’d still recommend the thrash metal. I’m just hoping that the developers resolve the start game glitch. I’ve been reading about the situation where players cannot purchase their first vehicle, and the Crashmetal Mod Apk will be unplayable upon launch, and it’s been happening for quite a while until now. 

(Btw I’m not sure of how to modify the headlight design and color as shown in these images here.) Also, you can try including more upgrade options for your handling or even a brand new section of the Map that is simply a long stretch of road to ensure you can check your speed instead of trying to slow down only to avoid bends) I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and hoped to get more information from the coming updates :)

The Crashmetal Mod Apk is excellent for the price, and when they keep adding more features to the game, this could be the next big thing. It has that NFSU2 feeling, and personalization is fantastic, and the range of cars (small choice) isn’t huge, but it’s not bad…it is a must-play game for any racer or JDM car enthusiast also. It’s much fun at a reasonable price. I recommend this game at 8/10. It only requires just a few things. I hope that I can see you playing online.

In Depth Review Of Crashmetal Mod Apk

This Crashmetal Mod Apk recognizes what is. What you get for $5 is an acceptable cost. It’s a good game with a unique environment. A better controller interface would be a great feature. Adding a “mirror” button for text would be awesome and ensure that the text on the other side of the car doesn’t go reverse. 

The music fits perfectly with the overall theme. A tiny minor nitpick. IDK what licensing process this game is done, and Honda’s might be interesting if feasible. Because I mean, come on. How do you play a JDM car game with no S2K or an NSX? In the interest of having improved controller support, Why is “B” the pause button? I think being able to customize our control settings will be helpful in the overall game.

PS: once you reach level 12, you can earn 120k in credit, which means you’ll be able to max out your car in a matter of minutes! nice touch

It’s very unorganized and unfulfilling. I’ve noticed that you’re posting updates, and I am incredibly pleased with the new vinyl you made available.

We need more waifus as well as cars. ;) The scenery and Map need a complete overhaul as every road and place seem empty, and it’s the same regardless of where you are on the Map, and the missions.

I am impressed by the overall vibe and the vision of this Crashmetal Mod Apk. I’m hoping you’ll continue to help the game and help make it better.

At the moment, the game is quite attractive, but should I say in the blank? It’s worth giving it a shot If you enjoy JDM or drifting.

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Version Size Requirements Date
1.0.95 200M Android 5.0+ -

Applied Patches

  1. When you log in to the game, it is enough to look at your money.
  2. When you log in to the game, it is enough to look at the amount of fuel.
  3. All vehicles in the game are unlocked.