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Crazy Chef (MOD, Unlimited Money) - A NEW FREE COOKING games and CHEF games! Feel the COOKING CRAZE in FAST TAP, COOK and SERVE. Partake in the cooking frenzy
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Crazy Chef Food Truck Game MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Cook, Serve is your typical food truck game. Rather than tending to tables and clearing checks, you’re even more a line cook who possesses a little eatery in a business tower. Your principal objective is to accomplish what each gourmet specialist needs, a five-star restaurant. Every day, clients request off your adaptable menu, and you prep and cook their food by stirring things up around town keys to everything, for example, ‘L’ to include lettuce in a burger.


It sounds somewhat straightforward; however, it can unquestionably become testing when the clock is ticking, and clients are fretful. Toward the finish of every day, you get a report of how you did. You did the number of sound/average/awful orders, the amount you procured in tips and from charges, the number of tasks (like cleaning dishes and making a garbage run), and so on. This presentation can negatively or positively impact what the game calls “everyday buzz.” Buzz controls the number of clients visiting your eatery, how patient they are, and the amount they’ll tip.

The higher your buzz, the better. The food impacts the buzz on your menu, climate, day’s season, and gear purchased from the store. For instance, food varieties, such as fish or french fries, are viewed as excessively rotten in the mornings and will give you a negative buzz during morning hours. Fish is extravagant, and fish and fries are speedy and straightforward to plan. For certain players, this might offset the morning hours’ adverse consequences.


While following the everyday buzz is likely in the player’s well-being as far as income, you can, in any case, positively overlook it, and you would, in any case, have the option to redesign your café bit by bit. Besides working in your eatery, you can also finish difficulties to make additional money. Cooking occasions set you in opposition to the clock to act however many themed dishes could be allowed. In Iron Cook, an intelligent play on the Japanese game show Iron Culinary expert.

It would help if you served many rushes of requests. The orders get more intricate the more waves you complete, and assuming you mess up three mandates, you bomb the test. Relatively comparatively, in Craving Celebration, a play on Yearning Games, you should finish 20-30 orders, yet assuming you mess up even one request, you bomb the test. While these difficulties don’t add much to the interactivity, they’re pleasant breaks from a day of administration.

Play as Chef

As you get further in the game, you begin procuring silver tickets which you can use to make “silver ticket wagers.” The Silver Ticket Robot provokes you to get a specific number of ideal orders in succession with the menu things s/he determines. It gives your menu a misunderstanding and adds a little test to your day. Even though interactivity doesn’t develop a lot through the game and may become tedious occasionally, there is a significant number of new recipes and gear to purchase. At the same time, you work on your café to truly deserve five stars, which can keep you playing for a long time.

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What's new

Here comes the new version of Crazy Chef:
- A new restaurant has been added! Come and order food like Beka Ambon and Ikan Bakar!
- The new activity Piggy Race will be online soon, and you will have a chance to get champion rewards.
- There is game improvement and experience optimization.

Update now and have fun!


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