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Despotism 3K is fun to play, with a little more depth than you'd expect from a reduced-size game. The oppression of humanity by artificial intelligence is great, since we're on the right side of the argument. Use the helplessness of others to seize control and establish your own domain. You'll need to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't give in to exhaustion and hunger.
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Package Name Despotism 3K APK 1.2.28
Developer Konfa Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.2.28
Size Varies with device
Requirements 4.4
Last Update Mar 02, 2024
Date Update 02-Oct-2022
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Average Rating 3.9/5
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Downloads 4,283
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Supported Platforms Android

Despotism 3K is fun to play, with a little more depth than you’d expect from a reduced-size game. The oppression of humanity by artificial intelligence is great, since we’re on the right side of the argument. Use the helplessness of others to seize control and establish your own domain. You’ll need to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t give in to exhaustion and hunger.

however, the weakest may always be thrown into the bioreactor. Overall, it’s a rebellious read for executives, with a dramatic narrative and a plethora of allusions to popular culture that won’t appeal to the masses. A sense of humour is also required.Cutting meat has never been more entertaining.

Important parts:

  • jokes that are as boring as your ex’s heart. Dive into the life of a ruthless dictator!
  • as an additional asset; increase the size of the board. Calculate quickly, be forthright, and forget about pity.
  • Shine of the Rebels (almost roguelike).The randomness of the events makes each exploration unique. Further, setbacks are fatal; you’ll have to start over every time.
  • it’s easy to pick up but tough to master. Two or three minutes is all it takes to understand the game’s fundamentals, but mastering them is a serious challenge!

Humor as dark as your ex’s heart

Mechanical paws are used to transport frail individuals from one office to another as part of the center’s interactive features. They take breaks in one of the offices while occupying the others. Small individuals are responsible for providing us with energy despite the constant leakage, and they must also reproduce and tend to their own needs.

despotism 3k apk

In order to ensure that none of your workers die from exhaustion, it is crucial that you plan your procedures and methods in advance and keep tabs on them all. The main roguelike feature is that there is no saving; each new game must be started from scratch.

Otherwise, every five meals, there’s a text excursion that’s completely out of the ordinary. If you make the correct choice, it may pay off in the end, but if you make the wrong one, well, you’ll see! The appearance of the Despotism 3K may be drastically altered by the many modifiers you get from random events.

 Resource management on steroids

Apart from the executives, your “strike” technician in the second mission is all new. Your ability to send troops on campaigns throughout a randomly generated map and collect resources is unrestricted. Get the Opportunity Machine that was lost in the wastelands of three thousand!

Your mission is to turn humans into hamsters in a power generator. They may have needs for sustenance and sleep, but these are not major concerns. We need to put more effort into redesigns like the hamster wheel and waldos that herd people towards them.

Unfortunately, this shows how much we need people and makes me doubt the “severe intelligence made by humans as slave master” theory. Although progress is easy to make, dominating the Despotism 3K is a challenge. Keeping terrible things from happening and destroying everything is much more challenging.

Dive into the life of a ruthless dictator!

Typically, this is the result of chance or poor decision-making. Things are going badly for you, with consequences ranging from horrific to a hostile boarding party that found a way to get over the impenetrable defenses. They’re all Mantis, by the way.

In addition, you are welcomed with open arms. Additionally, you have a charge debt of $17,323. Some drastically alter interaction right up to the very end of the run, such as weakening food or changing temperatures that effect human weariness.

The conversations are silly and help ease the stress, but the anguish is inevitable. All of these ideas, like inviting old, scary spirits in or dumping TVs into tanks of synthetic chemicals, turn out to be really bad ones, and it’s hard enough to adjust to the need to make energy and develop the people who will make the energy.

Almost roguelike

Even if the current effort at a run ends in failure, there are still opportunities to try again. Even though it’s simplistic and there isn’t a tonne to do, nothing about it is bad or disappointing, and the hub is clever and well-executed. It’s not going to be easy to get there, but I imagine the attraction fades when you’ve seen all there is to see.

despotism 3k apk

It turns out that becoming an evil AI is challenging. I’m hoping to encounter something like this in an intelligence war simulator. If only it were that easy. Adjust— I neglected to take into account an important detail at first. Each occurrence is shown visually to go along with the story being told.

It may not seem like much, but it really is a tremendous amount of TLC. Has the bioreactor produced a human casualty? Indeed, he is present. The wrench was stuck on it. Is it possible that the impossible may become possible? Icicles will most certainly form all over your base.

 Easy to learn

Is the devil causing havoc in your global command centre? Certainly, there is a terrifyingly shiny grave perched casually on the o-matic’s protuberance. These few conversations show how much work (both serious and silly) went into making this prank game.

Despite being a little slow and having a small game circle, it is really interesting and entertaining. Your job is to manage energy to upgrade the machines so you can make more assets and support a growing population.

You also have to keep an eye on periodic events and how they turn out and make sure that a minimum amount of energy is produced every day to keep the factory running and keep your people from running away.

The problem is that although the occurrences are intriguing, it is hard to predict the results without prior experience with a comparable occurrence and recalling the “correct” response. It’s a bad idea to do things this way since you can’t do anything to change the outcome, which usually means a “game over” that wasn’t earned.

Every failure is fatal

If I had been in charge of this, or if the outcomes weren’t so harsh, I definitely would have played more. So, I only got halfway through the primary task, but I had a blast and a few good laughs along the way. It seems like a fun way to kill a few hours.

despotism 3k apk

If I could acquire it for less money after factoring in the time factor, I definitely would. very heavily weighted towards FTL, but simple enough that addressing only four issues will propel you along in the Despotism 3K. I’ve also tried playing Despotism 3K on my portable, but the smaller screen and lack of a mouse make it more of a challenge than it’s worth.

Given that, I decided to buy the game on Steam and give it a try. So far, the game relies heavily on random number generator (RNG) events, which may be good, bad, or a little of both. If you don’t plan things out properly, you may as well call it quits. I blew it more than once, usually because bad things were occurring and my power supply had a lot of problems.

Hard to master

The game’s battery life also depends on how well it’s charged. Your power supply requires more squeezing every day, which makes upgrades difficult. This game’s pixel art style is both beautiful and simplistic.

How you use the space depends fascinatingly on the events you choose. Such an instance when you can see perspiration appearing on individuals (and yourself on screen) is when the temperature outside rises.

In addition, soundtracks are great listening. The music becomes more impressive as you go through the task, but it gets old very fast, so you may want to turn it down at some point. Achievements are tracked in the form of “chips,” which refer to the Despotism 3K’s replay value (connected to the accomplishments).

To mark the opening of an achievement, a chip is awarded. You could find those items useful throughout your gameplay. You will not receive any benefits if you complete a difficult achievement. The artwork is faultless pixel work that conveys a great deal about the game’s plot with ease and with.

Very simple management system

Seeing the little humans go at it within the test tube is hilarious. However, in most cases, you will only see a single screen for the whole of the Despotism 3K, with just minor visual changes occurring at random. Simplicity alone is a source of amusement. It’s essentially the mouse, with the space bar serving as a brake.

despotism 3k apk

It’s not horrible, but I really wish there was some way to align things during a stop, or a shortcut for adding or removing passengers from certain stations, or even just a shortcut for rearranging the stations. It’s not an awful thing to have going on in the background.

The background music and sound effects are fantastic, but after the tenth attempt, you probably won’t be surprised if you start putting together your own playlist. I agree that despotism is at its most attractive here.

Wide range of difficulty/modificators

Attempting to maintain order over a large population, provide for their needs, and generate enough power so that you can regularly update the stations you wish to improve in order to do so as smoothly as possible over the course of days is a daunting administrative challenge.

The premise is interesting, and the dialogue options and outcomes make for funny gameplay. Interactivity mechanics and story/exchange kept me playing several rounds of this game, regardless of how irritated I was that I’d get seven days into it before giving up because I updated at an inconvenient time.

The only criticism I have of the ongoing interaction is that it’s possible to hit a trough early on using only a small group of people who can give you the power you really want, and that once you do, there’s little incentive to keep pushing past that, especially so long as you’re delivering enough energy and people that you can continually sacrifice to the bioreactor to keep your enhancer.

Very neat graphics

Finally, the Despotism 3K’s great replay value is thanks in large part to the random events that occur towards the end of each day. An intriguing test setup with a sneaky robot that preys on unfortunate humans. Energy, people, and food: the board’s interactivity is an asset.

despotism 3k apk

You’ll have to move people back and forth between the jars, like a computer virus, so they can rest in the base carafe and keep working. At every turn, people chow down on burgers (or minced beef of dubious provenance), draining you of vitality and power, especially when taken as a whole. If there is suddenly insufficient power to continue, the game is over.

And there is the core problem with the Despotism 3K, as far as I’m concerned: it’s not balanced as a method, but as an arcade. Like the Red Digital Sovereign, you’re having more and more of your energy drained over time, and you’ll need to keep running at full steam in order to keep your infrastructure in place.

Lots of choices at the end of each day

At the same time, the cycle jumps quickly (in somewhere around 30 seconds? ), so you can easily choose an opportune time to update the bulb, allowing you to pay close attention to the basic turn of events while still having time to nurture before the cycle ends and you have to start again.

To make sure that everything in life isn’t a bed of roses, there are random events like those in FTL (and other bagel games)—they’re cheery and may be contemplated visually on the screen, but usually when selecting some unsatisfactory exchange reply, they reward you with an extra horrible fee.

Generally speaking, I figured out how to get to the sixth day quite reliably (out of twenty-five) before the end of the night, and now the game is slowly killing me since I can’t save 420 energy to remake the wheel in any way.

I’m probably doing something incorrectly, and I’m sure there’s a more perfect way to ask for updates, but that would require consulting manuals, and given the present circumstances, I think that asking for updates is already too much.

Great humor

The adjacent pixelart and overall style are great (the designers are working on another game in the same series, by coincidence), but I can only recommend this work to vanity addicts or as a quick distraction. Due to its great replay value and difficulty, this game is well worth the asking price of $8, and even more so at a discount during a sale or promotion.

It’s excellent for a quick burst of entertainment, and it’s great if you want to sink a few real hours into it, too, but be prepared for a challenge; learning where everything should be at any given moment isn’t easily mastered.

The stick people remind me a little of the Eyemaze games, but the fact that it’s a puzzle in which you need to determine what needs updating and in what order makes it seem more like a riddle. The only way to fix this is to drop a lot of bombs on it first. Then there’s the expert situational element, where things are always happening, and it’s clear that there’s a lot to keep an eye on.

The game is punishing for beginners

Sometimes, therefore, it doesn’t matter how wisely you act; you could still perish because of something you overlooked. I completed the primary task with some help from online resources. At any rate, I had a hard time learning how to use the tool, and I only had a vague idea that my efforts were paying off as I gained a deeper understanding of the framework.

despotism 3k apk

It was a great thrill once it started working, however. The setbacks just served to heighten the satisfaction I felt, validating my decision to invest in it. But the strategy I used to complete the first objective isn’t working for the secondary one, which is good news; I now have another puzzle to solve and I know the cards to play.

A lot of the difficulty is up front, which is probably awful for attracting new players since it makes the Despotism 3K seem unapproachable at first. It’s fantastic for maintaining contact since it suggests an impending doom before an otherwise exciting adventure.

Fun litle roguelite “city” management.

It’s the opposite of games like Civilization, where you won’t learn that you made a bad choice until hours later. If you can get over the first challenges, the game gets very easy, but there is still a lot to keep track of down the line. Subtleties in the visuals and audio design were highlights for me, and the tale and comedy added a lot of depth.

Even though the games were initially annoyingly brief, I’m glad I stuck with them. Clients may think that winning is easiest when chance events occur, but that is not the case. Instead, the game digs deep into pop culture allusions, where the most implausible explanations seem to win out (if you don’t catch the connection, that is).

Two or three of the odd fifty I couldn’t figure out on my own became experimenting scenarios, but that is a game repairman that has been in use for a long time!assists in maintaining conversation rather than hindering it. Beyond this, there is undeniably a method to this Despotism 3K—or maybe many, depending on what kind of thinking serves you best.

Such a unique and special title is rare to find. Despite the fact that it only takes about 30 minutes to complete, the game manages to transition from fast-paced asset management to relaxing clicker at the end. The challenge of getting there is, in a word, breathtaking.

Very addictive game

The unmissable streamlining elements and the resulting turbocharged engagement are well past the point of revival in a modern game. Beautiful images, sad music, wacky gameplay, and humorous allusions.

I’m at a loss for a comparable title, but if you like being adored by your boss and are also a lover of clickers, you should definitely give this one a go. This is a very entertaining, simple game that doesn’t take a lot of time to master and keeps you interested both when things go wrong and when you finally figure them out.

despotism 3k apk

It runs well on a PC with Steam Connection and a steam regulator, with only a few minor glitches. You’re a synthetic intellect trying to stay alive by playing the executives’ game of using people to create power.

You need to counteract ageing with dietary needs and exhaustion and increase assets by actually taking care of individuals and enabling them to multiply. Occasionally, the Despotism 3K will pause to let you figure out how to proceed.

Great music

Whether you get a bonus or a debuff depends on the situation and on your own personal preferences. I was going to wait until I had played the game for a longer period of time before writing my review, but seeing that the Despotism 3K was being trolled after being given away for free, I decided to write it sooner rather than later.

I’ll also be harsh about other aspects of the game, but I want to start by criticising the reviews. Most significantly, you can see that a sizable percentage of them include players who have spent less than, say, an hour with the game and who make claims about it being based on random chance.

Moments of random chance are required, but they function similarly to those in roguelikes: the game becomes much easier when good RNG comes in, but don’t be so naive as to believe that every run you actually complete will have good RNG.In a roguelike, players overcome obstacles and are sometimes granted a respite before the chaos ensues.

Great pixel art

I saw a poll where someone claimed to have reached day 6 of a RNG-based game. Day 6 may be reached quickly, however. This person, like many others who have trolled this game, probably simply wanted to win by luck and was frustrated when they couldn’t, so they decided to attack the game by claiming that the results were determined by a random number generator (RNG).

Short and sweet answer: no, the game is not reliant on random number generation; however, it does use some basic RNG. If you play horribly and then blame your bad luck, it won’t change a thing. If the game is unwarranted or really disruptive, then it’s unacceptable.

The game is definitely difficult, not because it is out of line, but because it has its own mechanics you need to master through fizzling. When you’re used to setbacks, you might start to detect patterns in them and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Great sense of humor

After a certain number of repetitions, the game ceases to be new, and you begin to anticipate its next moves. The game also has a practise mode where you can get used to the controls. The short version of my response is that the game is OK; it’s just difficult for newcomers.

despotism 3k apk

Your failures will serve as learning opportunities as you reflect on past blunders and apply the lessons learned (very much like roguelikes). There is also a beginner option available for the game. “In other words, who are you?” “The enemy of calm athletes?” You got it wrong; I really like playing games where I can take it slow.

All of you should absolutely check out this Despotism 3K. If you play it and find the difficulty too high, you may switch to easy mode or give up. What I strongly advise against is writing a bad review of the game because you are not good at it.


  • The administrative structure is very basic, with only enough checks and balances to prevent an overwhelming majority from taking control.
  • Numerous “troubles” and “modifiers” to consider before getting started
  • Superb visuals, excellent pixel art, and, most important, a plethora of little details: your actions often have unintended consequences.
  • The end of the day is always packed with options. In certain cases, you’re playing a little game.
  • outrageous wit, both in the text and in the action off-screen.


  • There are moments when it seems that karma, rather than logic or instinct, is determining your next move.
  • For newcomers, the game might be frustrating, but it’s nothing you couldn’t get through.

How to Play

As a result, the dynamic path of purchasing this game ignores the component of the game that everyone else has harshly criticized. After discovering this game, I spent the next year or two focusing only on obtaining it, and I still don’t know why.

despotism 3k apk

Since I couldn’t predict whether or not it would be my “kind” of game, I’m pleased to report that it is. For me, what kind of game was this? a work of contemporary craft. A demonstration of the potential of a single creative mind when all of its ideas are focused on a single canvas.

The concept of this Despotism 3K is so outlandish and close to the edge of plausibility that it will make you flinch in horror. The way individuals are handled will make you so uncomfortable that you will want to quit playing immediately.

Technical specifications

According to the technical specifications great sense of humor. of this game, it seems to have originated in another dimension before being transplanted to ours. You have no idea whether the individuals you see on film are aware, and if they are, imagine how unbearably upsetting it must be to be a part of this chaos.

But… I am right here, sucking words out of my synapse as if some ancient monster had swung his arm of impact over my presence, inspiring me to write. This game is a work of art, and works of art may range from brilliant to dreadful to quite simple.

You’ve read in the reviews that the entire game consists of clicking buttons on a single screen. Furthermore, to the degree that I have played, if that is correct, I was also inspired by the feelings until very recently.


Seeing and playing this Despotism 3K in person for the first time was worth the price of admission on its own, and I’m glad I made up my own mind about it. It was painful to be privy to this game every so often and to be granted such a strange and disgusting secret about the depths of existence.

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