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Welcome to the next step on the evolution of the acclaimed drifting game series Drift Max! Throttle up and drift across amazing real life locations (Brooklyn, Moscow, Dubai) from around the globe in Drift Max World, a brand new drift racing game from the creators of the legendary drifting games - Drift Max and Drift Max Pro!
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August 17, 2021
4.4 and up
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Package Name Drift Max World MOD
Developer Tiramisu
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 3.1.13
Size 47M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Apr 16, 2024
Date Update August 17, 2021
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Average Rating 4.5/5
Page Views 216,738
Downloads 48,164
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Supported Platforms Android

Drift Max World MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)  – I’ve generally cherished the craft of drifting and vehicle culture. The Drift Max World has marvelous physical science (remember that this game is an arcade game), and it’s not difficult to control the vehicles once you become acclimated to it. The Drift Max World offers a lot of vehicle customization. For instance, in the FD (Hawk RZ), you can pick the body kit and eliminate the cap.


I feel like the Drift Max World fashioners are watch heads, too, because when you stop the lid, you can change the motor to a regular cylinder motor, or you can pick The All-powerful Doritos in a Pringles Can Rotational Cherishing Jesus Motor. Furthermore, you can include a second intercooler for the oil (I think) on guard. My number one vehicle in the game is the FD because I’m a Dorito motor cherishing fan-kid.

Be that as it may, the vast majority don’t like the FD because, at high RPM, it generally turns out a lot. In any case, this carries me to my next point. Every individual vehicle is unique. Take, for instance, the E46 M3 (DTM E46), it is genuinely restrained, and you can drive it gradually, and it won’t quit sliding; however, it’s challenging to get up to speed with quick drifters. In the meantime, the Supra (I failed to remember the in-game name) resembles a boat.

Many Vehicle Alteration Choices

I genuinely don’t suggest the supra. For the Level 5 vehicles, I recommend the R35 (I likewise failed to remember the name). Again, the people group in the game is quite possibly of the best local area I’ve found in a game at any point. Out of 12hrs of play-time, I’ve just met one poisonous person (he was likewise kicked from the server after ten months of joining, haha). I similarly met pleasant individuals from this game, and I am so grateful for that, Drift Max World Advancements.

This Drift Max World offers considerable customization, including tuning parts and planning your vehicles. The planned highlight has numerous gorgeous decals with a wide assortment of shapes and stickers. The cars in this game have various very much made vehicle models and an enormous variety. (The main drawback to the vehicles is that their names are unauthorized, so they have phony names.)

Race in amazingly popular urban communities

The guides are very much made with a decent assortment and generally excellent for drifting and holding a combo, yet they call for some time evening out to open every one of them. If you are keen on this game and appreciate hustling games, this would be a fantastic game for your cash. It is assumed to be the part where I say every one of the cons regarding this game.

The total of my thoughts is the coin framework. In any case, it’s not exactly a con because, without the coin framework, individuals would quit playing this game since it misses the mark on motivation to continue to drift. In outline, This Drift Max World is truly fantastic; for beginners, the instructional exercise is genuinely straightforward, and the material science is perfect (I play with a PS4 Regulator).

Assuming you need further help, you can constantly ask at the worldwide visit. The local area is excellent (even the Russians are great, not typical for CS:GO :D). I prescribe this game to individuals who like the way of life of JDM and Drifting or simply normal individuals who need an irregular arcade-time executioner game.


  • An Extraordinary assortment of vehicles. JVMs, Muscles, and german ones (just BMWs atm), and there’s even a fire king truck
    bunches of customization on certain cars (on the beta client, you can modify more vehicles and raise the headlights on AE86, 240sx.
  • The variety plot is astonishing (beta client as it were)
  • Enormous suspension tuning, cambering, broadening axles, expanding/bringing down edge size, replacing tire hold, bringing down/expanding suspension level, and the sky is the limit.
  • Quick learning drift framework. In one day, I previously was utilized to it purchasing another level vehicle awards cash reward on all vehicles additionally, like lvl2 = x2 lvl3 = x3, and so on, and you can use the one you like all the more regardless of whether you don’t want any of the new level ones.
  • AWD vehicles really can’t drift. Something sensible and decent.

The Cons:

  • Last-level vehicles are ridiculously costly, additionally their mods.
  • After some time, the game turns into a toil. (this one is not a con or a star. It relies upon you, assuming you like the game, and play it to prepare and improve.
  • The drudgery is fun, and not unreasonably irritating vehicles look excessively plain and clean.

Test Your Drifting Abilities

Saw Goosiest playing this and saw him suggest it as well. Drift Max World is a fantastic game that requires a cycle of crushing to get up to more elevated levels and better guides, yet when you track down the mechanics of every vehicle, the tuning framework, and each bleeding edge, it becomes shortsighted fun. Exceptionally habit-forming, I will say that. Furthermore, indeed, I got this game yesterday, only for reference.

On the off chance that you were considering getting CarX and seeing this, kindly get it. The player base is one of few not ridden with harmfulness and savages, and many individuals make mods and instructional exercises and different things that work on the nature of the game. One of the enormous mods is called Kino, to be aware.


The Drift Max World is unexpected on PC compared to on Comfort or switch, and if you were contemplating whether you can play with console companions, yes, you can. It has full-stage crossplay. You can have an Xbox player, a Switch player, a PlayStation player, and a PC player in a similar hall. In any case, I trust that somebody will benefit from this audit. Have a decent day if you read this.

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3.1.12 47M 4.4 and up 17/08/2021
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3.0.9 47M 4.4 and up 17/08/2021
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