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How about we take you on an exciting ride? Drive. RS is now in public beta, where you may race to your heart's content in a vast, limitless environment. You are about to play the most advanced, comprehensive, and realistic mobile racing game ever created.
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May 22, 2023
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Outrank the competition with Drive.RS: The Ultimate Open World Racing Game

How about we take you on an exciting ride? Drive. RS is now in public beta, where you may race to your heart’s content in a vast, limitless environment. You are about to play the most advanced, comprehensive, and realistic mobile racing game ever created.

Drive RS Open World Racing MOD APK
Drive RS Open World Racing MOD APK

Unleash your driving skills in a vast open world.

Drive.RS is an immersive experience that will blow your mind. This game provides unprecedented freedom for driving, drifting, and racing in its massive 64 km2 environment, which has an astonishing 256km of roadways. Enjoy the excitement of free-roaming gameplay as you go wherever your curiosity takes you.

Choose Your Style: Racing, Drifting, or Free Roam

In Drive.RS, you get to decide. This game offers something for everyone; whether you’re a racing fanatic looking for a challenge, a drifting expert looking to hone your skills, or someone who just wants to drive about in free roam, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Explore the world at your own speed and participate in thrilling events like races and drift zones.

Unleash the Power of the Finest Cars

Drive.RS allows you to take control of the vehicle of your dreams. The game has a wide variety of automobiles, including supercars, hypercars, JDM antiques, SUVs, trucks, and rough-and-tumble 4×4 off-roaders. Learn the ins and outs of each vehicle as you test its boundaries on the open road.

Revamp your ride with an advanced upgrade system.

Drive.RS provides a complete upgrade system that puts you in charge of your vehicle’s performance and handling. With so many options for customization, you can get exactly what you want out of your ride. Create the car of your dreams by tailoring the engine, chassis, and braking system. Bring out your car’s full capabilities and crush the competition.

Immerse yourself in a living, breathing world.

Drive.RS’s environment is brought to life by its intelligent computer-controlled traffic, detailed physics, and automatic overtaking features. Feel the adrenaline rush of racing against smart, responsive opponents. Experience a whole new dimension of immersion when day turns into night. Drive.RS provides a realistic and exciting racing experience on a variety of different terrains, from asphalt and dirt tracks to highways and mountain terrains.

Embrace the beauty of nature.

The gorgeous scenery in Drive.RS is sure to enchant you. Witness the rough beauty of the coast with its stunning mountains and undulating hills. Animals are also a part of this virtual environment you’ll be driving through, giving the game an added dose of reality.

Unparalleled visual realism

The visual quality of Drive.RS is unparalleled. Modern lighting and shadows, in-game reflections, and photorealistic trees and plants will leave you speechless. The attention to detail is on par with that of high-end console games, and the result is a visually breathtaking experience.

Experience real racing physics on your mobile

Drive.RS is proud to provide automobile dynamics on par with those seen in high-end console racing games, designed with an eye towards providing a satisfying but authentic simulation experience. The driving mechanics have been fine-tuned in every way to give you a real racing experience. The excitement and thrill of actual racing are at your fingertips with this simulator.

Master the Art of Drifting

Drive. RS’s sophisticated drift dynamics are sure to please die-hard drift fans. Feel the effects of true inertia and friction as you practise your drifting skills. Learn how to drift like a pro by mastering countersteering and throttle control. Once you’ve mastered the game’s intricate and realistic physics system, you’ll be rewarded with a satisfying and engaging experience.

Optimised for high-performance devices

Drive. RS facilitates fluid and quick movement throughout the game. Players who insist on the finest will be pleased to know that the game can be played at a smooth 60 frames per second on the latest and greatest gadgets.

Seamless Controller Support

Drive. RS has full controller compatibility for those who want a more classic gaming experience. Plug in your controller of choice and play with more command and accuracy.

Unleash your creativity with the Livery System.

Prepare to make your cars and trucks as distinctive as you are. Drive. In the near future, RS will roll out a livery system that provides extensive opportunities for vehicle personalization. Make a statement on the roadways with your one-of-a-kind look and leave your rivals in the dust.


Drive.RS stands out as a top contender among several other racing games. It revolutionises the mobile racing genre with its expansive open environment, unprecedented realism, and exhilarating gameplay. Are you up for the challenge of being the best driver on the road? Put on your seatbelts, turn up the engines, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime with Drive.RS. It’s time to rise above the others and claim victory in every racing event.

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What's new

Coming soon preview of new car!
Allowed user to select between MPH and KPH in the settings menu.
Improved concrete texture on drift playgrounds.
Slightly increased steering sharpness at lower speeds.
Improved camera behaviour on jumps.
Misc bugfixes.

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