Driving School Classics | Driving School Game Review

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Driving School Classics | Driving School Game Review

driving school classics is one of the new car simulator game on the play store right now and is one of the best. this game contains a lot of classic cars, SUVs and several sports cars right inside the game.there are nearly 70 different classic vehicles in the game and all of them are unlocked and simply you need to equip them and get into action.here in this driving school classics you will completely experience like the real-life driving school as it has most of the realistic performance. the other main thing to be considered is how they are getting classified by the way graphics are performed. the maps provided in the driving school classics game are so huge and its take a lifetime to play the game. the game not only deals with a lot amount of cars but it also efficiently deals with busses and the trucks in your android platform.
there is a lot of different kind of weathers like sunny, rainy, snow and here you will experience all type of weather like in real life.there are 2 types of controls like the manual suspension and the automatic suspension.choose what best suits for you depending on your gameplay.when we see the number of levels in the game there are over 88 complete levels in the game that are needed to be completed.there are 3 types of transmissions available in the game they are the manual, automatic,and the manual automatic.here you will find the dame performance in the car.the only thing that changes is the speed and capability in the car.as the different cars has different powers and they are to be considered as they play the main role in the driving.
the game can be played either online or offline so don’t be worried if you don’t have an internet connection.you can play with your friends online where it supports the multiplayer version. play the game online and try to achieve the prizes and achievements in the game to level up easily. when you see in the above pictures the level of detail in the car is super awesome as you can see the real lofe detail in the car straight away. the damage provided in the game is the real-time damage and you should be careful while driving the car, make sure you don’t hit the car or else you need to pay the bills in the game with the help of the money provided in the game.
the game contains the following new features, almost 60 vehicles are there with huge maps and smooth gameplay. the interior looks so realistic that you will love to play the game and have fun.the game is currently in the development stage and it requires a lot of amount of ht suggestions from the players on what to upgrade and what not to upgrade,here the users should request or demand the developers about  the car or the maps and other things they need in the game.so that the developers feel the responsibility and start developing the new cars thee customers needed.
the vehicles also gas systems where you will refueling vehicles at gas tanks. the sounds in the game look so realistic and gaming experience is good.you will be getting unlimited money, download it from the links provided below.

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