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Are you sick of using a bunch of different apps to organise your thoughts, keep track of your tasks, and make plans? Do you want an easy way to take notes that works well and doesn't get in the way? Need a better way to take notes? Look no further than Easy Notes: Notepad, Notebook, and Free Notes App.
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Jun 28, 2022
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Are you sick of using a bunch of different apps to organise your thoughts, keep track of your tasks, and make plans? Do you want an easy way to take notes that works well and doesn’t get in the way? Need a better way to take notes? Look no further than Easy Notes: Notepad, Notebook, and Free Notes App.

Streamlined Note-Taking Made Simple

Easy Notes makes it simple to take notes without having to deal with cluttered displays. We carefully designed this writing pad to simplify the process of taking notes. Easy Notes has a simple design that makes taking notes a breeze, whether you’re writing down random thoughts or making plans for the day. With fun themes and colorful backgrounds, you can give your notes a little style and enjoy the process more than ever before. Plus, having handy guides makes it easier than ever to keep track of your tasks.

Features to Amplify Your Note-Taking Experience

Not only does Easy Notes let you take simple notes, but it also does other things to help you be more productive and creative. Here are some things that make Easy Notes unique:

These days, taking notes is more than just writing them down on paper. There are many digital tools that can help you be more productive and organised. Let’s delve deeper into each of the 14 tools to understand how Easy Notes, Notepad, Notebook, and the Free Notes App can transform your note-taking process.

1. Free pencil and notepad apps

Free of charge, Easy Notes gives people access to a full set of tools for taking notes. This feature makes sure that people from all walks of life can use its features without having to worry about money.

2. Ease of use

Easy Notes meticulously designed its layout to ensure simplicity and ease of use. The layout is simple and easy to understand, so users can focus on the job at hand and navigate without any problems.

3. A notebook with replaceable pages

Personalisation is very important, and Easy Notes gives users a lot of ways to make their notes look the way they want them to. People can create a note-taking space that suits their style by picking out themes and backgrounds, adding pictures, and using sticky notes.

4. Stick notes on keys

Easy Notes lets users organise important information by letting them “pin” important notes. Pinned notes make sure that important information stays close at hand and at the forefront of your mind, whether it’s an important job, a deadline, or an interesting idea.

5. A well-functioning organization

Easy Notes makes it easier to organise your notes by giving you a lot of different ways to sort and group them. Users can organise their notes by time, colour, or topic, which makes it easier to find information and keep track of it.

6. Being able to save automatically

No longer will you lose your notes because of sudden pauses or technical problems. Easy Notes saves what users type automatically, so they don’t have to worry about losing their thoughts or tasks.

7. Taking notes together.

Collaboration is critical in an increasingly interconnected world. Easy Notes makes it easy to work together by letting users share notes with coworkers, friends, or study groups. This encourages teamwork and boosts productivity.

8. Useful checklists

With Easy Notes, it’s very easy to turn notes into to-do lists that you can actually use. Users can effortlessly create, manage, and monitor tasks with the checklist feature, ensuring they don’t overlook anything and achieve all their goals.

9. Utilizing your creativity

With its many tools and features, Easy Notes makes it easy to be creative. Individuals can make their notes unique and creative in a digital setting by drawing, sketching, or adding bright themes.

10. Save and back up

Data security is very important, and Easy Notes puts user information safety first. Cloud backup and synchronisation ensure users can access their notes securely from any device. This gives users peace of mind and keeps their work flowing.

11. Reminders for notes

With prompt alerts, Easy Notes helps users stay on track and organised. Users can set reminders in the app for any important event, like a meeting, a deadline, or a job, so they never miss it.

12. Protecting your privacy

Privacy is very important to Easy Notes users. You can set password-protected locks on individual notes or entire categories in the app. This keeps private information safe and secure.

12. Sticky Notes Add-on

With Easy Notes’ sticky notes app, it’s easy to get to your notes while you’re on the go. Users can add colorful notes directly to their device’s home screen, making it easier to find important information and more productive.

14. Creating a calendar

Easy Notes works perfectly with users’ calendars, allowing them to see their notes along with their planned events. This feature makes things easier to locate and ensures that notes make sense in the context of the user’s daily work.

With Easy Notes, you can improve your note-taking style.

It’s easy to take notes with Easy Notes. Many features of the Free Notes App aim to enhance your productivity, organisation, and creativity during note-taking. No matter if you’re a student, a worker, or just someone who likes being creative, this app lets you easily record ideas, keep track of tasks, and express yourself through a simple and straightforward design. Get rid of the old ways of taking notes, and use Easy Notes to get the most out of your notes.

Your Customised Way to Take Notes

Easy Notes is useful for people from all walks of life, including students, workers, and people who like to be artistic. Whether you want to do better in school, be more productive at work, or get your personal life in order, Easy Notes can help. You can tailor Easy Notes to meet your unique note-taking requirements. This helps you stay busy and organised at all times.

At the end

With Easy Notes—Notepad, Notebook, and the Free Notes App—you can get your thoughts organized and come up with brilliant ideas. Download Easy Notes today to change the way you take notes, and experience the joy of seamless note-taking and unmatched efficiency.


  1. Is Easy Notes available for both iOS and Android devices? Yes, Easy Notes is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.
  2. Can I sync my notes across multiple devices? Absolutely! Easy Notes offers cloud backup and synchronization, allowing you to access your notes from any device seamlessly.
  3. Are there any premium features that require payment? No, Easy Notes is completely free to use, with all features available at no cost.
  4. How secure are my notes in Easy Notes? Your privacy is paramount. Easy Notes offers password-protected locks to keep your notes secure from unauthorized access.
  5. Can I collaborate with others on notes using Easy Notes? Yes, Easy Notes facilitates collaborative note-taking, allowing you to share notes with friends, family, or colleagues for seamless teamwork.

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What's new

⭐ An easy to use note taking app
⭐ Customize the color of sticky notes
⭐ Support inserting photos and text
⭐ Make to-do lists and shopping lists
⭐ Notes your thought anytime, anywhere


Version Size Requirements Date - 5.0 28/06/2022

๏ VIP Features Unlocked
๏ AOSP Compatible (No Google)
๏ CPUs: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
๏ Multi Languages
๏ Debug Info Removed

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