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Evoland 2 APK is a role-playing video game developed by Shiro Games and released in 2015. It is the follow-up to the 2013 game Evoland, and it has similar ways to play, like letting the player change the graphics and game systems as they play.
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January 13, 2021
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Evoland 2 APK is a role-playing video game developed by Shiro Games and released in 2015. It is the follow-up to the 2013 game Evoland, and it has similar ways to play, like letting the player change the graphics and game systems as they play.

The game is a time-traveling adventure that takes place in many different times, from a 2D black-and-white world similar to Game Boy games to a 3D world with better graphics.The game’s components, including turn-based and real-time fighting, platforming, and puzzle solving, are unlocked as the player explores different historical periods.

Evoland 2 APK

In Evoland 2, a young hero called Kuro undertakes a quest to travel across time and avert a catastrophic catastrophe that threatens to destroy the planet. There are several possible outcomes to the game as Kuro interacts with a wide cast of characters, from robots and dragons to time-traveling warriors.


The first Evoland was hilarious and remarkable, but it was also very brief, to the point, and, dare I say it, a little draining. Is Evoland 2 an improvement over the first game, or just more of the same with a gimmicky level of interactivity? Explore this site to learn more!

Time Travel and Multi-Genre Gameplay:

To put it simply and briefly, everything is proceeding as normal. If nothing else, it’s better than before. Although the original was focused and straightforward (maybe a little too much so), its sequel finds depth in almost every aspect. The reality is that, as with everything else, there will be both positive and negative results. The most noticeable change is the updated material. This makes the tale much longer and more organized, and it may even make you care about (at least) one of the individuals that tag along on your adventure.

There are some engaging segments and many allusions to popular shows, movies, and video games. Everything is still rather straightforward, however, so I guess that hasn’t changed, and it still sometimes seems too “old school” despite being wrapped in a more modern package. More types of dynamic interaction may now be shown since the motor has been relocated to a more accessible location. The core game’s continual interaction elements are still there, and now there are more.

Without being able to display my fear, it would be unfair to the other new sorts of participation, such as puzzles (clearly inspired by Teacher Layton), music sections (obviously inspired by Guitar Legend), shoot ’em ups (‘shot damnation”-like games), and stealth (obviously roused by Metal Stuff Strong). The fact that we have a motor that can handle and tastefully display such a wide variety of continuous interaction and design options is, in my opinion, very remarkable.


Now that I think about it, I also haven’t encountered any stacked displays (with the exception of the underlying stacking screen, which I think justifies itself). Despite the fact that there are many enjoyable forms of continuing engagement, there will always be varieties that people just despise and possibly scorn. It’s possible that, now that the bulk of these sorts of interactions have been established, parts of them may start to slow down or run out of steam sooner than the creator anticipated.

Personally, I found the “shoot them up” sequence to be tedious and taxing. Even yet, it’s still impossible to please everyone in such a case. Of course, they tried; there’s no doubt about it. Yet none of the other continuous interaction types really offer much to the game, and it’s still a tomfoolery ride whether you’ve been playing games your whole life or if you’re just interested in the history of games. Throughout your play, you will encounter several interactive elements of varying types.

Evoland 2 APK

In any case, I can’t help but wonder whether the game would have been much better if the developers had focused on only a handful of core interaction mechanisms (the usual fare for RPGs plus a few surprises) instead of including a wide variety of unusual and, at times, unnecessary ones. Of course, that’s not going to happen. Surprisingly, despite the fact that this is just a little part of the game, the puzzles are, with a few exceptions, really good. Indeed, one of them “damaged” the game for me, making it impossible to complete.

It’s the gigantic puzzle that I failed to solve in my most famous effort. It’s quite simple, yet I made a silly choice and messed up the solution. As there wasn’t a button to press to undo the puzzle’s effects, I had to load a previous save game from a few minutes earlier. They’re a little disorganized, but I’ll forgive it.

Audio & Visuals

The soundtrack is spot-on for what you’d expect from a game of this kind. It has a modern musical score reminiscent of many other scores from video games past. You may be certain that this is not a fake. More than that, it manages to retain a touch of yesteryear.

The sound effects are also top-notch, and they include a wide variety of blares and ‘plings’ that everyone should be familiar with. Strangely enough, voice acting is absent. The game’s many (albeit not as diverse) aesthetic choices mirror the game’s multiple categories.

They vary in visual quality and complexity from 32-bit 2D and 2.5D to full 3D. The frame rate is consistently solid at 60 frames per second, and the colors leap off the screen. I really like how lively and crisp everything is.

Nonetheless, in comparison, it appears mostly the same as the original Evoland, but with some significant enhancements. Despite its many flaws, Evoland II manages to maintain its visuals at a consistently high level throughout its whole playthrough. Outstanding achievement, especially for a game of this length.

Length/Replay Value

The main Evoland took approximately 3–4 hours to complete, while the spin-off is somewhere around 19 hours long. Despite the increase in duration, the majority of the spin-off still seems to have more substance than filler. You may put in a lot more time than that to ensure that you have everything you need, but it doesn’t change the fact that the product is worth every penny. It’s unlikely to hold your interest throughout, but that’s a problem pretty much every game has, in my opinion.

Evoland 2 APK

As such, it’s not a game you’ll be coming back to often; once you’re done, it stands to reason that it will be months or even years before you give it another go, and I imagine that the great majority of you (myself included) won’t bother with it again at any time. It’s worth investigating more, if you ask me. This is a tremendous improvement for the standard of living in the major Evoland region.

Despite this, it is a fair game that screams fan management all the way through, lacking in both character and depth in its tale (which seems to be enormously secondary to Chrono Trigger) and countless minigames. And although the extra time and activities were certainly appreciated, the designers failed to strike the right balance between quantity and quality, leaving the experience with a hollow feeling and a desire for everything to speed up and end.

Few light jokes sprinkled

I would still recommend playing a game that doesn’t put too much emphasis on itself, but if you’re looking for something deeper than passing nods and allusions to other games, a playable story with a few light jokes sprinkled in, and interactivity that consists of an amalgamation of different types of games as minigames, you might want to keep looking.

I didn’t play the first Evoland game, but when I met with Shiro Games at Gamescom 2015, they told me that they had to put in a lot of time and effort—more than a year—to figure out what made Evoland stand out and how they might make their next game even better. After playing through to the end, I can say with confidence that they did a good job with this new active role-playing game. Evoland’s extreme brevity and its mysterious ability to provide for those with little were two of its most fundamental features.

My first playthrough took exactly 23 hours of in-game time, and I took my time and tried to open additional satisfied chests. Whilst certain sections or scenes may drag on, there is always something to do in this game: you may either progress the plot, explore the area in search of hidden chests or new items, or spend hours upon hours trying to defeat very difficult opponents. Exploring the world of Evoland never gets old since there’s always another hidden reference to find.

Meet popular video game characters

You will meet popular video game characters (Elizabeth from BioShock Endless, Sakura from Road Warrior, Lara Croft, etc.) and come across items from different canons (for example, in the Valley of Wind, you can buy a Commander America shield, which is displayed next to a Buster Sword and Connection’s Hylian shield). I received the impression from the beginning that it was excessive and persistent, and that the game may attempt to be sued for being nothing more than a huge hunk of copyright infringements.

Evoland 2 APK

But if you take it for what it is—a tribute to classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Mystery of Mana—you’ll have a blast. One of the developers, Nicolas Decasse, came out as a huge fan of Chrono Trigger, and the game’s setup reflects that: the story will have you travel through time using enchantment stones raised by a now-extinct development, all the while learning that this power shouldn’t be played with and that your actions can have dire consequences.

Your symbol, Kuro, will travel with new friends and push yourself to new heights, just as in every myth. He will want to get close to them so they can help him progress through the game by removing obstacles or clearing a path. When their potential has been fully unlocked, you’ll want to make special requests of all three of your allies, just as you might in Definite Dream 6 or 7. Many gamers from the past will like the game’s treatment of time travel, since it has graphics that get more dated the farther back in time you go.


With eight pieces for the past, sixteen for the present, and isometric 3D for the future, you won’t be able to lose track of time. Some of the puzzles may require you to remove obstacles or acquire particular items from a different time period in order to progress in the time span of your major objective, thus you’ll need to transition continuously from one era to the next as you examine different areas.

This feature is extremely great, but frankly, from one time to the next, it just hacks the narration: going back to one of those exceptional stones to change something in another period before going back to the first time you came from and returning where you were is only a torment, especially during the main hours when there is no chance of transportation.

However, Evoland 2 generally manages to restore your advantage by getting out from under the propensity and having the player explore consistently new computer game types: for example, you will have to overcome a manager in an as opposed to battling mode, you will attempt to save a whole civilization playing a strategic RPG mode, you should get away from a mountain battling in your direction through a shot damnation, etc.

Combat Systems:

No one can foretell what will happen in a first playthrough, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to play a combination of Dance Transformation and Guitar Legend in an action RPG! The biggest problem I have with it is that it gives the appearance that the game is nothing more than a mishmash of allusions and fails to deliver on any sense of distinctive personality; you end up playing a game that discusses and showcases more games than it really features.

One of the main things I’ll say about this game is that some of the puzzles it presents are just exceedingly tough to solve, and not because you need a doctorate degree to handle them. No, I’m just referring to the fact that you could think you’re stuck but, in reality, all you need to do is move a few millimeters to either see where you want to go or find out how to destroy anything that was blocking your path. I spent an hour wandering the woods looking for a way out, even though I knew exactly where the primary exit was.

Unlocking the Past:

Nevertheless, I couldn’t figure out how to unlock it since the hitbox of the shrub I needed to destroy was so small that I was certain I couldn’t access it at this time. Taking everything into consideration, I would recommend this game to anybody who has ever felt a pang of nostalgia for the golden age of activity RPGs, who is steeped in geek culture, or who is just looking for a fun game to occupy them for around 20 hours.

Evoland 2 APK

Undoubtedly, it has some drawbacks, such as the erratic tempo of the action or the fact that partners are reduced to an extremely steady job (you never get to battle as one of them), but the game’s many references and interactive elements, presented with a fantastic soundtrack, make Evoland 2 an endearing experience. If you have already experienced the main Evoland, you will find very few parallels here.

It’s much improved in every way, which is particularly remarkable given that I could have lived without the original by that much. If you haven’t experienced the original game, you won’t need to. Although I could have done without the main game (especially the ending), Evoland 2 starts off great and is consistently fantastic throughout, making up for the fact that it lacks the narrative focus of the original and seems more like a tech demo.

Choices and Consequences:

I won’t disclose much about the plot since I think it’s a big selling point, but I will say that the developers clearly put a lot of thought and care into crafting the tale. This is one of the finest stories I’ve ever read, and it keeps getting better. The game also has mind-blowing music that serves to unify the many themes present. The writing isn’t terrible, but there are a few jarring passages when whole sentences or character names revolve around a single, throwaway joke. Just because you find someone with the name “John Snow” and instantly get the joke doesn’t mean it’s funny.

The rhythm is consistent and never becomes too slow or too fast, and the different forms of participation are introduced at just the right moments. Perfect for the latter stages, when you’ll need to play three separate minigames to advance the story. The first of them is a beat-’em-up section, and it is hands-down my least favorite. However, it only lasts for about 10 minutes, and then you never have to play it again.

Again, there’s a match-3 section that takes around 20 minutes to complete, and then you’re done forever. Finally, a larger TRPG episode that can still be completed in about half an hour if you work quickly. If you want to hurry through the TRPG segment as rapidly as time allows, you may. There are additional areas in the TRPG segment that extend the hour of the portion, but they’re excessive.

Game Modes

The game’s default mode splits the environment between an overhead action role-playing game (ARPG) in the vein of the 2D Legend of Zelda titles and an underground sidescrolling platformer in the vein of Connection’s Enlivening. Both of them are fun to play, and they can go on for a bit longer than they need to in the basement. The game has been extensively analyzed, with the exception of a few small flaws.

Evoland 2 APK

It’s managed to sneak its way onto my list of all-time favorites, and it’s better than I could have imagined. If you’ve made any preemptive judgments based on the main event, you should toss them out. For over twenty hours, you’ll be immersed in Evoland 2’s incredible journey, and you could even finish it wanting to do it all over again. Please take notice that Evoland 2 is not the original Evoland.

More emphasis is placed on the plot than on the comedy, and the game lacks the dynamic realism and continual interaction development of its competitors. Don’t get me wrong; there is enough satire and irony here, but it’s not as prevalent as it is in “real” Evoland. Now we get to the meat of the audit. Evoland 2 is an excellent video game. That’s just fantastic. Unlike its predecessor, Evoland 2 is largely an RPG with gameplay very similar to that of The Legend of Zelda (like A Connection Between Universes or The Minish, dislike Ocarina of Time or Upward Sword).

Persistent engagement

You may remember Evoland as the game that poked fun at various forms of persistent engagement and even the medium of gaming itself. Although Evoland 2 doesn’t really “make fun of,” it does resemble a lot of other games. If you’re exploring in a LoZ-style interactive environment and then suddenly reach an area, the music will switch to sounding like Last Dream or Fire Image, respectively, and you’ll be completely thrown off.

Take notice that the core interaction is in the form of a LoZ RPG, but that you’ll be required to play differently in other parts. Take into account that the difficulty is lessened when it alters ongoing engagement (aside from the Road Contender spinoff…ugh…). The gameplay may shift from a top-down brawler to a match-3 puzzle or from a tactical role-playing game to an emotional roller coaster.

The game’s varied involvement seems to keep things interesting. Honestly, had it continued to be like LoZ, it would have been really taxing very quickly. This time around, the story really shines. Although the first Evoland wasn’t very story-focused, its sequel makes up for it. In case convoluted plots aren’t your thing, I’m sorry. Nonetheless, the gameplay and narrative are both well executed; if you want to play games without paying attention to the plot, you will be left confused.

Furthermore, did you catch my break there? That’s the equivalent of one run through the game at standard difficulty. Neither a sprint nor a full-out effort If you need a quantitative example, I was able to complete the task with a 67% success rate. However, would I recommend this game to you? Totally. Indeed.

This isn’t just a role-playing game; it’s so much more. If you’re enjoying RPGs but have no idea what character class you should play, this is the game for you. Variety abounds, and there’s enough silliness to go around. Regardless of whether or not I mentioned a particular course that you may skip, I still recommend that you enroll in that course. It’s possible that you’ll like it.


Amazing, I was very much intrigued by Evoland II. The reality is that I was hoping for something similar, and although that wasn’t exactly hidden, the fact is that the expansion greatly improves upon every aspect of the original game. That doesn’t make the game perfect by any stretch of the imagination (there are still a few major issues), but I really like the direction it’s heading in. There are still a few of such a large number of techniques available interactively, but if they promise to address this in Evoland 3 (either by removing them or sifting through them), then it will be utterly astounding. An incredible love letter to the medium of video games (and beyond)! Bravo!

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