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Exiled Kingdoms is a single-player Action-RPG that allows you to roam freely through a unique world. It is an isometric game, inspired by some of the best role-playing games from the past decades; it brings back the old spirit of the classics in many ways: a challenging environment, choices with consequences, and a solid game system, with different paths to develop your character.
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Package Name Exiled Kingdoms RPG MOD
Developer 4 Dimension Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.3.1207
Size 121M
Requirements 4.1 and up
Last Update Sep 22, 2023
Date Update September 7, 2021
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Average Rating 4.6/5
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Downloads 109,490
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Exiled Kingdoms RPG MOD APK may be a solitary player Activity RPG that allows you to wander uninhibitedly through a motivating world. It's AN isometric game, actuated by most likely the most effective pretense games from the previous several years; it brings back the recent soul of the works of art in various ways: a tough climate, choices with results, and a robust game framework, with numerous ways in which to foster your temperament.

Investigate the world: no one can direct you toward the most effective secret mysteries. Converse with many alternative characters. Every novel discoursed and tackled several journeys. Tweak your temperament with several skills and lots of numerous things. Conquer all kinds of beasts and dangerous guys, cautiously choosing the weapons or powers for every expertise. Also, return to the old-style font jail slide, with traps and mystery entryways, and end anticipating the unguarded mortal behind every corner.

The Story

Full variant: a solitary in-application get that opens everything eternally (no miniature exchanges). North of four hundred exchanges, enumerates over thirty,000 words. Around 120+ long periods of in-progress interaction. Moreover, the total kind opens the Iron-Man mode and makes the Minister and Mage categories accessible.

One hundred years back, the Andorian Domain got destroyed by a mystical disaster that brought The Revulsions into our reality; it nearly destroyed the grouping. An outsized range found a way to avoid cruising away to the glorious State of Varannar: a savage island, parlous and neglected. Question and fault created tough to settle on another Ruler, and the four Exiled Kingdoms MOD APK got broadcasted.

How to Play

These days, the riffraff kingdoms truly battle to create due in an exceedingly cruel land, often absorbing arms against each other. Domain and the Abhorrences square measure, for the overwhelming majority, merely recent legends and fantasies. You're a beginner globe-trotter, rarely specializing in recent stories; you are upset about your most up-to-date misfortunes and absence of gold.

However, for once, destiny is by all accounts on your aspect. You bought a letter from New Garand, expressing that you simply square measure the only recipient of a serious gift. You call back no relations within the capital of the Realm of Versilia, but completely that won't forestall you from AN open door like this! The thanks to New Garand will uncover several amazements and can instruct you that fantasies and legends can become genuine, as a matter of reality.

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Applied patches

When you log in to the game, when you kill the enemy and take gold from the ground, your money will increase greatly. All features are unlocked.

What's new

Translation update, small errors fixed


Version Size Requirements Date
1.3.1170 121M 4.1 and up 07/09/2021