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Develop and customise your own F1® car from the ground up, or race for one of the 10 official F1® teams, to challenge opponents from around the world to thrilling multiplayer duels. Featuring all the teams, drivers, helmets and the original circuits from the 2020 season, including the street circuit of Hanoi in Vietnam and the return of Zandvoort in Netherlands, F1® Mobile Racing lets you compete against the greatest drivers on the planet such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc.
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4.2/5 Votes: 279,108
Codemasters Software Company Ltd
July 27, 2021
5.0 and up
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After visiting Circuit of the Americas, I was able to see Formula 1 in person. I had seen the race(s) at the circuit and enjoy video games, so I started looking for F1 games. Also I  Have found Codemasters. After much research, I decided to go with F1 2016 Apk. Although I have played racing games all my life, both casually and professionally, F1 2016 Apk is the first time I’ve truly enjoyed a racing game. The wide variety of AI difficulties and the many assists are my favorite things about F1 2016. You have plenty of accommodations for sim racers new to the track, as well as veteran sim racers. F1 2016 provides a realistic racing experience, as well as dynamic weather and tire wear.

F1 2016 Apk allowed me to see race strategies in action and gain insight into them. There are many options, including the career mode, which I have tried, and time trials where you can compete to be the fastest lap via the online leaderboards. F1 2016 Apk is a great racing game. You have to push yourself to achieve the best results for your team and championship standings. Everything is yours. From a pit crew that won’t let you down to unlimited funds to fix your car if it crashes or gets damaged, you’re allowed to take to the track to make everyone proud, including the virtual team behind you and the fans in the grandstands.

F1 2016 Apk + Obb Download Offline For Android

F1 2016 Apk is highly recommended to those who enjoy realistic racing games, as well as those who haven’t tried them yet. Maybe F1 2016 Apk will offer a similar introduction into the pinnacle motorsport to what it did for me. This F1 2016 Apk is what got me interested in F1 and made me more observant. After racing a few times and understanding the basics, I began to research the drivers and teams. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned in this rabbit hole. Although I could have done my research without this game, it was the immersion in driving and being part of a simplified version of the sport that went (no pun intended). I now follow the intricate and amazing F1 racing event.

The game’s last year iteration received a lot of criticism for being incomplete. There were no safety cars, career modes, etc. It was also plagued with bugs that made it almost impossible to play. but Codemasters was my first attempt at a game engine. IT was their first attempt at a completely new game engine. F1 2016 Apk was certain to be an improvement. Codemasters blew my expectations away. Although the game isn’t perfect, it’s far more fun than any F1 title I’ve ever owned. Some minor glitches are present, but they won’t affect your gameplay. Even better, the game did not crash once in four hours! It’s amazing!

Overall, Codemasters, thank you for listening to your fans. We are grateful that you have released such a great game. Here’s to the future! Only forward can we make!
It’s good. Career mode is extremely in-depth and will keep you busy for a long time. I am currently at 25h and have only halfway through the first season. career mode finishes at 10 (!!!) Seasons

Pros In The Game F1 2016 Apk

  • Artificial Intelligence is quite good. They are fast but also make mistakes.
  • Strategy is extremely important
  • Talk (with a microphone) to your engineer about the weather forecast, strategy changes, and fastest lap
  • I think this game would be classified as a “made,” but I enjoy the handling and physics.
  • Good looks and decent performance
  • So far, no bugs have been encountered
  • You can adjust everything you like with many settings (rebound keys and tons of graphics, camera positions, FOV, force feedback, wheel settings, HUD, etc…)).
  • Safety Car, Virtual Safety Car, and Dynamic Weather can all change races in a matter of minutes. Predictability is not possible for any race.
  • Mercedes is strong, but they don’t dominate the game as much in real life. There is a good balance in the F1 2016 Apk .
  • You can have a challenge, even if you’re very skilled.
  • You can build your car in practice and then purchase upgrades as the season progresses, just like real teams.
  • A better damage model than previous games

Cons In The Game

  • Finding the right difficulty setting can be hard at first. The next step, “Legend,” is much faster than “Expert.” The AI with “Legend,” however, is almost as fast as the human brain. To find the right balance, you will need to play around with the settings.
  • I think a difficulty slider between 1-100 would have been more effective.
  • AI can sometimes use bizarre strategies.
  • Your lollipop man holds you captive until there is a large gap in the pitlane during pits.
  • F1 2016 Apk can cause you to lose significant time if the entire grid changes tires or goes into holes because of a weather change, safety car, etc. Because of this “bug,” I experienced a pit stop that took 20+ seconds.
  • It should normally take only 2-3 seconds.Multiplayer is still a cluster and will not offer clean and entertaining racing.
  • Most people crash in the first corner, and then five people leave the server. Not a fun experience.
  • No VR Support
  • They sound better than before, but I still feel that they sound like modern vacuum cleaners.


A very enjoyable game, with some minor issues. If you’re an F1 2016 Apk fan and don’t care about multiplayer racing, this game is well worth it. This game is best if you have a wheel or controller.

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Update 18 is the official start to the 2021 season transition so make sure you jump in game and checkout the deluge of information for the upcoming 2021 season update and the future of F1 Mobile Racing, including the upcoming minimum spec changes. Jump in game and check out our FAQ’s for more information.