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First Strike Multiplayer is here! Now you can play epic worldwide nuclear battles online with up to 9 rivals. Millions of commanders already played First Strike all over the world. Now it is back and ready for the new decade. The new First Strike has been completely rebuilt and now is more stable, more beautiful and more with more cunning enemies than ever. And this is just the start for tons of new updates to come.
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11 January 2022
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First Strike MOD APK (MOD, Unlocked) – First Strike is A no-fuss methodology game about rocket fighting. There are a decent determination of nations to play as and a decent assortment of super weapons you can work to (you pick which two you get toward the beginning of each game). It is continuously with one way of the tech tree gives the capacity to dial back the game while you are in menus.


By and by, I found it pleasant up until you get into the bad-to-the-bone mode. Where I didn’t have the persistence to conquer the troubling spike, otherwise known as the PC, is by all accounts ready. Make numerous moves simultaneously while you take them each by the menus. And they have lovely guide mindfulness while you need to twirl the globe around to see everything. First Strike genuinely feels like something in early access.

It’s playable and agreeable. However, mechanics appear to be exceptionally unpolished. First Strike should have a choice to change the sweep of its area. Superweapons ought to have considerably more definite descriptions. For example, EMP one ought to refer to that impacted rockets explode. It truly matters, assuming you attempt to protect yourself with it. Micromanagement is fine, but not when you, in a real sense, can’t see your locale since some nuke made it challenging to see the boundaries.


Computer-based intelligence isn’t the best by the same token. It’s generally behind on research. Without utilizing the first Strike, it can’t shoot more than 3-4 missiles at you. It will quite often use the first Strike after you do (which can be humorous, assuming there is an EMP missile planned to fall just later) First Strike is an entertaining and habit-forming game. At first, it can get a piece overpowering, yet when you figure out how everything functions, it’s enjoyable.

The sounds and visuals are fantastic, causing enormous blasts to feel strong. The game can get repetitive occasionally, so I recommend paying attention to music or a webcast while playing. Trouble-wise, the typical mode gets quite simple, in any event, when you pick to play as the little nations. Bad-to-the-bone mode is where the genuine test is. I have not had the option to beat it yet, and from what I’ve played, it’s pretty tricky.

Expand Your Territories

Generally, it was worth the deal value I paid, and I agree that even at the maximum, it merits a buy. Alter: After playing and beating No-nonsense mode significantly more, I need to say that this game certainly has a minimal life span. When you understand the center methodology to conquer In-your-face, it turns out to be extremely simple. I’ve had the option to beat many of the enthusiastic nations on my most memorable attempt. I still recommend the game at the deal value as bunches of long periods of delight.


  • Pleasant arcade realistic
  • Pleasant arrangement of soundtracks
  • Not too difficult to even consider dominating
  • Nice replayability
  • You get to nuke the world. 
  • 12 special superweapons, a massive update from the portable’s 6
  • I felt more in control of the game


  • Barely any bugs to a great extent
  • Ordinary mode is too simple. In-your-face manner is challenging (for certain nations)
  • No multiplayer
  • Interactivity every so often gets irritating as well as frustrating
  • Some superweapons are underpowered

UI: Assault and Fast protect buttons used to be red and more unmistakable since they are more significant, and IMO that was better; the Main Strike button IMO, used to be a lot cooler and not such an excess of now that it is so moderate

Artificial intelligence: forceful can be great, yet the foe countries continue to go after even in a non-Bad-to-the-bone mode. It simply makes it highly irritating to foster a nation when you are being gone after constantly if/when the player prevails regarding extending their property enough. Adversaries begin giving up in any event when the player performs ZERO aggressive maneuvers. 

I had a game where I was destroying all rockets, even those that weren’t coming for me, zeroed in on just assuming control over the world and continually killing rockets. No assault moves. Still, any remaining countries gave up. It makes it exceptionally dreary. Kindly ADD Choice WHERE Nations Can’t Give up.

First Strike is a Commendable Replacement To DEFCON

Eleven years after the arrival of Introspection Programming’s DEFCON, this Zürich-based independent studio has handled the subject of nuclear fighting once more. Has it fared well in doing as such? As may be obvious, the response’s a reverberating ‘Yes.’ Even though, as may be obvious, it’s frequently going to be contrasted with DEFCON for some explanation, saying that First Strike: Last Hour outperforms it in numerous ways is fair.

As a matter of some importance, the two propositions have an altogether different feel to the Furthest limit of Times. For the most part, both draw motivation from that old 1983 film, WarGames, the previous all the more so: DEFCON gave us an underground, dugout-like, discouraging air. The guide was a reliable delivery of the Mercator projections displayed in the film, enhancements, and whatnot.

New Super-weapons

First Strike, in a real sense, gives us an overground view from space, and the air is, might I venture to say, merrier. You don’t hear a crying lady, and the music doesn’t dial back as millions kick the bucket on Samuel Hair stylist’s Adagio for Strings playing behind the scenes as you do in DEFCON. You’ll hear the Judgment day clock ticking behind the scenes, yet the temperament is a lot lighter, and the interpretation of the subject is less severe and more silly in its general standpoint.

What does DEFCON have that First Strike needs? Districts matter more than towns do in the last option, so the clinical authenticity of the previous (in which vigorously populated towns, radars, and storehouses were essential targets) doesn’t show up in this game. Your nukes make entire areas appalling. Towns moving amazed by the shoot registers as blow-back in that sense. Second-hit capacity with submarines is mysteriously gone.

The iconic nuclear war game

Sea fighting was a portion of the gig in First Strike. And this game (once more, being more centered around space and rockets) repaid this with a kind of “boundless strike” in which you just run out of nukes once the locales create light. No deferred stages allow you to foster battle preparation toward the start. Foes can hypothetically send off a preventive strike on you toward the beginning of the game.

Multiplayer makes First Strike a famous game right up until now. A pity that First Strike hasn’t figured out how to do likewise, this game’s life span might accept a severe blow. So how can it stick out? I honestly started playing this game. Similarly, I would have on First Strike and moved most of the planet toward a heated potato. Yet, strangely this game permits you to end the game through tranquil, or less aggressive, implies.

How to Play First Strike

Artificial intelligence answers the rate you are furnishing and extending your country. The game doesn’t compel you to light Armaggedon. However, if you open with aggressive moves, even those nations you’re united with will turn on you trying to quiet everything down. Even though I will allow players to find this without anyone else, there are likewise approaches to obliterating your foes without either terminating a solitary nuke or completely incapacitating your superpower.

Matchmaking and Gameplay

It is a charming expansion. You can constantly forestall it, while First Strike does the inverse and unavoidably counts triumph in large numbers of survivors. Who hasn’t been killed in that frame of mind to convey the full importance of Commonly Guaranteed Obliteration? You can pick and open atomic superpowers or local powers known to have nuclear abilities. You can grow them in whichever course you like. First Strike is a significant contrast from DEFCON, which just gave us the likelihood to control entire landmasses.

The extraordinary weapons are astounding, and not everyone is hostile. Many of them are incredibly cool (I know, I shouldn’t involve that word when this game chiefly comprises searing your foes!). On the off chance that you have purchased the reward content, you’ll gain admittance to a few fascinating tidbits about them (some of which I, for one, knew, some of which I didn’t). This group has unquestionably gotten its work done.


This First Strike is astounding. Its ongoing interaction is smooth and irresistible. Anybody who needs to be combative for certain nukes ought to get this game. Besides that, I have just experienced one irritating bug in the game. I need to stop the fun I had proactively begun each time in a while because tapping on my regions no longer raises the rotating menu to pick the activities of that domain. If that bug sorts out, this game gets a 10/10. Till then, I will give it a 9/10.

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4.7.0 112M 5.0 and up 11/01/2022
4.6.0 112M 5.0 and up 11/01/2022

  • All weapons in the game are unlocked.
  • All countries in the game are unlocked.

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