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Fpse64 for Android is the best, fastest and most compatible Psone emulator for Android devices (Psone games directly to your device’s screen wherever you want)
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November 13, 2020
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Fpse64 for Android is the best, fastest and most compatible Psone emulator for Android devices (Psone games directly to your device’s screen wherever you want)

Fpse64 can even display all Psone games in high resolution using Opengl with exceptional graphics!

Take a look at the official documentation for more information:


Create an ISO image from your favorite Psone game disk to enjoy on your Android device and even in OPENGL 2.0

Fpse64 offers all this:

– Works on all versions of Android!

– Exceptional interface that automatically scans your local storage to find Psone games and automatically displays game covers: keep pressing the game icon to open its context menu

– Three different menu types with different presentations,

– High performance ( works on any device )

– High compatibility

– High sound quality

– Ability to save your game at any time

– Emulates audio tracks.

– Also emulates Game Controller Vibration

– Includes up to 10 types of controllers superimposed on the screen

– Gun emulation called Guncon: Use your finger to shoot, really fun! Buttons A and B are emulated in the left corner of the screen

– Emulation of analogue sticks

– Compatible with gyroscope and touch screen buttons

– Supports file extensions: . img, . iso, . bin, . cue, . nrg , . mdf , . pbp , . Z

– Compressed files are processed automatically: the . zip . rar . 7z . ecm and . ape formats are intelligently extracted.

– Full support for Icontrolpad, BGP100, Zeemote, Wiimote (using Bluez IME software)

– Support for PS4-XBOX ONE controller and all Android-enabled controllers

– High definition software rendering engine! (up to 4 times native resolution)

– Experimental multi-player LAN mode using two Android devices! Play with two player mode with a game that wasn’t made for that (For example: Tekken3)

– Exclusive multiplayer mode! Play multiplayer games using up to 4 different devices on a device running the game. All other Android devices are like a wireless controller on every screen! Really fun!

– Exclusive automatic cheat code search engine.

– Adjustable autofire

– Compress a game individually or all games into a single pass using the function: free disk space

– Widescreen display: exclusive feature to display 3D games on widescreen that were natively displayed in 4/3

– Shaders to improve software rendering

– Pre-mount VR! glasses (Occulus Gearvr Google_cardboard Homido, etc.)

– Native NFS protocol support that allows you to load your games directly from your local network from a NAS or computer.

– Option to correct polygon tremor in Opengl high definition mode

and many more fun features!

Now it’s time to enjoy the best Psone emulator on Android!

Looking for a tutorial? take a look here:

Please visit our Forum if you have any questions.


PSX, Psone, Playstation are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

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What's new

FPse64 1.5 Changes:
- Fixed stupid audio slowdown on FFVII
- Fixed Dinocrisis 2 with Software High Definition
- Fixed installation issue on Android 5.1
- Improved speed for OpenGL high definition
- Fixed and Improved cheat engine
- Targeted to Android 10 , open for future updates and faster
- Fixed issue with none working menu button in a specific situation
- Support for more external storage
- Other minor fixes

Disabled license check.
Cleaned up resources.

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