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The full metal monster game is a completely different kind of game and you will not see it regularly anywhere the main character in the game is the dragons where you need to select your required dragon and get into the battle. the game is not bad but it is some facing really big issues in the game as it is a beta version. more coming updates will make the game more stable than before.there are a lot of improvements in the game like the UI and more bug fixes are noted. the new world in the game is so harsh and violent all you need to do is to fight the tuff world and keep on moving and winning the game.

the game is completely online and you need to face and battle against other players online. here you will be getting unlimited ammo where you can defeat enemy easily with there ammo trick .the ammo will increase and will not decrease. I am really love in this game and i cannot stop playing metal monsters at least 3 times a day.here you can also do long-range attacks in the game, which of these can do heavy damages to the enemies. man those dynos are so tuff and you can find them a lot of varieties in the game. just install and see the game.

there are tons of different creatures available in the game all you need to do is play the game and earn benefits to unlock them, there are a lot of skills to the player, you can play the game by flying the dragon and all it takes is some energy and all dragons cannot fly only a few of them can fly. each dyno is equipped with unique power and skill where it can do special moves and attacks depending on how you control it.this is a special feature of the dynos.you can battle with opponents both on the land and in the air which is a big highlight in the game.

present there are 3 types of dynos smoothly metal organic and other one and it will be getting future updates and more different dynos will be added. the game is completely free and is developed by ai.you can download the game from the links provided below. personally, I have played this metal monsters game, I felt like the graphics are really consoled level graphics and everyone will love to play this game, as it attracts the game with those visual effects, and stunning unique fighting styles.

 the game can be played on any mobile as it gets optimized depending on the mobile.so don’t get worried on what mobile you have, as metal monsters perform at its best. considering the gameplay it is also so smooth to play on my device.

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