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Gangstar Vegas is a role-playing game to become the leader of a gang in Las Vegas, while playing along gangsters and mafia cartels, in a free open game world with gang wars.
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Gangstar Vegas MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP 10) –  is one of the best open-world game in android .as the leading game is GTA San Andreas is not up to the mark as it’s not getting frequent updates. this game gets frequent updates and missions in the game will be updated frequently has realistic graphics. which will make user play and enjoy for a long time .over all the game is excellent and best on the Google platform right now.

gangstar vegas mod apk

We can highly recommend this game to anyone who has an android mobile. as this game has almost every feature that a game should have. I am playing this game for so many years and the game is getting better day by day.the gangstar vegas mod apk has updated with a new feature called the devil. credit the devil which is one of the best season events out there on the game right now. the game gangster Vegas are over dangerously good as it has the epic story mode ever in a game.

You will see only the Vegas thing and nothing much from the outer world so you no need to be in Vegas. the gangstar vegas mod apk will make you feel. enter your life or your career as a badly mixed martial artist to don the Vegas city.There are over 190 missions with complete brutal action and that you give you complete fun. Complete mission one by one and get a VIP badge, as we provide a vip10 badge, if you play the game by yourself you can simply get the VIP badge easily.

Explore every inch of this grand open city, where every vice has a price.

There are a lot of vehicles, cars, and weapons you cannot find it anywhere in any game.gangstar vegas mod apk almost made up in Las Vegas where it contains all kinds of stories in the game. the game is a story mode playing this game give fun to us.You have also a save security to that you need not be worried about buying stuff. gangstar vegas mod apk can also online and offline, the main benefit of running the game online. so that you play leaderboards and get to the top, of the list and earn achievements easily.gangstar vegas mod apk can be played online or offline.

if you are online you can play events and upcoming events offline. also you can play the game but you will not get events that are going not he Game. some best hot cars out there in the entire world, and also futuristic cars weapons and helicopter to be considered.By the end of you will find that the gangstar vegas mod apk is so big that even viewing the weapons. vehicles and all the things in the game takes more than a day .by this you can understand how big the game is .

you need a better device to play this game on your device.gangstar vegas mod apk Very nice game. Good graphics. It would be nice if all the roads and streets in the city have names. Also, it would be good if some of the buildings that are such as the city of saints. have more floors, rather than just the ground floor. I also love the way the levels required to play each mission.

gangstar vegas mod apk vip 10 latest version

Best gangstar vegas mod apk unlimited money vip gold status ever Gameloft just continue giving us offline good games . we will give good rating, never seen anything like this before Good graphics, controls, cars human movement and the town so alive plus high-speed police chase giving me some hard time in all everything. game is so good I am enjoying and dying of happiness woohoo best game ever.

gvvvv 5 1 1
Gangstar Vegas MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP 10) v5.7.0m 5.7.0m 7

the developers have done a great job with this gangstar vegas mod apk having the best graphics a mobile game. and most of all Wonderful character sketch humor.Now let’s talk about what could improve the controls could be a little customized. I don’t say that controls are bad but yeah could get better Please Keep the in-game prices a little reasonable.Make available Online Events so people can enjoy their time Bug fixes.

I love this gangstar vegas mod apk and got it about two or three weeks ago. my favorite game on my iPad recommended especially because of most of the world in quarantine. some ideas though it would be cool if it could be like a social game nothing like Roblox. If you could go inside the houses.

The Gang Wars is on, so join in and show them who’s the real rock star gangsta!

Just Awesome!! Purely Insane… Works Perfectly Smooth and Flawless on any device. gangstar vegas mod apk Does Give You a Taste of Saints Row and GA 5 Combined Together. In A Mobile Gaming Platform, This One Is for Sure the Most Advanced Open World Game Experience. to My Knowledge, Good Works Game Developers Keep working hard.Playing this gangstar vegas mod apk for almost a year now which has unlimited money and VIP unlocked.

it has captured my attention and is always throwing up new twists an exciting side missions. Still at it. I’m not sure if this game has any possibility of getting to a complete ending. finished the story mode the have been waiting for an update to throw me another storyline.Gameloft has improved this game many folds and no doubt that this gangstar vegas mod apk is the best. whenever Gameloft comes with an update of Gangster Vegas, they have brought many new things for their players.

also would like to mention the graphics. still, no shadows have been added and they removed the properties that we owned. the price of vehicles got reduced in the chop shop.I like this gangstar vegas mod apk unlimited money vip gold status is so fun. the new update you got to unlock towers for getting new things you have to unlock 200 towers. so the fun never ends I only unlocked 4 towers and to every tower,

gangstar vegas mod apk unlimited money vip gold status

you get loads of minigames the missions are very fun there are loads of guns and clothes that you can buy or unlock and the fun is that you can do free VIP if you upgrade a tower to maximum it gives you a small number of VIP points every day there is a limit of VIP points that each tower.Hello, Gameloft gangstar vegas mod apk unlimited money vip gold status the best game. You can please update this app please add the phone in the game like a GTA5 and new cars.please add the car shop in the game that we can purchase the car in the game and add armor shop also like GTA5.

gvvvv 4 1 1
Gangstar Vegas MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP 10) v5.7.0m 5.7.0m 8

Add some clothes shops also and change the graphics in the house also.Change it that the character was doing robbery in the shop also. And change the map.gangstar vegas mod apk is very nice graphics is good and it takes time to start. fix this we can’t control aim change it then we can aim yourself controls are good to update comes.I have to give a good rating because Gameloft has done so many efforts to make this game.also it should improve graphics and DUNO add character and style to character. THANK You.

Game loft for this game .it consume net very fast and space also.this gangstar vegas mod apk is awesome I love it, but I was thinking, how about you make the other game just like this but with other characters like superheroes, villains like a joker or the voucher or whatever but please do another game like this one oh and also put their superpowers, for example, spiderman put stickiness and spiderwebs

gangstar vegas mod apk 2020 latest version

I just loved the game and the characters. Both Jason and Karen were very adorable and I am really in love with them. I just killed Frank and I was really sad because I wanted more action. download gangstar vegas mod apk with vip unlocked for free. main characters again and also with the same great graphics. Otherwise, please send another update soon.The dream of every player was a big map

.this game very good graphics and very big map good luck excellent game. I like this this this gangstar vegas mod apk very much. good luck Positivity good skills and the missions very much and also various missions like carnage story missions. freefall time attack and ring challenge and I like the graphics low.I will say gangstar vegas mod apk a good game just like D Day. And I am kind of falling in love with it. Everything is going well. But still, you guys need to provide the guy’s open and cars open not luck, and send people to mission without equipment.

And please send me to update Because I have to play the game to the end without open guns for me to use so work on that.Excellent game. Please make it similar to the vice city or san Andreas. So that in the upcoming update makes that we can pick up a girl or we can talk with the street guys. Make use of my idea. This will make the app much better. Thank u.

gangstar vegas world of crime mod apk latest version

Best gangstar vegas mod apk ever better then GTA and I want it for Xbox and switch it’s perfect especially. story mode IDK why some people are leaving bad reviews it’s the best game there’s one add and they just put it in the shop when you buy things great app it would be an honor for the developer to reply this is the best app ever I have it on two devices it’s its game stop saying they copied geta it’s not a waste of time it’s the best game ever u recommend this game from the bottom of my heart best game

gangstar vegas mod apk
gangstar vegas mod apk

This is the best free roam game ever for mobile. The casino is the best. It is bigger than I thought. It is like gta5 for free. The off-roading section is excellent. The shop is so nice. I think it is the best gangstar vegas mod apk free mobile open world game ever. The best cutscene is in the first mission where Frank’s servant kills a man with a pistol. The graphics are the best. We can buy properties and many things.It’s fun night time, girls, crime world. Think of it, well Vegas has it. :) Well not now it doesn’t, the update has made the game bad and annoying.

It takes 3 hours to sell a vehicle when 30 minutes before. The worst part is that you can’t teleport freely, it costs money and also people don’t drop ammo anymore.This gangstar vegas mod apk is very awesome, the controls are very good. The graphics are really good. I am playing this game since 2017, still, I don’t feel bored… This game contains many different missions, events. This game is very good, I recommend This game for you.

insane open-world encounters in this awesome game

The gangstar vegas mod apk just a remake of GTA online but better vehicles and better things to do but it doesn’t make that wasted sound effect when you die, when you steal a vehicle in other open-world games like saints row or watch dogs 2 they call it to hijack or theft.Gameloft makes more games like this they did a good job making an open-world game that you can just relax and enjoy the gameplay. This is so much better than Los Angeles Crimes.Wow the game is not boring because of all snipers, all guns, cars, police, and bike.

I like it when we take the police helicopter and destroy the city and when police kill us. There are many players and I say that who is not playing he would play. I like the game I play the game.Make this gangstar vegas mod apk for Xbox one also this game is better than GTA compliment you can get from GTA fan I wish they would also make this game like the mafia game. where you kill mafia or gang owned stores and threatening the owner with a gun to his face. to pay his or her money to the mafia or gangster boss and corrupt cops. this game was like this mafia video game the godfather to there would be a huge war with mafia.

how to download gangstar vegas mod apk 2020 latest version

this is the hard work of team Gameloft a And I was thinking that I am driving in real life. when I take the prime minister and helicopter, army, police, and army come with AK 47 I have to be sent to the hospital. they worth but this is a very good game you will enjoy but it takes 4 hours to complete it. and it is a real city and there is a Kawasaki ninja h2r with a great sound.

gangstar vegas mod apk
Gangstar Vegas MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP 10) v5.7.0m 5.7.0m 9

This gangstar vegas mod apk isn’t a disappointment. It runs great on my mobile, it looks good, it plays well, and sounds good. the story seems to do a good job of explaining things. And the world map may be smaller than I expected, but it will take well over 2 or 3 minutes. imagine circling the map in the fastest car. It’s not a small world. I can’t wait to see what this game has to offer!

Coolest game ever! I love the stun gun and the shotgun! Just one thing… This is a very serious matter cut selling jet planes becomes a major income for the Autocar shop… I seriously can’t explain but I can only say that it’s the easiest way to earn money. Wait, I don’t even know why I’m complaining. Please add auto boat shops to sell boats too. And also, please add one more Autocar shop sell. Awesome game btw

I Enjoy This Game and Always Played Whenever My Parents Go Somewhere and Take Me My Little Brother. Because it Is Offline Games. You Should Make Go in Buildings & Add Kids and They Are 50% To Be Find Around the City. They Drop GOOD LOOT FOR NOT GOOD players Such as Me. Hope You Read This Please Add What Ever I Said Please

gangster vegas mod apk latest version review

Ready to roll the dice on a life of crime? Then the city of Vegas is waiting for a gangster-like you!.It’s always a crime season for mafia cartels, so only a real rock star could survive in the famous Gameloft game – Gangstar free in a massive open game world full of gang wars, theft, vice, auto racing, sniper action.

just like in your favorite crime movies.gangster vegas mod apk story by boxing for the mafia cartel. But soon you’ll be free to claim the real grand prize as you send your own crime clans v. the gang world of Las Vegas city.Keep fighting for your life through each action-packed mission (over 80!) full of theft, auto racing, shooting, roaming, and fun TPS action.

You never know what you’ll battle next as alien wars, waves of tanks, and zombie clans are just par for the course in this gangster city of never-ending crime season.City driving beyond all limits! It’s not a robbing game, but theft is always an option when you need a car on these gangster town streets.

Nobody can stop you from having the best possible roaming experience in this open-world full of fun beyond the limit. I’d like to see the cops even try to stop you.There’s a strip club in the Red Light District that’s always open & free! Need we explain more?

How to Fix Download Failed Error on Your Device

  • uninstall app
  • download APP from play store
  • after downloading 50mb cancel download
  • install mod apk and Obb
  • open game
  • when the game is loading, turn off wifi
  • enjoy

also, download other games

gangstar vegas mod apk features

  • Unlimited money
  • unlimited daimonds
  • vip 10 purchased
  • all cars unlocked
  • all skins unlocked
  • everything unlocked and upgraded


Clearly, gangstar vegas mod apk is best to open-world game out there on the android market, GTA series on the app store is not a match to this game as this gets updates frequently and getting huge customizations. And only one thing its the best game Out there

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What's new


More Battle Pass Rewards -- Unlock the Neo-Phantom costume for your Gangstar, plus other slick skins for your car and weapon.

New Event -- Launch a surgical strike on your rivals in the new medical-themed challenge event.

Ring Ring! -- The in-game phone will now drop you a line to let you know about alien invasions, gang and solo events, or other important events.


Version Size Requirements Date
5.9.0t - 5.0 13/12/2022
5.8.1c - 5.0 10/06/2022
5.7.0m 36M 4.1 and up 17/07/2020
5.1.1a 36M 4.1 and up 17/07/2020
5.1.0d 36M 4.1 and up 17/07/2020
4.8.2c 36M 4.1 and up 17/07/2020
4.6.0l 36M 4.1 and up 11/03/2020

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Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB, and put in the given path: Android → obb How to install OBB?

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Licence Issues

How to Fix Licence Issues

  1. Go to playstore and click install Gangstar Vegas
  2. After game downloads 30MB Data then click cancel
  3. Now install Our MOD APK and obb provided

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