Granny v1.7 – Angry Grand Mother Game Review

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Granny v1.7 – Angry Grand Mother Game Review

granny is completely a different kind of game. where granny will be keeping you completely in trouble, so be smart and get away from granny and avoid big blows from a granny big baseball bat.

granny will be trying to keep you locked inside her house so that you cannot go out. you need to and have to get of the house because you don’t like being in the house. you need to be quiet and silent so that granny cannot hear you.

if granny hears you she will be coming with the baseball bat and beating you, if it is repeated for the third time you will be killed by her due to heavy beatings.

in case if you drop something on the floor she will find you where you are and come and beat you, so be quiet and be safe and find a way to the outside of the house.

the other thing in the game is that granny will not be attacking as she will be stuck at the stairs and you can escape from the home easily. if you like the game download it from the links provided below.


Granny stuck at stairs and will not be attacked