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Use Jefit to bulk up or get in shape. Maintain a regular workout schedule, whether at home or at the gym. More than 1,400 activities and a large number of workout routines may be found in JEFIT's activity library.
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Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker APK (Elite Unlocked) – Use Jefit to bulk up or get in shape. Maintain a regular workout schedule, whether at home or at the gym. More than 1,400 activities and a large number of workout routines may be found in JEFIT's activity library.

JEFIT improves your workouts by providing an implicit rest clock and a natural activity reporting framework. If you want to be in shape but don't know where to start, JEFIT offers a solution for you. To track their workouts and make positive changes to their bodies, more than 10 million people use JEFIT.

Beginners to advanced exercisers may use Jefit's activity library to set goals, track progress, and create workout routines at the gym or at home. starting with basic workouts like 5×5, 531, stronglifts, and starting strength and progressing to advanced weightlifting strength training, and exercise plans.

What is JEFIT?

JEFIT can tailor a weightlifting programme to your needs, whether you have access to specialised equipment, are working with a makeshift gym at home, or are short on space and must rely only on your own body weight.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, JEFIT can help you achieve your strength or weight goals. You'll get a lot out of keeping track of your workouts by writing them down in a journal or planner, as you probably already know from personal experience.

Key Components

  • Choose your exercises, enter your weight and number of reps into the wellness tracker, and see the results of your hard work.
  • Workout Planner: Over 1400 Exercises with High-Definition Video Galleries
  • Get rid of the notebook and start recording your workouts on your wrist with the Wear OS software.
  • Rest clock, supersets, span clock, body estimation framework, and, in particular, a workout programme organiser and tracker are all features of Natural Instruments.
  • Weight loss, strength training, 5×5, beginning strength, working out, 531, weightlifting, powerlifting, GZCLP, Greyskull, at-home bodyweight exercises, and at-home muscle development programmes are just a few of the objectives of the professionally designed workout routine schedules available at.
  • Maintain Motivation: Hold regular strength-based competitions with actual prizes.Find motivation from your fellow gym goers or muscleheads at home.
  • In order to lose weight, strengthen muscles, or improve mobility, you may use our workout planner and tracker to help you figure out how to get where you want to go.
  • Find nearby people who are interested in weightlifting and add them as a companion.

Apps that aid in the achievement of one's goals

  • Beginner muscle-building routines: stronglifts, 5×5, beginning strength, and multi-day splits
  • Powerlifting, weight training, and Greyskull are all examples of advanced muscle-building regimens.
  • Conditioning, Fat and Weight Reduction, Abdominal, Upper Arm, and Thigh Muscle-Building Programs
  • In-home fitness trainers who create individualised workout routines
  • Squat Racks, Hand Weights, Iron Weights, Hand Weights, and Other Pieces of Exercise Equipment
  • Home Muscle Building Programs for Groups, Mats, Machine-Only, and Center-Centered Bodyweight
  • Compact weights, cardio, high-intensity aerobics, limited time, no-gym home workouts
  • Construct one-of-a-kind powerlifting plans that cater to your specific needs and goals.

Features and tools of an unprecedented calibre

  • A timer for sleeping and activity tracking may be customized.
  • High-intensity training using supersets and other methods
  • Timers for both sets of stretches and for the maximum number of repetitions possible
  • Monitor your fitness and health with this all-in-one app.
  • Wellness advice and regional competitions are presented in a social feed.
  • Discuss your workout progress with friends or a trainer.

Over 1,400 Live Events with High-Definition Footage

  • Resistance training using free weights, machines, links, and bands
  • Cardio, arc, paddle, bike, and swim
  • Boards, Developing, Extending, Abstinent
  • Home Gym, Body Fat, and Travel Fat
  • Make your own individualised plans and preparations.

Comparisons, inquiries, and recommendations

  • Sound advice for exercise
  • Individualized plans for monitoring development
  • Compare your progress to that of other customers or a gym buddy.
  • Timeline summaries every week
  • A log of personal repercussions

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Applied patches

  • Elite Membership Unlocked
  • Ads Layout removed/Ad activity Removed
  • Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
  • Remove default .source name of java files;
  • Debug Info RemovedNote-Some features are server-sided, so can't be modded
    Ignore Expiring soon tag

What's new

- Fix starting interval mode workout bug
- Exercise details UI improvements
- Allow redeemed elite users to purchase subscriptions
- Advanced logging improvements
- UI/UX improvements
- Add block user function to the newsfeed popup menu
- Improve terms and privacy policy visibility
- Added new achievement badges
- Added a newsfeed for achievements earned
- Coach marketplace