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The blast was immense. Humanity finally had destroyed itself. The fallout lasted for weeks after the bombs went off. If you didn’t die in the blast, you died in the coming weeks from radiation and disease. Everyone was fighting for survival in what's left of the abandoned towns and cities. Slowly the survivors are trying to put what's left of their lives back together, some even with force. Just like the other survivors, Max was trying to reclaim his life back. He drove from city to city trying to find a suitable place that was good enough to call home. However, after his latest stop, things got a little complicated starting with a few stolen car parts.
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Hardboiled is a 2D side-scrolling shooter game developed by the game development team at Myoubouh Corporation.The game is set in a dark, noir-like atmosphere, and it tells the narrative of a tenacious investigator who takes on the criminal underground. Hardboiled is a must-play for every lover of old arcade games, thanks to its faithful recreation of the genre's gameplay and its stylistic presentation.

Hardboiled APK
Hardboiled APK


A hard-boiled investigator takes on the criminal underground in this classic tale, Hardboiled. In this analysis, we'll go further into the game's plot, characters, and themes to find out what makes it so interesting and enjoyable.


Hardboiled's story is well-crafted and full of unexpected turns that will keep players interested. The protagonist, a hard-boiled investigator called John, investigates a string of heinous atrocities perpetrated by a sinister criminal syndicate. Each chapter of the narrative deals with a different situation or goal.

The story moves at a good pace, which is one of its merits. The plot develops quickly, with each chapter building on the ones that came before it. The tale is also well-structured, with a distinct purpose for each chapter that serves to advance the plot.


Hardboiled has fully realised and interesting characters. John, our protagonist, is a tough and no-nonsense investigator who is committed to bringing down the criminal organisation he is investigating. John has a distinct character, with a strong veneer masking a sensitive and emotional core.

Supporting characters in the game range from fellow investigators to police officers to regular citizens. The game's setting is made richer by the characters, each of whom has their own history and quirks.


The crime and justice themes of Hardboiled are complex. The game depicts a grim and dangerous society in which criminals rule and the law has no teeth. The protagonist of the game is a lone crusader against the pervasive corruption and injustice across the globe.

Themes like loyalty, betrayal, and retribution are also examined throughout the game. John learns throughout the novel that his friends and allies may not be who they appear, and that his opponents may have more nuanced goals than he first assumed. These recurring ideas enrich the narrative and keep players interested throughout.


Hardboiled's gameplay is a fascinating mashup of traditional point-and-click adventure game conventions with cutting-edge features. In this review, we'll go into the game's gameplay, puzzles, and fighting to see what makes it such a rewarding experience.


Hardboiled's key gameplay features include discovering new areas, interacting with NPCs and items, and figuring out the game's riddles. The game has a traditional point-and-click interface in which players click on various elements to do various actions, such as picking up items or moving the main character.

The investigation system is one of the game's most notable features since it lets players collect evidence and piece together clues to solve murders. In order to do this, investigators must question potential perpetrators, investigate crime scenes, and analyse evidence.


Hardboiled's puzzles are difficult without being unfair, and they force players to use their brains and solve problems in novel ways. All of the puzzles, from the simplest object-based ones to the more sophisticated logic ones, fit seamlessly into the story of the game.

The riddles are excellent since they are frequently integrated into the tale and serve to further the inquiry. In this way, involvement and care for the game's setting and plot are maintained.


Combat elements are also included in Hardboiled, expanding the scope of the game in interesting ways. The action system used in combat is simple yet functional, allowing you to dodge, block, and attack with a wide array of weapons.

The fighting system is well implemented, increasing the game's difficulty. It should be noted, however, that fighting is not the game's primary emphasis and appears relatively rarely. Hardboiled's gameplay expertly blends traditional point-and-click adventure game aspects with cutting-edge features. The fighting features, in addition to the investigative system and the difficult riddles, make for an engaging experience. Hardboiled's gameplay is a must-try for any lover of adventure games or crime dramas.

Graphics and Visuals

Hardboiled's aesthetics and textures are dark and grim, which is fitting for the game's crime thriller scenario. This review will focus on the visual aspects of the game, including the art style, character designs, and environmental design that contribute to the game's overall aesthetic.

Artistic Method:

Hardboiled's visual design combines elements from both traditional noir and contemporary comic books, with a focus on darkness and contrast. The game's aesthetics are kept subdued, with a focus on black, white, and grey tones.

Character movement and sequences are animated using hand-drawn animations, which is a notable aspect of the visual style. This gives the game a unique aesthetic that sets it apart from similar titles.

Designs for Characters:

Hardboiled has excellent, memorable character designs. John, our main character, is the epitome of the gritty, no-nonsense, hard-boiled investigator. All of the ancillary characters have been given careful attention to detail as well, and they all have distinct appearances and personalities.

The game's villains are especially memorable, with each nefarious mastermind having their own unique design and attitude. This enriches the game's setting and makes the plot more engaging.

Planning for the Environment:

Hardboiled has a meticulously constructed and detailed set design. The city in which the game takes place is a squalid one by day and a glamorous one at night.

The settings are rich in detail, and there are many things to see and do in each one. The game's aesthetics create a sombre and evocative atmosphere thanks in large part to the excellent use of lighting and shadows. One of the best parts of Hardboiled is how good it looks.

The game's premise calls for a dark and melancholy setting, and the graphic style, character designs, and environmental design provide just that. Hardboiled is an excellent game to play if you like the noir style and gorgeous graphics.

Music & Sound

The noir-inspired tale of Hardboiled is complemented well by the game's ominous and foreboding audio and visuals. What makes this game so immersive will be discussed in detail, including its music, voice acting, and sound effects.

Ambient Noise:

Hardboiled has excellent, meticulously created sound effects. Sounds like rain on asphalt, far-off car horns, and the buzz of neon signs all populate the game's universe. A player's ability to connect with the game's environment is enhanced by these ambient noises.

Sound effects for opening and closing doors, locking and unlocking locks, and firing a rifle are all included in the game. These effects are well-done and serve to deepen the player's immersion in the game.

Speaking Roles:

All of Hardboiled's voice actors do a fantastic job bringing their respective characters to life. John, the game's protagonist, is voiced by an experienced actor who nails the character's gruff demeanour and can-do demeanour to a tee.

The supporting ensemble has excellent vocal performances as well, with each character having a distinct demeanour and tone. One of the game's best features is the memorable villains; all of them have their own unique voices and personalities.


Hardboiled's soundtrack combines elements of jazz and noir-inspired melodies, with a concentration on brass and percussion. The soundtrack fits the game's tone and plot nicely, making it seem more immersive. The music is also diverse, with certain songs playing depending on the game's setting. This ensures that the game's soundtrack remains exciting and interesting throughout.

Hardboiled's audio and music are two of its best features, contributing to a gloomy vibe that fits the game's theme well. The music, voice acting, and sound effects all come together to provide a fully immersive experience. Hardboiled is a must-listen if you like music that is both atmospheric and well-crafted.


Hardboiled is no exception to the rule that replayability must be prioritised when designing a game. In this analysis, I'll be focusing on the game's replay value, or the number of times you'll enjoy playing it, and the reasons why.


The plot is a big part of why you'll want to play Hardboiled again and again. The game has a branching storyline that evolves based on your decisions. This implies that there are a variety of ways to complete the game, each with its own set of challenges and possible outcomes.

This encourages players to go through the game again and again to see the various outcomes. The tale is also well-written and interesting, with enough unexpected turns to keep players guessing.


Hardboiled's gameplay is a major factor in the game's longevity. There are several different gameplay mechanisms in the game, and they're all well implemented and enjoyable.

The game's fighting system is also extensively modifiable, letting players strike a balance between different approaches. The fact that players may experiment with various tactics in battle is a major factor contributing to the game's great replay value.

Planning for the Environment:

Hardboiled's environment design is another factor contributing to the game's longevity. The game's environment is rich in depth and filled with things to do and see. In addition, there are a number of distinct environments throughout the game to explore.

This allows players to go back to regions they skipped the first time around or to experience the game in a new order. The lighting and shadows in the game are what really make the environment seem alive and interesting to explore.

Hardboiled's story branches, gameplay systems, and richly drawn settings all contribute to the game's great replayability. The tale is exciting and full of unexpected turns, and the game's mechanics are flexible enough that players may adapt them to their own play styles. Hardboiled is highly recommended if you want to play a game that will have you coming back for more.

Main Features

Hardboiled has a lot to offer, from a customizable fighting system to a branching storyline. In this analysis, we'll look more closely at the game's components and investigate what makes it special and enjoyable.

Story Branches:

Hardboiled's branching plot is a major selling point. A variety of branching paths allow players to shape the tale and their experience. This implies that there are a variety of ways to complete the game, each with its own set of challenges and possible outcomes.

The plot of the game is intricately woven together and will keep players guessing until the very end. Players may shape their experience in accordance with their tastes thanks to conversation options, which also increase the game's replay value.

Adjustable Warfare:

Hardboiled also has a customizable fight system. There is a wide variety of weapons and skills to choose from, each with its own set of pros and cons in the game. There is a great deal of freedom of choice and customization available to players in terms of their weapons and skills.

The game's combination of cover-based tactics and stealth enables players to take numerous approaches to battle, which increases the game's replay value. The fights are strategic and difficult, forcing players to use their skills.

Problem-Solving and Investigation: 

The mechanics of Hardboiled include sleuthing and problem solving as well. In order to advance the plot, players must visit crime locations and collect evidence. Players need sharp observation and deduction abilities to put together evidence and reveal the truth.

The game also includes several puzzles that test the player's ability to think critically and solve problems. The variety and quality of these puzzles are impressive, including everything from code-breaking to spatial thinking.

Planning for the Environment: 

Hardboiled also has remarkable environmental design. The game's environment is rich in depth and filled with things to do and see. In addition, there are a number of distinct environments throughout the game to explore.

The game's use of lighting and shadows makes for an engaging and evocative setting. The game's emphasis on immersion is further strengthened by its use of environmental storytelling components that contribute to the game's overarching plot.

Hardboiled has several different elements that come together to form a compelling whole. The research and puzzle-solving mechanisms add complexity and difficulty to the gameplay, while the branching storyline and customizable combat system allow for a great degree of player choice and customization.

In addition, the game's careful design and focus on atmosphere make the world a delight to explore. Hardboiled is a well-made game that lovers of story-driven games, games with a concentration on fighting, and puzzle games should play.


  1. Story Branches: Hardboiled's strength lies in the many paths it may take you. The game provides a number of different options for completing the tale, each with its own twists and conclusions. This enables personalised gameplay and increases the game's longevity and replayability.
  2. Adjustable Warfare: Hardboiled's configurable fighting system is another one of its strengths. There is a wide variety of weapons and skills to choose from, each with its own set of pros and cons in the game. There is a great deal of freedom of choice and customization available to players in terms of their weapons and skills.
  3. Problem-Solving and Investigation: The investigative and puzzle-solving systems in Hardboiled are also notable for their quality. The game's crime scenes are intricately crafted, and solving them requires keen observation and deduction. In addition, there are several skill-testing puzzles to solve throughout the game.
  4. Planning for the Environment: Hardboiled eggs benefit greatly from their setting. The game's environment is rich in depth and filled with things to do and see. In addition, there are a number of distinct environments throughout the game to explore. The game's use of lighting and shadows makes for an engaging and evocative setting.


  1. Insufficient Investigation: Hardboiled suffers from a lack of depth in parts of the plot. The game's setting is solid, but it offers nothing in the way of optional exploration. This might hinder the player's ability to get completely immersed in the game's universe and provide a more linear experience.
  2. Boundless Conflict: Hardboiled suffers from a lack of variety in its fight sequences. There is a lot of room for player agency thanks to the game's moddable fighting system, but the actual fights might become stale after a while. Because of this, playing the game might get tedious at times.
  3. Customization of Characters Is Rigid: The possibilities for personalising your character in Hardboiled are relatively restricted. The player character's look and personality can't be changed as much as the player's weapons and skills. The player's ability to become lost in the game may be hindered as a result of this.


In sum, Hardboiled is a well-developed game that delivers something fresh and exciting. It stands out from the crowd among action games because of its engaging story, adaptable fighting system, investigative and puzzle-solving elements, and well-crafted environments. Limited exploration, repetitious fighting, and little opportunity to personalise your character are a few of the game's flaws, but they don't distract too much from the overall experience. Hardboiled is a great option for fans of story-driven games that put an emphasis on action and puzzle-solving.

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