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Heavy Bus Simulator is a simulation game of Road Buses, from the same creators of Heavy Truck Simulator! Drive in Brazil passing on mountain roads, off-roads, and much more, always trying to make a good trip to your passengers. All of that, receiving constant updates to make the game better and have a lot of new features. DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE!
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March 16, 2021
2.3 and up
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Package Name Heavy Bus Simulator MOD
Developer DEHA
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.088
Size 26M
Requirements 2.3 and up
Last Update Apr 13, 2024
Date Update March 16, 2021
Verified AppSecure Verified
Average Rating 4.2/5
Page Views 1,906,364
Downloads 453,896
Comments Enabled Yes
Supported Platforms Android

Heavy Bus Simulator Mod Apk is a game that simulates the operation made up of Road Buses from the same team behind Heavy Truck Simulator! Explore Brazil taking a trip through mountains, off-roads, and more, constantly trying to give a remarkable journey for your passengers. All this while receiving regular updates to make the game better and to add many new features.

It is a game I play every day at home. You can bring new weather conditions such as snow or heavy downpours and lightning strikes. Also, I’d like to add a few of the towns, cities, and villages. It might be interesting to add roads and a store to shop at for people to take a bite to eat. In Heavy Bus Simulator Mod Apk The driver can eat, rest, and do other things that are typical of real life. Thank you for making a fantastic game.

Fantastic views, and there’s something I could suggest to you. Strangely, AI switches on their lights at all times, even during the morning. Would you be able to fix it? By the way, I’d like to suggest some stops in between expressways. In addition, I’d like to say that I prefer the driver’s ability to get on and out of the bus. Would you be able to do that? The thing I do not like is that it is sluggish. You can add more cities, buses, roads, and scenery.


I play Heavy Bus Simulator Mod Apk nearly every day, all over the world. Add additional weather conditions. Also, re-check the navigator as it can sometimes steer you on the wrong road. Particularly off-ramps. Many cities with exciting routes. I’d like to know the names of my business on the bus, please. We should also be able to track the progress of the game.

It’s a unique, fantastic driving simulator. I only wish all features and controls could fit on screens with small sizes, e.g., smartphones. I love it using an eight” tablet, not anymore on a 6″ smartphone. Also, please include an option for a map and deactivate speed traps and the comfort of passengers. Once one can drive, it can enable them to drive again.

It’s time to include some additional settings for passenger satisfaction in Heavy Bus Simulator Mod Apk. (on) as well as the (off) button. Another option is to take away the loading map. We’ve already downloaded the entire game. Therefore, there will be no loading maps whatsoever. Another option is to make a setting on the speed limit. It should have (on) as well as (off) buttons.

The bus can also make it more stable and not be bouncy as you turn (left)and (right) alter the mechanics that the vehicle uses. Include wipers. Include a (speed button for control) in the vehicle. Also, add (street lights) to the gameplay. Remove the glitch in the cars, which means that nearly all vehicles have lights on, even in the daytime.

Features Of Heavy Bus Simulator MOD APK

And please include other vehicles such as taxis, trucks, sports cars. Finally, you can provide a place for passengers can take breaks. Add many more players. Add more money. Include more buses Add rain, and add clouds Stormy weather that can trigger calamities.

Here are some positive things concerning the game.

  1. Fantastic selection of various kinds of coaches.
  2. Great map. Gorgeous scenery and others.
  3. At night, I am unable to switch on the headlights as it is because the framerate drops. It’s the same when I switch off the traffic.
  4. Additionally, some roads are filled with potholes, notably on the road that connects Campo Grande and Rondonopolis. However, it’s an outstanding game.

However, it needs following improvement.

  1. Include more luxury international buses.
  2. additional destinations.
  3. dangerous roads and routes.
  4. uphill roads and mountain roads.
  5. the option to change your route automatically.
  6. bus station improvements such as a large area, parking.
  7. more routes and switch the driver.
  8.  include bus enhancements such as music, ac back camera, etc.
  9. restaurants or hotels to make the passengers feel more comfortable.

All you have to do is add some drops and pick up between your chosen destinations and increase the number of players. Limit the sensitivity of controls during games that are in high-traffic mode. Add a volume control section to the game in addition to using the volume of your phone. Add different hoot sounds.

Story And Missions in Heavy Bus Simulator Mod Apk

However, most of it doesn’t go in the same manner, but it was an enjoyable time at home or not, the 8th and 9th of June in the first half and a bit to go along with it. Immensely helped me to provide the models below. The first model should be considered the main one. Is that it’s the best way to find out what the level of charge is free in Heavy Bus Simulator Mod Apk. the most important factor is that I get the most effective route to my new home, and I would want to know if can do the 9th of December it is possible to be in the UK, and I’ll be

Heavy Bus Simulator Mod Apk is a game with realistic gameplay, excellent features, and significant overtaking effects, But this is the question: what do I do to purchase a new bus? Ave was playing the game for nearly a year, earning a lot of money, but Avent purchased every bus. Also, the night is so fast it seems like daytime is more extended than nighttime. Additionally, add a different number of passengers. Not just the six. Same individuals. Also, you can improve on conditions for the weather as I’ve seen excellent wipers.

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Bug fixes


Version Size Requirements Date
1.086 26M 2.3 and up 02/06/2020

Applied Patches

  1. you have enough money to buy all the vehicles.
  2. Also, the boring ads in the game have been removed
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