Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money/Unlocked 1.13

Get ready for some brutal shooting action!
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Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) –  Downpour red hot retaliation from above in this quick-moving third-individual helicopter shooter where you’re determined to save the prisoner from crowds of zombies, hoodlums, colleagues, and adversary warriors.


Watch out, and your brains about you, and don’t quit shooting till she jumps to somewhere safe and secure in this simple to-play all-activity game were hands down, the quickest and the deadliest get by. Hyper-ruthless, hyper-engaging helicopter commotion that will make you want more and more a large number of times.

Help the prisoner escape by gunning down the unending stream of followers behind her. Use explosives and other in-game items to take out different foes or depend on extravagant shooting to dispense with however many troublemakers as you can. Fling down obliteration on the adversary, however, ensure you don’t raise a ruckus around town unintentionally.


Whenever troubles arise, the extreme goes slow-mo. At the point when zombies are breathing down the neck of the unfortunate prisoner at crucial points in time in the Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK, time dials back to assist you with adapting. Take as much time as necessary, crush your adversaries, and salvage the prisoner!

Fluctuated and invigorating interactivity activity: levels shift back and forth between housetop zombie pursuits and building assaults with different equipped foes endeavouring to bring you down. Simply the most honed shooters will make due, so watch your points and get impacting to obliterate many floors of miscreants.

How to Play

There’s an entire invigorating scope of foes to obliterate, and some even shoot back, so safeguard up before you begin to ensure you can make due and save the prisoner. Complete levels to update your weapons, outfit, and helicopter, and advance through the city’s locale to arrive at fantastic supervisor levels with additional prizes.

Highlights Of Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK

Evaluate guns, shotguns, attack rifles, SMGs, and even rocket launchers to find the firearm that assists you with stopping most zombies. Extra-unique insane levels offer a wild option in contrast to ongoing everyday interaction, with weapons that shoot felines, sheep, paint, and an entire pile of other odd and brilliant choices to light up your play.


Cool designs, extraordinary settings, a strain-building soundtrack, and up-to-date camera points give the game a refreshing, true-to-life feel. Keep the foe crowds under control and watch the prisoner jump to the security of your helicopter in wonderfully fulfilling slow movement.

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What's new

New boss! A giant lizard is on the loose! Use airborne firepower to take it out.
New level pack: 20+ hidden levels with epic challenges to test your skill and smarts.
Fixed bugs to improve gameplay, graphics and balance. We continually update our game to bring you more fun helicopter havoc and hostage rescues.

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