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Walk, find, aim, shoot - be the hunter, join the hunt!
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Woodcock entertainment
November 8, 2021
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Package Name Hunting Simulator MOD APK
Developer Woodcock entertainment
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 6.81
Size 133M
Requirements 5.1 and up
Last Update Mar 02, 2024
Date Update November 8, 2021
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Average Rating 4.1/5
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Downloads 27,420
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Supported Platforms Android

Hunting Simulator MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Hunting Simulator It is a very decent game. The issue is its finished absence of an instructional exercise or legitimate clarification of its mechanics. If you come from Call of the Wild or The Tracker, you might have somewhat of a disarray. This Hunting Simulator is slightly more arcadey, as the global positioning framework is garbage and the call framework is a piece risky.


The vendor is a massive assortment of guides, creatures, and weapons. This Hunting Simulator, in all honesty, is more like the Hunting Limitless series than CotW. It’s great. I’d switch off slug time and spotlight on the chase. Large numbers of the audits are from the good ‘old days when it was bug-ridden. I haven’t seen a solitary bug, and creatures appear to respond practically to me. Novices with no information on hunting don’t have the foggiest idea about how Intense a creature’s head is.

Go for the gold behind the front leg, where the lungs are. See how rapidly things drop. (In any case, assuming you are utilizing the legitimate type. Round is too little. It won’t get between those ribs. At any rate, I genuinely like this Hunting Simulator and recommend it at a bargain. Other than Call of the Wild and Cabelas Ace Chases, it’s flawed. You don’t have a lot of choices for hunting match-ups. This game helps me to remember Hunting Limitless 2010.


It’s great stuff. Get it discounted or at the maximum on the off chance you are a hunting fan. This game is developing in me. I have now attempted multiplayer and am genuinely delighted in it. The game synchronizes fine with different players. No errors there, and WE HAD A great time. You can do the missions Center. It is a tremendous factor regarding a good time for me. You likewise have more weapons, and stuff opened when in multiplayer.

How much stuff to open is immense. How many missions are additionally fabulous? Are there misfires? Indeed a couple of little inconveniences, for example, attempting to barrage while running. The controls on the console and the regulator battle, and you turn while running. I’m a die-hard hunting sim fan, so that’s what let us move. I additionally chase, in actuality, so that is far removed. I have also played the tracker Call of the Wild for 170 hours.

Hunt All Wild Animals

Let’s talk Hunting Simulator. I trusted that this game would emerge as I’m angry with the tracker call of the wild and it being a beta delivered as a complete game. Months later, it is as yet a buggy as damnation game. So bouncing into this game, my disappointment is, as of now, high to see we have a similar situation here. But it doesn’t appear to be very as awful. A portion of the errors I found was graphical—screen tearing.

A ton of screen glimmering and an extremely dim lighting framework continues to practically dark depending on how your personality turns. The illustrations are alright. Not comparable to the tracker. Indeed, even on world-class, the bloom draw distance is around 30m before your personality, so you see them popping in constantly. The dim gamma with no adjustment truly bothers me on this Hunting Simulator. The sound. is alright.

Different Types Of Weapons

You hear a similar six bird brings again and again, and the fox calls sound like the equitable recorded a clasp from the tracker. Firearms sounds are weak. And overall, the sound is not a big deal. I have played this Hunting Simulator for several hours, and thus far, I’m genuinely living it up. Of course, this game isn’t a Combat zone, so the ongoing interaction is significantly increasingly slow, a piece harder. Especially following and finding the creature that your central goal is advising you to shoot can be somewhat troublesome first and foremost.

Yet, when you get its hang (Expert TIP: Utilize your guide A Ton), having a perfect chance and guaranteeing your prey is fulfilling. It likewise appears to get a piece simpler to view as the unique creature when you open a few guests and different things like breeze showers and optics. There are a few little bugs interactivity-wise, similar to a creature that didn’t appear to see when I missed a shot close to them. However, nothing game broke up until this point.

Hunt With Your Own Dogs

I don’t concur with many negative surveys of the horrible creature’s computer-based intelligence. Up to this point, they act as I suspect them of doing. I approved of animals stalling out or having a strange way of behaving. I like how detailed the engineers have placed into the designs from various atmospheric conditions. And plants that move when the player goes through them to garments that help wet when you go through water or, on the other hand, assuming it downpours.

However, this is for the most part just apparent in third indiidual view, and if you resemble me you won’t utilize it that much. Up to this point, I’m genuinely dazzled by how much happily accessible in this Hunting Simulator. I just opened two levels, a few firearms, and a few things, yet seeing what is locked, I think there are 50+ interactivity hours before you have played through the mission.

They even have a robot to open! I haven’t played a great deal of multiplayer yet. However, playing a portion of the missions with two or three companions appears to be very enjoyable. However, it would be great assuming it had parted screen center.


  • Part of the content
  • Tremendous guides
  • A wide assortment of creatures to chase
  • Online Center Multiplayer
  • Both the first and third individual view
  • Decent designs
  • Full regulator support


  • A few little bugs
  • Ongoing interaction could utilize some clean
  • No nearby center
  • No visual presentation of prizes from creatures you have killed

Gameplay depends on a mission framework. You open stuff for beating new missions. There is a list of competitors, yet the tasks don’t let you know how to boost focus first. You can win the primary and optional goals expressed; however, the Hunting Simulator will advise you to shoot a red fox at that point. If you don’t, you won’t break the main 100 on the list of competitors. I genuinely like this game. Yet, a couple of things worked on, like the creatures.

Different Types Of Hunting Vehicles

Bears don’t meander in the colder time of year. They sleep. The same thing with the Geese; geese could do without the more challenging time of year. Something else is critical restricting. I wish there were more various ties. For instance, I like it on the off chance I could tie the right ctrl button for my hunker and inclined. Likewise, have it, so we have an auto move restricting and auto look with our character’s head to look left and right.

The stores can be significantly greater, multiple times more significant, and something final. I generally hit the stomach when I go for the gold/lung region. I believe that any place I hold back nothing is where I ought to raise a ruckus around town. However, every one of the games runs impeccably, and the missions are perfect, yet there could be many more. Much obliged, and keep up the incredible work.


I love this Hunting Simulator. I, in all actuality, do figure the controls could utilize some assistance. Also, if there could be more creatures and different rifle types, that sounds perfect. I genuinely do feel like the ballistics are a smidgen off. What’s more, the reloading sound and visuals could help us. However, I think this is everything looks OK. And all, I’d want to see shot grain decisions. Not too enormous an arrangement, but rather the development appears to be somewhat solid and limited. I don’t know. It simply doesn’t feel smooth. But I love to see this Hunting Simulator improve.

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