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Are you sick of your Android device's home screen looking and feeling the same? Do you want more control over how things work and a better level of performance? If that's the case, Hyperion Launcher could be the answer you've been looking for. In this piece, we'll take a deep dive into Hyperion Launcher and look at its features, ways to customize it, and much more.
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December 30, 2020
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Package Name Hyperion launcher APK 2.0.43
Developer prjkt.io
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.0.43
Size 6.6M
Requirements 5.0 and up
Last Update Feb 23, 2024
Date Update December 30, 2020
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Average Rating 4.1/5
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Downloads 13,075
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Hyperion Launcher: Transforming Your Android Experience

Are you sick of your Android device’s home screen looking and feeling the same? Do you want more control over how things work and a better level of performance? If that’s the case, Hyperion Launcher could be the answer you’ve been looking for. In this piece, we’ll take a deep dive into Hyperion Launcher and look at its features, ways to customize it, and much more.

What is the Hyperion Launcher?

Hyperion Launcher is an Android app made by prjkt.io that is both creative and useful. It takes the place of your device’s default app and gives you a lot of ways to improve it and make it your own. Hyperion Launcher has something for everyone, whether you love Android or just want to change the way your phone works.

Features of the Hyperion Launcher

The Hyperion app, which was made by prjkt.io, is not your typical Android app. It’s an app with a lot of features and lots of ways to change how you interact with the home screen of your Android device. In this in-depth study, we’ll break down the most important parts of Hyperion Launcher to show you what makes it stand out from the rest.

Customization Galore

One of the best things about Hyperion Launcher is that it can be changed in ways that no other app can. It doesn’t just let you change the wallpaper or tweak a few colours; it gives you a whole set of choices that let you make your device truly your own.

Icon Packs

Many icon packs from the Play Store can be used with the Hyperion Launcher. There’s an icon pack for everyone, whether you like simple icons, comical ones, or something completely different. With just this one function, your device can look new and unique without you having to do much.

Grid sizes and layouts

Both your home screen’s and app drawer’s grid sizes and patterns are up to you. Change the number of rows and columns to put your apps and tools in the exact order you want. This amount of power is great for users who want their layouts to be precise.

Gestures, Gestures, Gestures

Gestures are becoming a more common way to move around on Android smartphones. This trend is used to its fullest by Hyperion Launcher. You can use gestures to do many different things, like open apps, show the notification box, or even lock your device. This not only makes it easier to use your phone, but it also gives your conversations a bit of class.

App Drawer Styles

When it comes to app drawer styles, Hyperion Launcher lets users choose what they like. You can choose between a list view, a vertical view, or a horizontal view. Each style gives you a different way to get to your apps, making it easier to quickly find what you need. This makes sure that the launcher changes according to how you use it instead of pushing you to use a layout that was made for you.

Notification Dots

With Hyperion Launcher, it’s easy to stay on top of your messages. With the notification dots function, app icons with unread messages get a small dot on them. It’s a quiet but effective way to stay aware without constantly looking at your notifications. If you tap on the icon, you can see a sample of the notice and decide if it needs your attention right away.

Integrated Weather Widget

Hyperion Launcher isn’t just about how it looks and works; it’s also useful. With the built-in weather widget, you can see the current weather right on your home screen. There’s no need to open a different app for the weather. It’s a small thing that makes your whole experience better.

Hyperion Launcher is a force of features and ways to change things. It is one of the most advanced Android launchers because it can be changed in a lot of ways, supports icon packs and motion controls, and has a wide range of app drawer styles. The message dots and built-in weather app are nice touches that make it easier to use a smartphone every day.

Even though it might take some time to learn how to use all of Hyperion Launcher’s features, it’s well worth the time for Android users who want a more personalized and efficient experience. Hyperion Launcher has what you need, whether you’re an Android expert who wants to tweak every part of your device or just want a new look for your home screen. Give it a try and see how far your Android gadget can go.

Installation and Setup

Getting started with Hyperion Launcher is a breeze.

  1. Download Hyperion Launcher from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set it as your default launcher.
  3. Customize your home screen to your heart’s content.

Customization Options

Hyperion Launcher is known for its wide range of customization options, which let Android users change their home screens to fit their own tastes. In this in-depth study, we’ll look at all the different ways Hyperion Launcher lets Android users customize their experience.

Change icons with icon packs.

One of the best things about Hyperion Launcher is that it works with a huge number of icon packs from the Google Play Store. This feature alone can make a big difference in how your device’s interface looks and feels.

Icon Pack Compatibility

The Hyperion Launcher works well with many different icon packs. This gives you a wide range of styles to choose from, from simple and sleek to colourful and artistic. By making it easy to switch between icon packs, you can give your device a quick update that makes it feel brand new without spending a lot of money on new hardware.

Icon Size and Label Customization

You can use different icon packs, but Hyperion Launcher also lets you change the size of your icons and decide whether or not to show names for your apps. With this amount of control, your home screen will not only look good but also be very useful.

Grid sizes and layouts

The best thing about Hyperion Launcher is that you can change how your home screen and app drawer are set up. It’s good for both creative designers and people who like to be very organized.

Home Screen Grids

You can change how many rows and columns are on your home screen. This lets you make room for apps or fit more icons on a single screen. This gives you the freedom to make the most of the space on your screen based on your own needs.

App Drawer Layouts

The app drawer can also be changed to fit your needs. You can choose between a list view, a vertical view, or a horizontal view. This means you can choose between a sleek, sliding app drawer or a more standard list layout. Because Hyperion Launcher is flexible, you can set it up to work with the way you navigate.

Gestures, Gestures, Gestures

Gestures are the most popular way to use Android today, and Hyperion Launcher follows this trend to the letter.

Gesture Shortcuts

In Hyperion Launcher, you can link different tasks to different movements. This lets you do things like open certain apps, show the notification screen, lock your device, and more. These motions not only make it easier to move around on your device, but they also add a bit of personalization.

Gesture Sensitivity

You can even change how sensitive movements are to fit your needs with the Hyperion Launcher. Whether you like to swipe slowly or quickly, you can adjust the sharpness of your gestures to your liking.

Themes and Wallpapers

Hyperion Launcher lets you change styles and wallpapers quickly, which is another way it can be customized.

Theme Options

The Hyperion Launcher has a variety of styles to suit a variety of tastes. There’s a theme for every mood, whether you want something dark and simple or bright and colourful.

Wallpaper Integration

With the Hyperion Launcher, it’s easy to change your wallpaper. You can choose a wallpaper from your gallery, or you can choose a live wallpaper that changes based on the time of day or the weather. Hyperion Launcher sets a high bar for Android apps that let you change things. It works with a wide range of icon packs, lets you change the grid size and layout, supports gestures, and has a lot of options for themes, so it’s a good choice for Android users who want to customize their experience.

Whether you’re a careful organizer or a creative artist, Hyperion Launcher gives you the tools to make the layout of your device your own. This level of customization is what makes Hyperion Launcher a great choice for Android users who want to improve the look and usefulness of their device. Give it a try, and you’ll find that your Android device can be changed in a lot of ways.

Performance and Speed

When it comes to third-party apps, many users worry about how well they work. Hyperion Launcher, on the other hand, is made to use few resources and move quickly. You’ll notice that things move faster without losing any features.

User Interface

The Hyperion Launcher’s design is clean and easy to use. It’s easy to move around your apps and tools, and there’s not much to learn, so it’s good for users of all skill levels.

Security and privacy

Security and privacy are important to Hyperion Launcher. It follows the strict security rules of Android and does not collect any personal information. You can reap the rewards of being able to change things without giving up your privacy.

Updates and Support

Hyperion Launcher is kept up-to-date with the latest versions and features of Android through regular changes. Also, prjkt.io has great customer service and responds quickly to any questions or problems.

Hyperion Launcher vs. Competitors

Do you want to know how Hyperion Launcher compares to other popular Android apps like Action Launcher or Nova Launcher? Here’s how they compare:

  1. Customization: The Hyperion Launcher lets you change a lot of things, making it almost as good as the best on the market.
  2. Performance: It’s designed for speed, so it works well and is easy to use.
  3. Privacy: Hyperion Launcher cares about customer privacy, which is very important.

User Reviews and Ratings

Don’t just believe what we say. Hyperion Launcher has a great rating on the Play Store, with users praising its ability to be customized and its speed changes.

Pros and Cons

Hyperion Launcher was made by prjkt.io, and it has a lot of features and ways to customize it to make your Android experience better. In this in-depth study, we’ll look at the pros and cons of Hyperion Launcher to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your Android device.


1. Unparalleled customization options

Hyperion Launcher’s best feature is that it can be changed to fit your needs. It doesn’t just let you change things on the surface; it gives you a lot of power over how your device looks and feels. Users can change icon packs, change grid sizes, make motions their own, and apply styles precisely. With this level of flexibility, Android users can create a unique experience that fits their needs.

2. Performance optimization

One common worry about third-party apps is that they might slow down the device. Hyperion Launcher, on the other hand, is made to be fast and effective. It works well and has a fast user interface. It also has a lot of features. You won’t have to give up success to get what you want.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Even though Hyperion Launcher has a lot of ways to change things, it is still easy to use. It’s easy to move around in your apps and tools, so it’s good for users of all skill levels. It strikes a good balance between a lot of customization options and ease of use.

4. Strong commitment to privacy

Hyperion Launcher stands out in a time when data safety is more important than ever. It follows Android’s strict security rules and doesn’t collect personal information, so users who are worried about their privacy can rest easy. You can have a very personalized experience without risking the protection of your data.


1. Learning Curve

For new users, Hyperion Launcher’s many options can be a lot to take in. Users who have done this before will enjoy the customization choices, but those who have never done this before may find it hard to get around at first. But with time and experimentation, the learning curve gets easier to deal with.

2. Advanced Features May Require a One-Time Purchase

Hyperion Launcher has a free version with a lot of features, but some of the more complicated features require a one-time payment. This could be a con for people who want an app that is fully free. But the one-time buy gives you access to a lot of extra tools and is well worth the money for fans.

Hyperion Launcher is a powerful tool for changing the look of the screen on your Android device. Its pros, which include the fact that it can be customized in more ways than any other Android app, improves speed, has an easy-to-use interface, and cares a lot about privacy, make it the best choice for people who want a personalized Android experience.

Even though there is a learning curve, especially for new users, and some advanced features need to be purchased once, the pros outweigh the cons. Hyperion Launcher finds a good mix between customization and efficiency. It lets you use your Android device to its fullest without slowing it down or making it less safe.

Hyperion Launcher can be a game-changer if you take the time to learn about all of its features. It has a level of customization and usefulness that few other Android apps can match. If you try it out, you might find that it changes the way you use your Android device.

Tips and Tricks

To make the most of Hyperion Launcher, consider these tips:

  1. Experiment with different icon packs to find your perfect style.
  2. Utilize gesture shortcuts for quick access to apps and functions.
  3. Regularly update the launcher for the latest features and improvements.


Hyperion Launcher is a powerful tool for changing the look of the screen on your Android device. It’s a top choice for Android users who want to improve their experience because it’s easy to customize, runs well, and cares about user privacy. Try it out and get the most out of your device right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Hyperion Launcher?
    • Hyperion Launcher is an Android app developed by prjkt.io that serves as a replacement for your device’s default launcher, offering enhanced customization and features.
  2. Is Hyperion Launcher compatible with my Android device?
    • Hyperion Launcher is compatible with most Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.
  3. How do I install Hyperion Launcher on my device?
    • You can install Hyperion Launcher from the Google Play Store. Simply search for “Hyperion Launcher,” download it, and follow the on-screen instructions to set it as your default launcher.
  4. Is Hyperion Launcher free to use?
    • Yes, Hyperion Launcher offers a free version with many features. However, some advanced features may require a one-time purchase.
  5. Can I revert to my old launcher if I don’t like Hyperion?
    • Yes, you can switch back to your previous launcher at any time in your device settings.
  6. Are there in-app purchases in Hyperion Launcher?
    • While the basic version is free, there are optional in-app purchases for advanced features and to support the developers.
  7. Is Hyperion Launcher safe to use in terms of data privacy?
    • Yes, Hyperion Launcher prioritizes user data privacy and adheres to strict security standards. It does not collect personal data.
  8. Do I need to root my device to use Hyperion Launcher?
    • No, Hyperion Launcher works on both rooted and non-rooted devices, providing a high level of customization without the need for root access.
  9. Can I back up my settings and layouts in Hyperion Launcher?
    • Yes, Hyperion Launcher provides the option to back up your settings and layouts, making it easy to restore your customizations if needed.
  10. Does Hyperion Launcher receive regular updates and support?
    • Yes, the developers behind Hyperion Launcher provide regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest Android versions and offer excellent customer support for addressing user inquiries and issues.

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What's new

🆕 System default themes for Android 10+
🆕 Add more adaptive icon shapes
🛠 UI and performance improvements

🚀 Plus version changes 🚀
🆕 Adaptive icon wrapping support for Android 7.1 and older
🆕 Automatic weather location for Google Smart Widget
🆕 Desktop wallpaper dimmer (requires Android 10)
🆕 More granular custom font settings

Take a peek on what's coming to Hyperion! Join beta program at https://kutt.it/HyperionBeta


Version Size Requirements Date
89 6.6M 5.0 and up 30/12/2020
78 3.3M 5.0 and up 06/04/2020
70 3.3M 5.0 and up 06/04/2020

Applied Patches

  • Plus / Paid features unlocked;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
  • Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
  • Google Play Store install package check disabled;
  • Debug code removed;
  • Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
  • Languages: Full Multi Languages;
  • CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
  • Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • Original package signature changed;