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This is a streamlined graphical user interface for Perfare's Il2CppDumper. Because I gravitate toward gloomy topics, the user interface is built on the Bunifu structure. Assist in determining documents with ease thanks to DAT and simple paired records.
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Android 5 - Android 12
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Package Name Il2CppDumper GUI APK (Full
Developer Il2CppDumper
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.0.0
Size 12M
Requirements Android 5 - Android 12
Last Update Dec 09, 2023
Date Update No update available
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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Downloads 4,786,809
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Il2CppDumper GUI APK (Full Version) – This is a streamlined graphical user interface for Perfare’s Il2CppDumper. Because I gravitate toward gloomy topics, the user interface is built on the Bunifu structure. Assist in determining documents with ease thanks to DAT and simple paired records.

Il2CppDumper GUI APK

What is Il2CppDumper GUI APK?

File formats for automatic app dumping: APK, APKS, XAPK, and decrypted IPA Because I didn’t know what I was doing with Github at the time, I used Code Review for manual code surveying and consolidation instead of Github’s component. Since I haven’t had the time to learn about mixing, I may as well get it done now.

In order to use Bunifu, you’ll need to pay him. If you don’t want to use Bunifu or are unable to implement it, you may either look for other versions or rebuild the user interface using the standard WinForms template. Any.NET information should be removed from the il2cpp comparisons.(many forms, procedures, and disciplines)


  • It’s Net System 4.7.2.
  • Operating Systems Released After Windows 7
  • Components of the Graphical User Interface:
  • Yield Catalog Options
  • Create checks and balances for recruitment.
  • Support based on innate wisdom
  • Set aside preferences
  • In real time log yield
  • compatibility with automated APK and IPA dumps
  • Alter between Il2CppDumper GUI APK and Il2CppInspector.


You can get rid of MonoBehavior and MonoScript Support by reinstalling the relevant DLLs (without the source code). created by a mythical being, ELF64, Mach-O, PE, NSO, and WASM
From 5.3 to 2020, unity is maintained.2 Advocates provide material for IDA and Ghidra to aid in their development.

Examine the il2cpp logs in detail. holds up factory buildings’ entry header maintains free space in Android’s RAM using the file to avoid paying for medical coverage. Adopt a strategy apart from conventional P.E. insurance.

How to use

Use The il2cpp executable file and global information may be dumped using Il2CppDumper GUI APK. When prompted, insert the data into the dat record. All of the resulting files will be written to the program’s active registry. Make sure that the JAVA HOME environment variable and the AAPTI device catalogue have been set up before attempting to use this tool.

The working apk file should be placed in the current catalogue; its default name is src.apk. If you need to alter the file’s name, use the kstools.bat utility. If it is a solidified apk, the apk after repair after unloading is the one to use. To fast-track getting the seal, you need to place the apk before solidifying it into the registry, and then just drag the apk document to apksign.bat.

In real time log yield

Data, store it in apksign.txt after executing, and then give the updated APK file the name src.apk, add it to the running catalogue, and execute kstools.bat normally. ## If the activity fails, you may always write your own code to access the supported app’s rating information, since there are many possible use cases for such programmes.

Numerous methods exist, and research may be done independently using the internet. The second kind of unsupported apk is an uncompiled programme; in this case, you may simply copy the apk to the running catalogue, rename it to src.apk, and then execute kstools.bat.

compatibility with automated APK and IPA dumps

If the apksign.txt file still exists in the catalogue, you must delete it manually. in order to avoid using a bad symbol! Whether an error is discovered in the middle of the activity or at the end, the first thing to do is figure out if the previous snare failed because of a mistake in securing the mark.

You don’t need anyone’s assistance to double-check the accuracy of the grade information. Fourth-generation Zhao Si, Nicholas, is the creator of this work. Please contact me if you have any questions about its usage. Students who are having trouble grasping the regulation might really refer to the article illustration:

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What's new


  • Major Update of GUI
  • changed package name for better access
  • added support for all executable that original dumper supports
    • ELF 32 / 64
    • PE
    • MACH-O FAT / 32 / 64
    • NSO
  • reduced overall size
  • optimised performance
  • Fixed Bugs

Applied Patches

Supported Versions

  • Android 5 - Android 12
  • Android 10 Has Issues
  • API Level 21 - API Level 31