Into the Dead 2 MOD APK v (Unlimited Money/Ammo/VIP Unlocked)

The sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead (70+ million downloads)!
June 9, 2021
4.4 and up
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Package Name Into the Dead 2
Developer PIKPOK
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.61.0
Size 66M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Dec 04, 2023
Date Update June 9, 2021
Verified AppSecure Verified
Average Rating 4.5/5
Page Views 2,058,111
Downloads 457,358
Comments Enabled Yes
Supported Platforms Android

The sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead 2 mod apk unlimited ammo and money download. Journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family. Arm yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons and do whatever it takes to survive. Maim, mow down, and massacre the Dead – anything to keep moving! In a world where no one is safe, how far will you go to make it out alive? Continue the nightmare with exclusive story events, including a terrifying prequel to Night of the Living Dead and an expansion to the Ghostbusters universe.

into the dead 2 mod apk
into the dead 2 mod apk

Into the Dead 2 mod apk is a decent survival horror game that I had some fun with gameplay. If you loved the first Into The Dead, I think you’ll be most happy with the sequel. Presentation: This Into the Dead 2 mod apk has excellent graphics for a mobile game and surprisingly detailed missions and levels. The music is for the classes, and some of the cut scenes fit well with the game’s tone. It even has a story. (I’ll talk about it later).

Also, This Into the Dead 2 mod apk has upgraded from the Into The Dead, which is the first version of the game. You can now carry/switch between two guns, use a knife to bail you out, and grenades. Otherwise, it’s the same gameplay. You can use turrets and other weapons to use in missions. I do think that more gameplay variety was in the tasks.

All the unique moments get repeated in different missions that take from the impact. The story was a pretty average addition to this into the dead two mod apk unlimited ammo and money download. Its story is generic and simple: James has to get to his daughter (Maggie) and his sister (Helen) while in the middle of a zombie outbreak.

Journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family

There isn’t anything too unique or special about it, and I didn’t think any of the characters or moments of the story were interesting. The “Survival” aspect sucks. Into the Dead 2 mod apk is free to play the game. There’s a lot of missions. But this mostly ruined my experience with the game. Since every item (Weapon parts, Dog Food, Crowns, Silver, Gold, and Event Tickets) is locked behind a paywall (Not to mention the prices on the bundles are ridiculous), a lockbox or a tedious grind makes the whole.

Ok, so here’s what I think, the Into the Dead 2 mod apk is good, but certain things bug me. The NPCs would jump in front of me in the ghostbusters event, and I couldn’t see, so I’d probably die. Second, weapons like the starting pistol wear off. by chapter 2, 3 shots couldn’t kill stronger zombies, and that’s disappointing because I want to use the gun since I like the skin it has. Finally, the Into the Dead 2 mod apk gives you unlimited gems and money every so often, ik it’s a big game.

It ruins the otherwise decent game and its pacing in the Dead 2 mod apk unlimited ammo and money download progression and “Survival” aspect as you can be stuck on missions just because the lockboxes won’t give weapons you need. I honestly think that if players had the appropriate choice on which guns to upgrade instead of random, it would’ve helped. Otherwise, it’s an alright game.


into the dead 2 mod apk
into the dead 2 mod apk

In Zombie Games, this is the best Into the Dead 2 mod apk I’ve played as far as zombie games are concerned. Great graphics, companions have abilities, different guns, excellent storyline, it kept me on my toes for weeks. And no, it’s not a P2W game. Of course, they have many things for sale, but they can be completed without them. The soundtrack is top-notch!!!! Kudos to you guys. You’ve upped the mobile gaming experience for everyone.

Into the Dead 2 mod apk is A gem in the play store. This game’s got what a neat zombie shooter needs, a plethora of different locations with different weather effects, time-limited stories from other character’s points of view, a wide variety of arsenal to choose from and personalize. How can one forget about the add-on bonuses like incinerate, piercing bullets, fast reloads, etc.? Last but not least, an ever-expanding choice of pets to choose.

Continue the nightmare with exclusive story events, including a terrifying prequel to Night of the Living Dead and an expansion to the Ghostbusters universe. The Dead 2 mod apk data unlimited ammo and money was a part of my childhood, but this game is fantastic, not to mention the ads are optional! You use ads to open more crates or to get more rewards.


The only things that annoy me are there’s a limit on how much you can play. But everything else is fantastic. The story is excellent. It would be somewhat relaxed. If you can have a base in the next into the dead 2 mod apk unlimited money and gold, and walk around. In a top-down view, where you can scavenge for food and craft in there, also care for your survivors.

I’ve been playing this into the dead 2 mod apk unlimited ammo and money for MANY YEARS now. N I am still em returning to it. When I had no wifi or barely any, I still played this game. Graphics, sound effects, story, n soundtrack as always could b better, but as they r now PRETTY DANG GOOD.NO COMPLAINTS. Always wanted the RELOAD button, PLEASE. And somehow, you will get ACCESS to VIP WEAPONS with into the dead 2 mod apk. 

One of the best mobile first-person shooter games ever. Excellent story mode, and the daily carnage is pretty cool. I wish it were a little easier for regular players to unlock the VIP weapons, maybe by some special event or something. Into the dead 2 mod apk is Still one of the best games I’ve ever played. I hope to see more future story DLC!

Story And Missions

into the dead 2 mod apk
into the dead 2 mod apk

I am enthralled with this edge of your seat action & adventure thrill ride. I have to admit the graphics are console-quality & are like looking through a window. Another man’s eyes! The 1 thing that I have to say is that. You have an extremely ADDICTIVE into the dead mod apk all unlocked on your hands! Color me impressed. Also, it is an excellent outlet for venting stress, and I thank you for this into the dead 2 mod apk great game. I enthusiastically admit it’s a great way to pass the time & stay safe.

The latest version of the into the dead 2 mod apk unlimited ammo and money never interested me at first glance. But once I took the time to download it and play it, I got caught into it. It’s a simple game, but the story, weapons, events, and just the gameplay and atmosphere. In general, they are all so compelling. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a well-made Zombie based game.

into the dead 2 mod apk, unlimited money is the type of game you pick up, put down and pick up the next day. It’s a fun game. I love how they added to the story. It’s kind of like a horror game, but it’s not exactly scary. You can play this if you like horror games or you just like run & guns. it’s an entertaining game and I hope for a sequel
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Features Of Into The Dead 2 Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo And Money

  • Evolving story and multiple endings — complete 7 action-packed chapters, 60 stages, and hundreds of challenges
  • Powerful weapons and ammo perks — unlock and upgrade melee weapons, firearms, explosives, and more!
  • Varied gameplay — fire from military gun emplacements, slay the hordes from atop vehicles, stab them to stay alive, or risk going after them on foot
  • Multiple, immersive environments — discover different locations, from oil fields and military bases to campsites and rural farm communities
  • Ever-increasing zombie threats — adapt your tactics to annihilate different hordes, including armoured and running zombies!
  • 5 additional story events — from burning forests to frozen mountain tops
  • Daily and special event modes — prove your skills to win exclusive prizes
  • Loyal canine companions — fend off zombies and stay protected in the field
  • Play offline — take your game anywhere, no internet connection required

External storage permissions are required to ensure a smooth launch experience for all users. into the dead 2 mod apk is free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money. We love to hear from our players! On Twitter? Drop us a line @PikPokGames and join the conversation with #IntoTheDead . Into the Dead 2 requires the following permissions to access game expansion files:

Storage: modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Storage: read the contents of your USB storage

Review Of The Game

You will have a lot of fun playing this zombie game, and you can earn everything you want. You can upgrade your software earlier if you wish. It’s much more advanced than the original version! Bravo to the designers! You outdid yourself! **UPDATE** This post was originally published 2 years ago. Many things have changed in the last 2 years. It’s incredible how much things have changed. Stop searching if you are looking for the perfect zombie game. It is the Into The Dead 2 Mod Apk.

This game is a great one. I’ve been playing it for years and have enjoyed every minute of it. It is possible to earn almost anything by playing. However, there are some things I would like to see in the shop. Daily missions – On days when we only have a companion, let us pick a weapon. Why did you lower the weapon level? Weapons at higher levels are much more enjoyable to use than the lower-level versions.


One of my favorite games and a childhood favorite, I think a campaign about Helen and Maggie’s perspective in the apocalypse. A new side story about a news journalist on chopper talks about how the infection started. It also includes a story about how it spreads.



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Version Size Requirements Date
1.61.3 66M 4.4 and up 09/06/2021
1.50.0 66M 4.4 and up 09/06/2021
1.49.0 66M 4.4 and up 09/06/2021
1.48.0 66M 4.4 and up 09/06/2021
1.46.1 66M 4.4 and up 09/06/2021
1.37.0 55M 4.1 and up 26/07/2020
1.35.0 55M 4.1 and up 04/12/2023

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How To Install OBB? Watch Video☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝

  1. when you log in to the game, it is enough to look at your money.
  2. you can shoot as you wish in the game, your bullet will not decrease.
  3. You start the game as a vip special member.