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With its unique mix of strategy, resource management, and adventure, Kingdom New Lands is an independent gem that has won the hearts of many gamers. You have to play Kingdom New Lands if you like games that make you plan and think strategically, you must play Kingdom New Lands. This game has many interesting features, including the ability to become the ruler of your own city.
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May 27, 2020
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Kingdom of New Lands: A Complete Guide to Taking Over New Areas

With its unique mix of strategy, resource management, and adventure, Kingdom New Lands is an independent gem that has won the hearts of many gamers. You have to play Kingdom New Lands if you like games that make you plan and think strategically, you must play Kingdom New Lands. This game has many interesting features, including the ability to become the ruler of your own city.

History and Progress

Kingdom, the first game in the Kingdom New Lands series, was released in 2015. CountrNoio and Raw Fury released Country, a simple yet deep strategy game that immerses you as a king or queen tasked with building and protecting a country. esult of the original game’s popularity, Kingdom New Lands came out in 2016. It added new content, challenges, and environments to the core gameplay.

How does the game work?

Kingdom New Lands fundamentally consists of simple yet enjoyable rules. You start out with a few coins and a horse. Your main goal is to protect your country from attacks every night while building it up and making it bigger. The main currency in the game is coins, which you’ll use to do many things, such as hire people, build defences, and improve structures.

Getting to Know the Land

The procedurally created islands are one of the most interesting parts of the game. When you start a new game, the plan will be different, which will keep things interesting and hard. The game’s day and night shifts have a significant impact on how you play. You can travel, gather resources, and build during the day, but at night, the Greed, the game’s main bad guys, attack your kingdom. The seasons also play a part; for example, winter brings extra problems like a lack of resources.

Plans and strategies

In the Kingdom New Lands, managing resources is very important. You’ll have to spend your money in a way that balances defence and growth. To protect yourself from greed at the outset, build walls and hire guards. As your kingdom grows, you’ll need to take over more land, build farms to make money, and get ready for enemies that are stronger.

The Characters and Units

You are the monarch, the main figure who is in charge of protecting and growing the kingdom. You can give your people different jobs, like builders, farmers, and soldiers. Knights, archers, and other specialised units are very important for protecting your country and attacking the Greed.

Threats and problems

The Greed never stops attacking, and as you go further, their strikes get stronger. There are many kinds of enemies, from simple grunts to flying monsters and huge brutes. To beat each type, you need a different plan, and you have to keep improving your defences and teams to keep them away.

New technology and improvements

To stay alive in Kingdom New Lands, you need upgrades. You can make your castle, walls, and buildings better. These upgrades not only make your defences stronger, but they also let you use new tools and units. To get these upgrades, you usually have to go exploring and find the supplies or NPCs that give them to you.

Graphics and sound design

The beautiful pixel art style in Kingdom New Lands mixes simple shapes with lots of small details. The visual effects in the game, such as the changing seasons and the changes between day and night, make the experience even more real. ToyTree created the music, and its moody and haunting melodies go perfectly with the game’s gameplay.

Community and Making Mods

Players share tips, strategies, and fan art in the Kingdom New Lands group, which is active and helpful. The game doesn’t officially support modding, but dedicated fans have created mods that introduce new features, tasks, and even custom islands, enhancing the game’s replayability.

Advice and help

It’s important for new players to focus on building a good defence right away. Get as many shooters as you can, but don’t grow too quickly. Advanced players should try out different tactics, like using decoys to keep the greed busy or timing their expansions to take advantage of when resources are available. Don’t make common mistakes like putting up too many defenses or not upgrading your buildings.

Draw comparisons with similar games.

With its simple graphics and deep game features, Kingdom New Lands stands out in the strategy genre. Games like “They Are Billions” and “Northgard” also have strategy gameplay, but their controls and interfaces are more complicated. The unique and easy-to-understand nature of Kingdom New Lands stems from the fact that it is simple and generated by a process.

Reception by critics

Both players and reviewers have said good things about Kingdom New Lands. People like the art style, how hard it is to play, and how many times they can play it. Some problems with it are that it gets harder over time and there aren’t any thorough tutorials, which can make it hard for new players to get all the mechanics at first.

Series: The Future of the Kingdom

The popularity of Kingdom New Lands has made it possible for more add-ons and titles to come. The creators have given hints about possible updates and new material that could add new islands, enemies, and game mechanics. Kingdom fans can look forward to more help and new adventures in the world of the show.

In conclusion

Kingdom New Lands is a challenging strategy game featuring intricate gameplay mechanics and randomly generated islands. You can play it over and over again. Whether you’ve played a lot of strategy games before or this is your first time, this one will be fun and keep you coming back for more. Get your coins together and build the kingdom of your dreams!


  1. How do I get started in Kingdom New Lands?
    • Start by recruiting villagers and building basic defenses. Focus on gathering coins and expanding your territory gradually.
  2. What are the best strategies for beginners?
    • Prioritize defense, recruit archers early, and avoid overextending your resources. Build farms for a steady income and upgrade your structures.
  3. How does the day and night cycle affect gameplay?
    • During the day, you gather resources and build. At night, you defend against attacks from the Greed. Plan your activities accordingly to maximize efficiency.
  4. What are the main challenges in the game?
    • The primary challenges are managing resources, defending against increasingly difficult enemies, and expanding your kingdom strategically.
  5. Are there any cheats or hacks for Kingdom New Lands?
    • While cheats and hacks exist, using them can diminish the game’s challenge and enjoyment. It’s best to experience the game as intended for the most rewarding experience.

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"Monarchs! We bear good news: we've fixed a bug that was causing problems with saving after recruiting a hermit without picking them up. We've also added the option to sign back in once signing out."


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