Left to Survive MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Ammo)

Left To Survive combines a shooter action game with a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have enslaved the Earth and taken control.
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Package Name Left to Survive MOD
Developer My.com B.V.
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 4.0.0
Size 70M
Requirements 4.2 and up
Last Update Sep 22, 2023
Date Update July 15, 2020
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Left To Survive combines a shooter action game with a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have enslaved the Earth and taken control.
Life is no longer what it used to be: humans are running for their lives, and the Earth belongs to the undead from now on. Join tournaments, collect an arsenal and get valuable gear, build a base – a new home for many survivors, start expeditions to meet the heroes of this post-apocalyptic reality, challenge other players in PvP matches and helicopter raids, and show your shooting skills.

Protect humanity from HORDES OF ZOMBIES
The world is teeming with the undead. No place to run or to hide. Become a hero of this post-apocalyptic reality and shoot up all the zombies. Start the Campaign, follow the story, and rid the Earth of the undead hordes! Help humanity to rise up like a phoenix from the ashes.

Wide variety of ARMOR at your service!
On your mission to save the world from zombies, a huge range of weapons and gear will be at your service. Make a choice and pick the right one from assault weapons and sniper rifles to machine guns and shotguns that will help you to shoot up all the zombies in no time. Equip your hero with gear to enhance his skills and powers. Upgrade and evolve weapons and gear and make heroes more powerful.

Unite them ALL!
Meet all the heroes of the post-apocalyptic world. Back in the day, they were totally different people, just ordinary humans. Now, it’s their duty to protect the world from zombies. Each of them has unique skills and abilities. Upgrade and evolve them to level up their skills. Last, but not least, gather all the survivors to give them new hope and new home. These specialists can improve your base and make life easier.

Engines checked, ready to RAID BASES
Tough times have come and only the strongest will survive. Raid other bases with your helicopter and collect resources. Be prepared for a “warm” welcome, you can get into a serious skirmish: your opponents’ bases are protected by towers and local troops. It won’t be that easy to take resources out from under their noses. Equip the helicopter with a powerful weapon and upgrade it to have a successful raid.

Challenge other players in PvP MATCHES
Test your skills in PvP matches and become the best shooter among players. It’s the perfect opportunity to challenge other players, to gain more shooting experience, to find out who is the best shooter among you, and to train before you face zombies as well. Play in 2×2 matches or solo. Team up with your clanmates and challenge other players together.

Build your BASE!
To survive and make the future bright, build a new home for yourself and other survivors – your base. Turn it into a place where everyone can find shelter and feel safe: produce food and resources, arm your heroes with unique abilities, modify weapons, etc. Fortify it to protect it from raids and looting.

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Applied patches

How to install OBB? Watch TutorialUnlimited Ammo | No Reload

What's new

Major UPDATE 4.0!
Get ready for something really EXPLOSIVE!

- Shoot up Zombie Hordes with HANDGUNS and GRENADE LAUNCHERS
- Enter REGION 14! Follow the story, protect humanity, and deal with zombies and the NER
- Check out the NEW INTERFACE of the pre-match window. It has become more convenient
- NEW ENEMY and new surprises: the HIVE will keep producing hornets until you destroy it
- Rebalanced difficulty levels for Zombie Horde events and added a NEW difficulty level: INSANE


Version Size Requirements Date
3.9.0 69M 4.2 and up 09/06/2020
3.6.0 69M 4.2 and up 23/01/2020
3.4.1 90M 4.2 and up 17/10/2019
3.4.1 90M 4.2 and up 17/10/2019