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Too many death magics have been abused for the decades of wizard war...
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Package Name Magic Survival MOD APK
Developer LEME
Price Free
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Version 0.857
Size 73M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update May 31, 2023
Date Update February 2, 2022
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4.3/5 Votes: 56,351

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Magic Survival MOD APK v0.80761 (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Magic Survival is the thing I like and have been hanging tight for so long! This Magic Survival is the most incredible in this type of telephone in any event. The possibilities are limitless in this game, and each run ends up being a fascinating one. There are issues I wish to be addressed in the future. Some rewards in the game have nothing to no effect in later phases, like Development speed, and some fantastic antiquities are simply futile.


The opportunity to get a decent overhauled form is very nearly zero! Make them right. Incredible game, particularly with the latest update received. It fixed a portion of the adjusting and caused the game to feel significantly fairer—only a specific something. At the point when you kick the bucket, the game starts to slack until you arrive at the title screen. I suspect this could be the game proceeding to produce foes after you kick the bucket and cause an overburden of entities.

From the primary run, this is a thoroughly examined game. This Magic Survival is habit-forming because the redesigns are significant and stack pleasantly. It also kills time, and if you understand the stuff to continue playing, it kills half an hour at once. On occasion, it becomes hard to see the person during the turmoil. However, I feel that is an additional test. Magic Survival is a very much cleaned game for something of this type.

Wipe out infected Zombies

It’d be perfect if we could have a lobby of popularity for the builds: fantastic craftsmanship style, fascinating legend, an excellent method for taking a break, and bunches of tomfoolery. The new enhancer specialist is the main thing that makes me fatigued since it’s not exceptionally clear on what it does. A few portrayals say it diminishes wizardry harm. However, enhances sorcery harm consequently? It’s confounding, yet this is an excellent game beyond that one explicit issue.

I’ve played it on and off for a long time, and it is such a lot of tomfoolery! I genuinely partake in the last update, albeit one thing I miss is the two levels of authority refreshes for assault spells. My main thing from the game was tracking new dominance characteristics and perceiving how the primary level (level 5) and the subsequent level (level 10) collaborated to make new and fascinating mixes each time.

Level Up and Get More Powers

They, as of late, refreshed the Magic Survival with a redid relic framework and an all-new authority framework which I’m cherishing up to this point. The spell characteristic redesigns at level 5 were taken out, which made me somewhat miserable. Yet, it appears to be a portion of those impacts was changed over into curios, so that is wonderful! I genuinely value the changes, the proceeded with advancement, and the work placed into this game.

Brilliant “vampire survivors.” The astonishing measure of clean with insignificant promotion backing and clean UI. The engineer is Korean, so there are some English spelling botches and syntactic mistakes, yet nothing impedes the pleasure. The central region I feel that can be developed is the person and adversary tone. Much dark on dark makes many stages hard to see foes, particularly the mid ones.

Magic Survival Interactivity

Frames/different variety foes or changes to the guide tones would help. It has a roguelike component in it, and it goes with a ton of profundity, the length of interactivity is delicate and charming. One issue is that the permeability goes down when you have a ton of abilities. The other thing is that when your spam compact disc decrease, the capabilities simply go ham and slack the Magic Survival. I’d recommend a pressure or converging of visual components when there’s a ton of it, particularly in 25-30 min.


The match is perfect and Works flawlessly without messes up to this point. Yet, regardless of that, it needs a few upgrades. The adversaries ought to seem to be more human or zombies. All enemies are practically the same and same capacities. Sooner or later, it gets exhausting. Furthermore, Additionally, there ought to be reasonable in this Magic Survival. For example, we ought to look at a strong chief like clockwork.

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What's new

On the latest smartphone devices and the latest Android version
Fixed the problem that the app is not installed or does not run properly.
(The phenomenon that the app is forcibly closed during the game has also been fixed.)

Code optimizations were made prior to further updates.


Version Size Requirements Date
0.80761 73M 4.4 and up 02/02/2022