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Maze is a riddle game where you explore a ball through a maze and guide it to an entryway. There are 100 levels to finish, they get going simple and get marginally more diligently as you progress. Subsequent to finishing 50 levels the mazes rehash, however with an alternate entry tone.
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Sep 13, 2022
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Package Name Maze Games Labyrinth Puzzles
Developer RV AppStudios
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Requirements 4.4
Last Update Apr 16, 2024
Date Update Sep 13, 2022
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Maze Games Labyrinth Puzzles MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Maze is a riddle game where you explore a ball through a maze and guide it to an entryway. There are 100 levels to finish, they get going simple and get marginally more diligently as you progress. Subsequent to finishing 50 levels the mazes rehash, however with an alternate entry tone.


The music is lovely, there is no time strain and this makes the Maze Games Labyrinth Puzzles extremely unwinding. The mazes are little and completed inside the space of seconds in light of the fact that the thick dark maze walls make it simple to see which way you really want to take. I can’t help confessing, I would have wanted to see a few greater and additional difficulty levels.

Aside from a couple of disappointing variables, my general experience was perfect. I for one truly like in sequential order accomplishments and therefore this game was an unquestionable necessity for me. Very tomfoolery and straightforward pathfinding game. No clocks or tension.


The accomplishments are cool, yet can’t be utilized on your Steam profile until a specific number of players buy the game. That is a nutty little element from Steam that I can’t help contradicting. I’m the client and I feel that I ought to have the option to utilize the profile highlights similarly for all my Steam buys, no matter what their deals execution.

I realize Steam is somewhat unique in relation to different organizations, in regard to the customary Hierarchical arrangement. I’m disheartened they have a “Pays to be a Victor” design for the profile includes that doesn’t have anything to do with the engineer or their marketing projections.

Highlights Of Maze Games Labyrinth Puzzles

  • – Assortment and amount of levels
  • – Easygoing and moderate game,
  • – great riddle levels,
  • – simple and instinctive interactivity,
  • – great graphical connection point,
  • – incredible plan,
  • – quiet and loosening up soundtrack,
  • – extraordinary game time!

More than 1500 free riddles to tackle

As the player, you’ll begin at the highest point of a high rise, dealing with the maze-like internals to gather a key, which opens the exit at the lower part of the pinnacle. Be that as it may, anything more prominent than a shortage will be deadly, so you’ll have to design your plummet cautiously to get by. The player can run, bounce, climb, and wallkick. As stirring things up around town excessively fast is deadly, you’ll have to utilize the trip button to slow your drop on adjacent walls prior to landing.

Whenever you’ve really gotten to know this specialist, the interactivity is extremely fulfilling, and it turns into a test of route, unsafe falls, and ideal development to traverse the pinnacle as fast as conceivable to score a put on the competitor list. As the levels are created in view of seeds, there are almost endless measures of levels that you can play, however Gekraxel has no story or mission modes to keep players intrigued long if theyre not keen on dominating the drop for quick times.

4 fun maze modes to play

Subsequent to finishing an instructional exercise, there are 3 for modes accessible to play. Play – Play mode is the most un-serious of every one of the 3 modes, and spots you in an irregular high rise each endeavor. There is a clock, however there are no cutoff times, and no best-time phantoms to rival. You can take as much time as is needed, dive at a speed that is agreeable for you, and complete levels. In the event that you do come up short, another high rise will be created – You don’t get another opportunity.

I felt like this is was a bizarre decision, as I’d like to have the choice to decide to retry, or have another level produced. Everyday Test – For 24 hours, one high rise will be the concentration for this mode. You can play it however many times as you would like to work on your time, and truly enhance your run. You likewise have the choice to show a phantom of either the ongoing scene record holder, or your own best to contend with to give yourself an additional push to get that smidgen quicker each time.

Tweak subject, shape, and symbol here

In Gekraxel’s present status, this is the main mode accessible where you have the choice to retry a given level. No-nonsense Test – A blend among day to day and play – In-your-face furnishes you with the additional pressure of contending with the phantom, however on the off chance that you pass on or complete the pinnacle, another one is created. I feel like a retry button is profoundly missed in this mode particularly, as beyond replaying one level again and again for a whole 24 hours, this is the really cutthroat mode.

In the wake of addressing the devs, I feel like this will perhaps change with future updates as a serious playerbase takes on the Maze Games Labyrinth Puzzles. As of now, It is preposterous to expect to pick a particular level to play, other than the everyday, so on the off chance that you have a cutthroat bundle of companions, or then again to join a local area to rival, beyond the single day to day level, Gekraxel doesn’t consider two players to play a similar level.

Awesome illustrations and mitigating music

The designers have remarked saying that the element is coming, so ideally soon players can challenge each other on unambiguous stages for additional boasting privileges. Outwardly Gekraxel isn’t the most engaging game. The foundations are dark, and the player is red, and that is pretty much all you’re truly going to see. In spite of the fact that it’s anything but a visual joy, the moderate style assists players with perusing the levels and activity, and get significant data rapidly, which is significant for the speedy choices you’ll have to make to get the best times.

A portion of these elements are incredibly helpful: The Circle of light around the player: This circle demonstrates the way that far the person can fall without that drop being deadly. Assuming the lower part of the circle is contacting ground, it’s protected to drop to that stage. This significantly supports advancing precisely the way that far you can drop without biting the dust, I felt the distance was more limited than what appeared to be regular.

Smooth, responsive swipe controls

Wall Closeness Light: When above and somewhat next to a wall, it will gleam orange, demonstrating that in the event that you drop, you’ll have the option to grip onto it to slow your fall. Notwithstanding Gekraxel being exceptionally square, the orange line helps line up your drops precisely. The Key: The way to open the exit is red, however it additionally has a X formed light emission coming from it to assist the player with seeing where it will be, even before the vital comes on screen.

As arranging your drop is significant, this light emission showing early can assist you with taking an ideal course through each pinnacle. In the form that I played, the sound plan is very negligible. The audio cues function admirably inside the game. The falling crashes sound profound and fulfilling, and the strolling has a pleasant tap to it with sufficient variety to not get irritating over extensive stretches of time.

You can look over 25 dialects to play

There is at present no music in the Maze Games Labyrinth Puzzles which can cause the experience to feel somewhat desolate, so I’d suggest playing for certain melodies behind the scenes for a superior encounter. Generally, the platforming is fulfilling, and the getting/climbing repairman is truly amusing to execute and dominate. The levels are created progressively founded on seeds, so you won’t ever run out of stages to play, and assuming you’re serious about lists of competitors, the current local area are as of now blasting through the stages, leaving extremely quick times.

In the present status, Gekraxel is flawed, yet the ongoing interaction is strong, and more highlights are coming. On the off chance that this seems as though a game you could appreciate, I urge you to give it a legitimate go. I for one didn’t actually click with it until basically an hour in, and there is a decent opportunity that players aren’t willing to give it that much time because of the moderate style.


Inside the Maze Games Labyrinth Puzzles there are groups that you can join. I’ve made the best group – GameHEART Noisy group. If you have any desire to check this game out join my group with the goal that we might rise the positions together.

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