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MemesWars 2 MOD APK is a free-form shooting game played online. There is a wide variety of things that may be manufactured, including buildings, automobiles, animals, creatures, military automobiles, and helicopters. It's fun to create monsters and then hunt down other players. Take to the skies in helicopters and aircraft or soar through the air on the backs of various animals.
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MemesWars 2 MOD APK is a free-form shooting game played online. There is a wide variety of things that may be manufactured, including buildings, automobiles, animals, creatures, military automobiles, and helicopters. It’s fun to create monsters and then hunt down other players. Take to the skies in helicopters and aircraft or soar through the air on the backs of various animals.

What is MemesWars 2 MOD APK?

In MemesWars 2 MOD APK, players don’t have to worry about grinding boring places to increase their item level or farming for the greatest item in an opening for their guild. You may take a 10-year hiatus after producing your “climbing” or “unbelievable” work and yet easily reintegrate into whatever the current “content” may be. Changing the information on your items to fit the requirements of a different form is possible, but you can always alter the information already there or create a new set with the appropriate information.


MemesWars 2 MOD APK

You should get a pet of your own. The game has more than 15 weapons, an infinite supply of bullets, new creatures, and helpful directions. Different game modes include deathmatch, sandbox, and solo play. You may quickly create your own server and play with friends, custom skins, and a fully customizable character with no effort. best sandbox ever; feel free to do anything you want.

The Story

Even better, you can have both sets of materials in your fabrications and easily swap between them. Since the headstart, I’ve been playing, and the MemesWars 2 item system has always been my favourite part of the game. This is in response to my inability to enjoy current content with any of the friends I have at the moment that play the same game since I spent so much time worrying about my gear score and playing Get Up to Speed continually (due to work, commuting, etc.).

I wanted to stop by and give Field Net props for their itemization system. It lets me come back to the game whenever I want without feeling out of the loop (other than crushing out authority focuses and opening any new mounts that come out, but I can do that whenever it’s convenient for me, all while enjoying the game’s ongoing content with my friends). I’m a brand-new gamer who’s trying Steam for the very first time today.

I’ve played all the big subscription games and a good chunk of the free-to-play ones, and this is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced in an MMO. Something about our environment is so awe-inspiring—the way that every possible hiding place has been carved out so that, if you just go about, you may discover literally hundreds of little nuances in every area. The realisation that this was actually remarkable dawned on me some 10 hours after I first saw it.

A typical MMO Game

If I could give you any advice about playing MemesWars 2, it would be to not play it like a typical MMO and to not run about between destinies (or whatever they are called in MemesWars 2). Instead, stick near other players, and interesting things will happen more often.

To bridge the gap in my gaming schedule between the release of World of Warcraft: The Cataclysm and the release of World of Warcraft: The Order of the Crystal Shard, I decided to play this game. At this time, I have no idea how to inform my guild that this is all I need to play.

Ten years of success may be attributed to the game’s clear strengths.

  • B2P is relaxed and welcoming, which is great for accommodating new kinds of buyers. For a very long period, I’ve been playing in various places.
  • * Fluid, ability-based combat: elite specialties’ prowess and sense of novelty to the average player
  • * Leaders, events, and so forth that focus on regularly bringing players together
  • * Feasible, “starter”-level, last-stage equipment (colourful)
  • * Open a store with an emphasis on correction (luxury items do not foster meaningful interactions over time).
  • * Converting gold into pearls (at a somewhat higher rate for gold to become jewels; “buying” gold is useless)
  • Do the grind of levels 1–80 once, then aid fresh characters to avoid doing it again.
  • Play the games that pique your interest, earn plenty of money building roads, and not waste time with other players thanks to the ultimate plan’s monstrous difficulty.
  • * The closet’s colour scheme and structure make the design accessible and enjoyable.
  • The most spectacular events ever seen in a massively multiplayer online game (Super Experience Box, anyone?
  • * The best mount system in any game, in my opinion, is that horses are unlocked through entertaining storylines or assortments, and they all play and feel differently.
  • * Expansions add more than just “cushion,” but also substantial new material.

Let’s look at the negatives:

  • When done alone, it’s not as funny.
  • * There was greater PvP activity in the past. * Make adjustments for clarity (aside from WvW)
  • * Older areas’ designs have become outdated (look at the developments).
  • * Extremely large gatherings place a strain on the central processing unit, resulting in performance issues (try lowering the character model cutoff or quality settings).
  • lack of government support (Steam Info overcomes any barrier, but it takes some planning.)
  • Plus, there is no cost involved. The play button is also located there. So, what are you waiting for?

You can spawn a lot of various objects

My experience with massively multiplayer online games ends here. Even though it’s a well-known game, I think you’ll like it. Both the narrative and the gameplay have improved with age. The world is vibrant and full of things to discover. Until now, I’ve been unable to locate anything that compares. As to why I like this game so much, I will list a few of the main reasons: In contrast to vertical movementMMOs like Goodness, MemesWars 2, make use of equal movement, removing the need to grind for end-game items.

At level 62, you’re getting close to “end game” gear (which is intriguing), and at level 80, you can make rose gear, which will be useful till the end of time. Choosing the proper details and forming outstanding shapes are what really matter. This also means you may join the action at any point and pick up right where you left off, with no need to worry about falling behind. Using an open class structure, the traditional trilemma of severe repair, tank, and damage dealer is no more (not from the game, but rather from individual callings).

Each profession has the option to be a support, healer, or damage dealer. Everything comes down to the specifics of the structure and stuffing you use. The combat is fast and fluid. That’s perfect for me. I’ve always despised the clumsiness of MMORPG combat, and MemesWars 2 eliminates that. It is possible for you to avoid harm while being attacked. When you hit, it really hits. There is a great deal of silliness involved. Instead of individual routes, big events that really happened are shown on maps.

Chase other players

There are epic meta-events in some books in which hundreds or thousands of characters interact, share information, and work together. It helps a lot with the “greatly multiplayer” aspect. There are no members, so that’s a plus. Instead of feeling that I need to play the game on a regular basis in order to justify the cost of the membership, as is the case with other services, I never feel obligated to do so here.

The majority of the items in the microtransaction shop are of a restorative or utilitarian nature (for instance, increased storage space). You can play through the majority of the game, if not the whole thing, without ever buying anything beyond the game’s downloadable content. Furthermore, pearls, the in-game currency, may be exchanged for real-world gold at any time. (Note: the adjustments may seem pricey to novice players, but they are really quite manageable after you learn how to create gold properly.)

In my four years of playing, I can count on one hand the number of threatening players I’ve encountered in MemesWars 2, and even in the larger gaming community, they’re generally cool. a kind and welcoming people group.Gathering assistance is easy to come by after you post your event on LFG. Community members often go out of their way to help one another, yet they seldom get any rewards for their efforts.

Get your personal pet

I feel I can’t offer an honest review of this game since I have quit it so often. For those who have been active on the platform consistently, the game is outstanding. Additionally, I must set that benchmark. While not bad, the first impressions that new players get leave a lot to be desired. There are two major problems at play here. The 1-80 tale, to begin with, is plausible and impressive.

It’s fantastic, has excellent voice acting, has plenty of opportunities for little player choice along the way, and is definitely worth revisiting on alts to see the outcomes of a subset of the possible beginnings and branches. Although this is lessened to some degree by the fact that Living World Season 1 is taken into account, huge gaps in the story remain hidden behind the pay-to-play Living World Seasons.

These are an additional cost, whether or not you buy the extensions. Inquiring minds want to know why the “full version” costs $99. The rest of the plot is just filler, and you’re paying for it. Falling off the free preliminary by buying the extensions does not provide the necessary scaffolding for the principal development. Moreover, Living World Season 2, which comes before Heart of Thistles, isn’t free.

Easily create your server

Veterans will tell you “you can just crush gold to change over completely to pearls and remain free,” but the conversion rate is pure poo, access to gold crushes is severely limited at the start, and you have more important things to spend your minimal gold on, such as appropriate level 80 gear for your personality. Hence, we arrive at the second productive problem. The second major problem is that the 1-80 “Center Tyria” experience does not instruct you on how to really play the game.

It doesn’t do a good job of explaining how to play the game or what to do in development or in the final plan bundle. It doesn’t demonstrate what a good form looks like (because bad forms may still win in Central Tyria) or how you can use the mechanics of a good form to your advantage. Furthermore, the difficulty curve jumps heavily at Heart of Thistles and beyond without any prior warning, and the game does nothing to ensure that you are well equipped to deal with even the level 80 global content beyond Orr.

It’s incredibly easy to go through Central Tyria, reach Heart of Thistles, and be completely pounded by everything in the main zone, with little to no explanation as to why you’re having such a hard time. Since these are problems that any new player will face, I laid them out front and center. These problems are less noticeable in player-to-player interactions since seasoned players have already progressed beyond them and no longer need to deal with them; instead, discussions centre on seasoned players and the most recently introduced material, forms, and updates.

Early design flaws

To reiterate what I mentioned up top, MemesWars 2 is a fantastic game, but its early design flaws prevent it from properly orienting new players to the game’s meat and potatoes, all of the Extensions. This is complicated by the fact that the majority of the region’s “suggested structures” revolve around first-class specialisations that aren’t available during the underlying levelling process and require additional expertise focuses from development content to open completely.

Don’t let these warnings deter you from giving the game a fair review. in the first place, because it is fantastic despite these annoying flaws and because these responses can be managed going forward. Furthermore, the game opens out completely when you get through the difficulty spike and pay-to-get plot sequences, and much of the movement is large, so balancing out alts is really easy.

This game has the most robust system for riding mounts of any MMORPG I’ve played. Gear colours and designs may be modified in many ways. There has been a sufficient theoretical shift towards intriguing constructions. Even at its most basic, the tale is serviceable, and the setting is lively and exciting. In a nutshell: a fantastic MMORPG overall, marred by poor or nonexistent tutorials, a steep difficulty curve leading up to the Extension content, and an annoying habit of hiding important plot points behind further paywalls.

Maintenance mode

Few massively multiplayer online games (MMORPGs) continue to thrive even after a decade. Many online games have recently entered “maintenance mode” or shut down permanently. Again and again, MemesWars 2 has shown that its developers are serious experts committed to pushing the boundaries of the MMORPG genre. You can see how many other massively multiplayer online role-playing games take inspiration from this one here.

In comparison to other massively multiplayer online games, its reliability is unparalleled. The servers don’t even shut down for maintenance! There is almost no wiggle room for maintenance. If a repair becomes available while you are interacting with the system, you will get a notification (e.g., “They sent over a new form. After X hours, you’ll have to start the game over. “You have a few hours to get the patch before your game is essentially reset.” Microservices are a creation of theirs.

MemesWars 2 is a massive expansion that includes 80+ different kinds of restartable microservices. At the GDC (Game Development Conference), they had a lengthy debate on the topic, which you can see here. (Alternatively, you may peruse an item by watching its presentation at [].) Awesome animated mounts that can pull their weight, may open in unusual ways, and have varying crossing characteristics depending on the region They are more than just cosmetic items that evolve slowly compared to classic MMORPGs.

Massive Multiplayer

As a pair, they are completely unlike anything else. You won’t find a better mount system in any MMORPG than this one. Really, I don’t think any more explanation is necessary. No surprises here. During their game, Snowstorm made a few mental notes on them. Massive Multiplayer Online Game with Unimaginable Potential for Growth To get level, you should descend a bluff, pull out your lightweight flyer, and ride the updrafts.

Drop your Lightweight flyer in favour of a Griffon.In order to gain velocity, you need to enter “plunge mode” and do folds. Jump from your Griffon in midair and ride your mythical snake, then use the mythical beast to grab a wall and launch yourself over the top so you may climb it. The game expects you to master so many different crossing strategies that you become a trapeze master. There are also time trials and races with participant lists.

Another option is to take your boat (rowboats) to various locations to fish (or race). The more you go into the progression, the better it becomes. When you reach level 10, you unlock your most impressive mount. At level 80, you’ll be able to make full use of your mounts, lightweight aircraft, and rowboat. In-game gold may be grown via normal play and traded in for the rare currency at varying conversion rates.

Unlock live narrative episodes

If you want a good skin but don’t have enough premium currency, you can get one by exchanging gold for it. If you’d rather not spend money, you may unlock live narrative episodes by exchanging gold instead. Even the episodes themselves are quite low-key. fast-paced action fight with remarkable stability in PvP due to the outstanding qualities of your weapons. Additionally, Submerged Battle may be used in the PvE mode.

Although perfect balance is impossible to achieve, the fewer possible combinations of abilities make adjusting to new circumstances less of a challenge. The ability to build something new is a set of skills and abilities. The Top-Notch Server Experience, Hands Down (otherwise known as “Attack Mode”) Short for “World vs. World” or “Versus World,” World vs. World is the greatest Server vs. Server mode available in any massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Some of the people I’ve spoken with have told me they stayed in MemesWars 2 because they liked the WvW more than they liked other MMORPGs.

open source, web-based, programming interface (application interface) It’s not uncommon to find gamers who are also engineers creating in-game tools. For instance, BlishHUD and similar overlays combine consistent design to give the impression that they are an integral part of the actual game. The projection of 3D things into the game is made possible by the authority’s shared memory and record of outsider apps’ approaches, symbols, and camera positions without violating any Terms of Service.

Creating custom instruments

When it comes to custom overlays, BlishHUD is also my first choice. a framework for creating custom instruments with a user interface style matching that of the game. In fact, you may access them all via the BlishHUD library! There will be no stuffing at the treat mill. Historical content is still relevant and functional today. You can take a break and still excel in most of the same areas. Movement in MemesWars 2 is flat.

This means you are intentionally breaking seals on items for the sake of documentation. You may increase your level in angling, skirmishing, riding, initiative, and coasting. When you reach level 80 in the regular framework, you have access to this “second” evening-out system. In addition, there is always something to do since this framework extends beyond level 400. The typical level of coverage is kept at 80, and it is regularly reduced appropriately to ensure that even decades-old material has its relevance and entertainment value.

As an added bonus for those who would perish without a rock-solid defence wall: There are incredible shield pieces, trinkets, and weaponry that allow you to modify your detail mix on the spur of the moment, with the beneficial effect of others seeing you as superior or sovereign. Anime characters that look like people but have abs, cat ears, or horns don’t accurately represent any race. The Sylvari are a race of plant-based creatures sometimes known as “the plate of mixed greens people” due to their tendency to eat a wide variety of plants.

Friendly neighborhood

Both their hair and skin are really formed of leaves (or mushrooms), and roots grow out from the surface. Huge, wild, cat-like creatures, the Charr have a sudden, unprecedented desire for all four paws. It’s worth noting that Charr will start walking upright on two feet as you draw your weapon, despite the fact that their catlike spine isn’t designed for it. It seems like you’re taking on the role of a powerful feline species.

The Asura are the game’s primary population, and they have enormous ears. The bigger your ears, the better they think your hearing will be. Playing as even a single little girl will lead your projection of yourself to perform some very spectacular flips. It is expected that an Asura will ascend to the top of a staff and ride it with perfect balance to safety locations that have been calculated in advance. immature in terms of design.

location-specific challenges with fantastic, fully spoken interactions between NPCs. If you’re receptive and willing to let go, they’ll steer you towards an intense experience. Even though the main continents are beautiful in their own right, you haven’t seen anything yet when ArenaNet added additional structures to make the expansions a visual feast.

The variety of design styles used throughout the game helps it age gracefully, which is a nice bonus. In fact, MemesWars 2 is well-known for having a friendly neighborhood, even among other gaming networks. And that’s precisely what people have been thinking about ever since. Plus, there is no membership fee, so you can take advantage of all of these game-changing advancements at no extra cost to you.

  • Seasons 2–5 of Living World require the purchase of an expansion pack separately (either with in-game gold or genuine cash).
  • They listened in, and you’re getting ready to round them up.
  • There is no “Hot-Join” option to instantly form raid teams.
  • The Looking for-Gathering is a gathering place where you can promote your event with just one post.How much work you put into it is up to you. You will have to give talks at design conferences.
  • negatively affects the climax of the individual story (Lv. 1-80).
  • Despite reaching level 80, the primary authentic end manager continues to employ antiquated mechanisms.Thankfully, the narrative continues from there.
  • No easy upgrade from classic MMOs

Maximum reinforcement

Unlike some other games, there are no “filler” tasks that resemble interjection marks in this one. There is also no new maximum reinforcement at the start of each renewal. Those who have spent a long period of time playing inside such a system may find this confusing. These must not be dispersed immediately. Exhibit self-control. Just ignore my role, as so many others have said. ANet is the client where I have spent about 4,000 hours.

The survey will begin now. When Compared to Other MMOs, What Sets MemesWars 2 Apart? In any case, I despise the existence of “item treadmills” in MMORPGs. Fighting a manager requires fighting a supervisor, which requires fighting a manager, which requires fighting a supervisor, and so on indefinitely. Once upon a time in 2014, I had everything set up for my boss using the most expensive and cutting-edge equipment available.

I was feeling a little vulnerable once the major expansion, Heart of Thistles, dropped and the enemies started striking much harder. I could have made a perfect protective layer, but I chose to make some little adjustments to increase my personality’s chance of survival. That was a turning moment for me, and I haven’t switched reinforcements since. My current defence layer is unparalleled.

Unbelievable weaponry

Not to mention, that was 8 years and 2 advancements ago. If you like the “things grind” seen in a lot of MMORPGs, you probably won’t enjoy this one. While there is much to crush for, such as unbelievable weaponry and a protective layer, they just provide restorative effects that have little bearing on the game itself. It seems impossible, I know. Imagine a massively multiplayer online game where you never leave your home base.

MemesWars 2 MOD APK

They do it exceptionally well in any other manner, but it contains the elements of a typical mission (grab object A, transport it to point B, kill this creature, etc.). “Journeys” appear as hearts (called “Prestige Hearts” in-game) on your guide in various games. When you are in close proximity to one, a tiny size guide will appear from nowhere to tell you what to do. You don’t have to jump right into the action, although you may if you want to.

Just talk to NPCs and learn some lore or trivia. There is only so much space in one’s heart for all the things that are necessary. When it’s full, you’ll get experience, acquire a little bit of gold and karma (a virtual currency), and unlock a shop. In my opinion, this is a far better structure for missions than the norm. Mounts serve primarily as a means of transportation in the vast majority of MMORPGs. In the game, they unquestionably do that, but they also have other, more nuanced aspects.

Horizontal mobility

What’s more, their motion continues even when you take your finger off the key. They are a little energising, so they push on for a while. This may look trivial, but it’s really quite clever. More importantly, each of the nine (!) unique mounts has a distinct feel and play style. I won’t go into great depth since doing so would make this already very long survey much longer, but suffice it to say that every mount is useful in its own way and meets a different set of requirements.

Want to take your jumping to new heights? The Springer can help you do just that. The Roller Insect is your best choice if you need to go at lightning speeds. If you need to circumvent a huge canyon, the Raptor is at your disposal. Level 80 has always been the cap for your characters since MemesWars 2 is so focused on horizontal mobility. To advance your character beyond that point, use the Dominance Framework.

Skimming, expanded mount capabilities, improved fishing, and more become available as you rise through the Authority Tiers. A lot of the doors the Dominance Framework opens are useless, however. Skipping and your mount’s abilities are useful pretty much everywhere, but for certain players, that’s not the case. One useful feature of the framework is that once a dominance is opened, it is opened for all records.

Making a decision

Consequently, you only need to get it once, and all of your characters will automatically gain it well before they reach level 80. Now, this may also be seen as a drawback, because someone in the beginner area might theoretically be riding around on your horses and getting to places much faster than they would have without the dominance. These are only a few examples of the many aspects that set MemesWars 2 apart, but they are, in my opinion, among the best.

Again, your own preferences will determine whether you perceive them as positives or problems. I think you should see the game for yourself before making a decision. Since the original game is available at no cost, there is no real risk involved. When compared to Goodness, this MMO is far more enjoyable to play if you’re a casual player like myself. Certainly less grindy, with a much faster equilibrating foundation, but just as complex at the end game.

The warfare system in MemesWars 2 is also much more refined. This seems more arcadey than amazing. Did I mention that there is no need to pay a recurring monthly fee? You may jump in at any moment and play for free, regardless of where you currently are in the story. However, if you do decide to buy a development pack, you’ll be supported by a level 80 character for free. You may acquire two free level 80 players if you buy both expansion packs.

Weapons and armour

When you reach the age of 80, with a little assistance from your friends, they give you free stuff. The items, which include weapons and armour, are on par with yours, and they aren’t terrible either. You may be busy for a long time without even installing any of the expansion packs, since there is already a substantial quantity of stuff to enjoy. Prisons, fractals, global player vs. player combat, global management simulations, and much more are all part of the training.

To achieve parity of 80 in the grand scheme of things, no monetary outlay is required. The bulk of the discounted items are cosmetics and XP lifts, neither of which you need. You don’t have to spend real money on diamonds to get the game currency you need to buy anything. Diamonds may be obtained at any time without ever having to spend real money on them, as long as you have enough in-game gold (the game’s equivalent of real currency) on hand.

If you need cash from a merchant, you may also convert pearls back into gold. It’s a great system since it means that cosmetics may be produced for next to nothing with a little bit of effort on your part. The designs are also some of the best I’ve seen in a long time in a vintage round.Playing at ultra settings on a Ryzen 5 APU with Vega 11 graphics has been buttery smooth for me. Naturally, I take note of this since it means the game will also run fine on Valve’s new Steam platform, making this an MMO you can play quickly should you find yourself in a spot with spotty Wi-Fi.


As well, the game has remained live for the last decade with the ability to maintain a steady player population, demonstrating that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. What more could one possibly want? You won’t have to worry about any negative consequences. Anyone with a previously established record may continue to use it on Steam.

To give the game to a friend, first download it, then go to the game’s library: Right-click the game > Properties > General > click the send off options box > enter “- provider entry” (without the statements). Upon initialising the game, you may now input your credentials. For any newcomers: If I were to sum up MemesWars 2 in one word, it would be “opportunity.” If you want to play a certain game mode at a specific time, you may.

In certain games, for instance, you may not enter player versus player (PvP) until you have reached max level. As soon as you reach level 2 in MemesWars 2, you will be able to participate in PvP or World vs. World. You won’t need to spend 100+ hours grinding before you can take on other people, since the game will automatically offer you max level and the greatest starting items. I can’t have any of that grinding nonsense!

Acquire skins

You may acquire skins, mounts, or do anything else you choose without worrying that your hard work will be obsolete the moment the next expansion drops, thanks to the game’s asynchronous progression system. This leads me to my next point: There are absolutely no recurring costs associated with membership. If you purchase the game now, you may keep it forever! You may take long breaks, explore other games, and come back to the one you love with all your progress intact; you’ll just have more time to play and more content to enjoy.

There is a money shop, which in most FTP games is a bad thing. There are no pay-to-win elements (beyond cosmetics and a few non-essential personal enjoyment items like a bag space), and all purchases may be made with in-game gold. The only time real-world money is required is when an Extension becomes available. The game has a lot of ALG-positive aspects. A single piece of unbelievable defensive layer armour may be used on an infinite number of characters with the same defence level!

The same holds true with firearms! In a similar vein, as you go through the game, you will acquire items that may be saved for later use in instantly levelling up new characters. You may level up without fighting or completing the main story missions. You may theoretically reach the maximum level by engaging in any activity, whether it be map exploration, fishing, creation, player restoration, etc.

Pinnacle of success

Exciting events occur in which the universe appears to be enlivened by $hit occurring despite your presence.Take part in them or ignore them, and you’ll see a wide range of outcomes, including the emergence of major global managers. Even at a higher, more significant level, the low-level zones remain relevant. If necessary, you will be scaled down to a more manageable level or given a higher one in order to achieve meaningful comprehension.

If we’re talking about experience, it will always matter, even if you’ve reached the pinnacle of success. It may be converted into useful items like shards or authority points that can be used to improve your mounts and allow you to float. There is absolutely no slack time. In contrast, most online games require you to take time away from work on Patch Day, which often occurs when you’re not very busy.

In the end, relogging in MemesWars 2 is all that’s required when a patch is released. Really, that’s all there is to it. There is no downtime. I can’t play with my friends since we all chose different servers. So long as you keep it in mind, yes! In MemesWars 2, switching servers is pointless. Overall, they do in WvW (before collusions form), but in PvE, you can just touch on your companion’s name and pick “Join Guide” from the resulting drop menu.

Fantastic open-world content.

You can’t play with your friends unless you’re all in the same district (EU or NA). Inadequate tab-focus oncauses a slowdown in gameplay. and I agree! Fortunately, turning on Action Camera from the game’s options will provide you with a crosshair, much as in Tera and other activity games. However, there are some seasoned players that warn against it in positioned PvP, but it’s absolutely fantastic in terms of open-world content.

I’ve been trying for ten thousand hours and still can’t get in with my old account. Truly?! First off, ArenaNet repeatedly mentioned this in advance of each event, so it was quite standard knowledge.

They went as far as sending out messages about it. Second, you played the game for a long time and got something out of it, but now you want to bring it down and discourage new players from trying it out because of something that has nothing to do with genuine continuing engagement and doesn’t affect them in any way, shape, or form? Finally, you may keep using your previous account.

To do this, go to the Library, right-click the game, and then pick Properties > General > Ship To > Send Off > Click > Supplier Entry >. I’ve played the game for 115 hours according to Steam but nearly 1.9 thousand hours overall, and I own all the downloadable content and the main story, so I’m familiar with its flaws and can appreciate its strengths. The vocations, or courses, are the most crucial aspect.

Downloadable content

There are nine in total (eight if you discount one downloadable content add-on that is in no way more “impressive” than the others), and each one has its own unique play style. If you and a friend are both mesmers (similar to illusionists), you can still play as ran support, skirmish dps, healer, and so on without the DL; however, having the DL does increase the variety of roles available to you.

You also don’t just have your abilities and that’s it; no horrible companion; abilities 1-3 change based on the type of mainhand weapon you use; abilities 4 aren’t set in stone based on impromptu planning; and each class can involve different weapons in different hands.We’ll leave it at that for now, but know that it’s just the beginning. not to mention the bank (otherwise known as the gemstore).

MemesWars 2 is the least pay-to-win MMO I’ve ever played or heard of. In multiple interviews, Arenanet has confirmed that the gem store will only feature healing and quality-of-life items. You can’t buy anything from the gemstore unless you count gathering tools like a pickaxe or sickle, but there are plenty of quality-of-life items that prove extremely useful in the late game, such as additional bank tabs and sack slots.

Since each player has just three sack slots, pack space might be tight if you’re permitted to participate. Thankfully, you can make packs to solve this problem. Finally, the goods! To sum up, there are three tiers of rarity for gear in the “ultimate plan.

Max-level characters

There’s “colourful,” the primary extraordinary that max-level characters can aim for right now; “climbed,” which only proposes about a 10% increment in details and what is essentially an additional update space; and “unbelievable,” which has the same details as rose but has a lot of QoL highlights like being prepared by all characters for you at once or the option to trade details whenever you want.

If you have at least one downloadable content pack, you can buy fantastic items and weapons from the player market. However, dear ruler, incredible weapons are expensive, and rose gear is something you’ll need to acquire on your own by doing specific content and receiving it as a drop, using specific monetary forms, or crafting.

What then, if anything, can be stated about the novice’s experience? Each playable character has a list of quests, or “experience guides,” that, when completed, provide access to new features and content, such as crafting, jumping puzzles, and completing events in new areas.

All guides also feature activities that grant experience, whether it’s completing an errand for a npc who later becomes a merchant, tackling a legend difficulty to earn skill points, or interacting with one of the many world bosses that spawn at regular intervals and attract a horde of players of varying levels (an ideal opportunity to ask somebody about their inquiries in the event that you have any).

Arena-style PvP

Keep in mind that this is an MMORPG, so there’s a lot going on, and it may seem overwhelming at first. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of excellent content available on YouTube and the wider web to help you figure things out if you get lost. The neighbourhood is fantastic as well, and it’s probable that you’ll quickly make friends and allies in a helpful guild. Don’t discount the wiki’s usefulness; it contains a wealth of information on the game, and typing /wiki [object name here] in the visit window will take you directly to the relevant page.

Other game modes include player versus player and world versus world, in which players from your server band together to take on players from two other servers in a massive, arena-style PvP showdown. Players can try to take over enemy territory by destroying their palace walls with rocket launches and claiming it as their own, or by disrupting supply convoys with a dash of Horrendous.

As someone who has dabbled in World of Warcraft, played Final Fantasy 14 for an absurd amount of time, and switched between every other massively multiplayer online game known to man, I held off playing MemesWars 2 on the assumption that it wouldn’t be to my liking. I feel a deep sense of loss over this, since the game is fantastic and keeps surprising me. It has delivered on the promises and main features that other games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV have been lauded for, and it has done so for a far longer period of time.

Dominance system

There are certain issues, but the game improves with time, and I find myself more interested in it. Because of the dominance system, the levelling process, and the gradual increase in speed as you go, having many characters is quite beneficial. This is now my go-to approach for experiencing MMOs, and I honestly believed I’d never come across anything better than Final Fantasy 14’s aforementioned job setup.

MemesWars 2 MOD APK

I don’t like the changes that have been made to the cash shop accounts because I think the quality improvements that can be found inside them make it uncomfortable and poorly constructed to play the game without them. In any event, I’m prepared to give MemesWars 2 a little leeway since I’m not shelling out real money to play it and because many players can trade gold for diamonds, purchase account upgrades, and purchase jewel shop items without ever spending a penny.

The only prizes up for grabs are a plethora of cosmetics and a few flash sales, but if you pass them up, they always come back around eventually, so it’s not like you’re losing anything by doing so. This is a really rare game. I’m happy I tried it out of curiosity, since it’s quickly become one of my favorites. I hope more people will become aware of it now that it’s on Steam. To that end, I’ve been a player of this game since its beta stage.

Multiple accounts

I transferred my Steam account primarily so that I could play on both the European Union and North American continents without constantly logging in and out of multiple accounts. This is a fantastic game and one of my favourites ever. Perhaps I have a bias, but then again, who doesn’t? No one has a balanced, honest opinion; you could either love it or hate it. To be fair, however, when I consider the money I’ve spent on ANet over time and the time I’ve spent enjoying the service, I realise it’s a fantastic bargain.

Still! There are benefits and drawbacks to consider. What’s good? The broad, continuing interaction circle, with its focus on study and variety of activities, is of potential interest to me. As a result of the unique tale and the several paths available via the central insight, I find that the game can be played multiple times. The game makes it easy to switch to a different character, with levelling up and XP acquisition items being distributed rather evenly depending on the game style you choose to play.

As an added bonus, MemesWars 2 makes it simple to jump in and play however you like: PvP is available in full by level 2, and you can join WvW right away. However, while your health is improved in PvP, your access to abilities and your gear are not, so entering WvW while balancing out your health can be a very unbalanced experience. Keep your soldiers on the go as you level up! Regardless, the emphasis on co-employable continuous contact means that you’re frequently happier to have one more person around than you would be in a WvW mode.

Open-world events

Each player has equal access to loot tables and crafting nodes without having to be an early riser or constantly on the move to obtain what they want, and open-world events scale automatically to the number of users online.

This means that drawing attention to an event might have unintended positive consequences, since the influx of new enemies it invites can result in loot for anybody who manages to do more than a few percent in damage. Because you now have (yet again!) other goals to pursue in addition to a single straight-stuff grind thanks to mounts, coasting, and diverse dominances, the experience beyond level 80 is more fluid and playful.

There is constant change despite the appropriate level limit since new dominances appear with each Living World Story update (Season 1 is an exception). The level and complexity of the narrative missions, their specialty supervisor mechanisms, and the ultimate plan bundle material grow tremendously over time if you opt to pay for extensions and LW (and I really do encourage it, after you have exhausted the F2P stuff).

It’s undeniable that ANet has kept the gas pedal to the metal as the years have passed, much to the game’s amazing advantage. They’ve saved some of their greatest work for its most recent expansion, which has an ecological narrative on par with that of many single-player RPGs. Since every game has its drawbacks, let’s move on to them now. war over capacity. This is a common expression, used by everyone.


Stock management is a constant struggle for most MemesWars 2 players, whether they have a free-to-play account or a redesigned account with an expansion. The game is rife with loot drops, which is exciting at the outset and, if you choose to farm, can add variety to the experience, but… well, all of that loot has to go somewhere, and without a truly coordinated approach, it’s incredibly easy to wind up with a full stock, miles from the closest shipper.

The game tries to solve this problem by letting you stash crafting supplies wherever on Earth. However, this assumes that you’re using or selling these supplies on a regular basis; otherwise, you’ll be right back where you started. If you don’t mind putting in some effort to improve your writing skills, it’s definitely something you should do as you go. Some players may disagree with the inclusion of a cash shop as a solution to the storage and other convenience concerns that arise in almost every online game nowadays.

Some optional in-game purchases (such as character customizations or character expansions) are acceptable in a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game, while others are less so. I don’t think the gemstore is particularly brutal, but that’s in the context of the whole market, and there are definitely a few goods there that I find useless. They’re useless in other ways as well, which is good news for anybody with impulse control issues.

Parody game types

Over time, ANet has experimented with several strategies for delivering material, both at the final stage and beyond. In general, this has resulted in a plethora of parody game types, but there are, of course, some low points and drawbacks. One of them is almost out of date, but not quite: you won’t be able to play the whole tale until November 2022, since the central portion of the Living Scene was originally only playable as it arrived, with major plot beats available in 2-week intervals.

There are certain parts of the environment that don’t match up with the way the player sees them, and this is currently being corrected. Another problem with this strategy is that it often leads to both frantic spurts and extended, unsatisfying lulls in the action, leading to a narrative quality that improves significantly over time but experiences significant drops at some points.

Unfortunately, some of these quality dives have been crucial plot minutes, so you kind of… move through a boring beat and just let yourself realise that it’s a brief moment in an otherwise fantastic experience. My last argument is related to the ones before it, since it represents yet another tenet of their method of progress. It may be seen both positively and negatively, depending on your perspective.

Unique UI framework

MemesWars 2 lacks a traditional task indicator due to its focus on open-world exploration and a curved interaction circle. There are two independent narrative threads, each of equal length. a more typical individual storyline that focuses on in-game events, character growth, and the unfolding of open-world occurrences. The fact that no plot is tied to your level (though the hub story does unlock as you level) might be a breath of fresh air, but it can also be quite confusing for new players.

A common complaint I’ve heard is that people don’t know what to do or where to go when they first start playing the game. The third issue is that the UI framework provides little room for designers to tell ancillary storylines that are legend-weighted but aligned with the main narrative. The finest ancillary tales are presented in this way because they need a string of achievements that, taken together, create a “two-bulge” on the board and make the story itself impossible to replicate.

You may often locate a secret out on the planet that opens up a whole arrangement of missions to pursue, and this gives the game the advantage of having a massive capacity to reward players for exploration. As far as I’m concerned, the positives far outweigh any drawbacks. I haven’t even gotten into the non-continuous interaction components, such as the nice MemesWars 2 people group, yet; if I tried to describe everything I appreciate about this game, it would probably take me much longer than this!

Building up your confidence

I think it’s a wise move to try out MemesWars 2. It costs nothing except the time it takes to download. In any case, I believe Guide is the best place to look for assistance.You can go there if you’re powerful, or you can research how to get beyond New Player Overpower if it happens to you. The first 20 levels will go by quickly, so be patient, and if your chosen class doesn’t work out, switch to another one with your two free characters.

If you can find anything to like in MemesWars 2, it will be a rich reward for the effort you put into building up your confidence. By the looks of my maturity in-game, I’ve spent well over a decade playing MemesWars 2. I have no idea where the time went, but this is the one MMORPG where I feel like the player’s time and preferences are respected. Honestly, I could take a sabbatical and come back without changing a thing.

Having to make yet another adjustment or improvement to the system is tedious and wastes my time. Groundwork 2 focuses solely on level mobility.When you reach level 80, which is attainable in the free-to-play version, the level 80 content will still apply to you. Even my least prepared characters can handle most situations to their satisfaction. Any real progress I make is “very durable” and always ends up being contributed time rather than idle time.

Organised content

There is always a lot to accomplish, and it takes care of all that needs to be done. It’s simple to engage in mindless metas or to go all out with organised content acquisition. Many direct MMOs suffer from opportunity cost dread, and this is compounded by a subordinate administration that results in incurred cost errors. Everything seems so cold, yet MemesWars 2 “regards” the players’ time and speculations.

MMOs are supposed to be enjoyable, but they find ways to keep you playing and paying rather than enjoying life, and MemesWars 2 hasn’t let me down in ten years as the MMO that thinks you should have a nice time. It’s cheesy, but I’ve enjoyed the game for what it’s worth to me so far, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Why some people thought it was a good idea to act as a strict parent figure to the newest Steam users, I’ll never know.

Except for a few people doing metas, the starting areas have returned to normal (as you get downsized to do content at a lower level).Whatever the situation may be, holy hell, it was horrible to be just another gamer. Some recent polls have reflected this, though the impact is far less than it once was.This is still really embarrassing to see. Assuming you’re not bringing any pollution with you, a natural meeting is likely.

Individual knobs

The game’s visuals are where I truly have some issues with it. I have plans in place to look after you, but many of the settings really need their individual knobs turned; for example, I like to view all enemies and NPCs rather than player models and pets, but since the setting is combined with a heavy fps hoard, decreasing it may hide these characters. They did a lot of work to get DX11 working; however, the in-game settings might need some work.

MemesWars 2 is a lot like other massively multiplayer online games in that it never really ends. There are nine unique classes from which to choose, allowing you to create a new character. Assuming you play more aggressively, world vs. world, or PVP, may easily eat up a large chunk of your time. Many resources, including money and property, may be amassed by simply repeating past meta-events.

While I agree with the tale in its entirety, I can’t help but feel that it’s only available for a short time. When you’re done with the plot parts, you may go back and experience most of the content again. Obviously, you can always replay the narrative, but you may waste fifty or more hours on it. On the other hand, if you like success stories, you will likely read this one more than once. Finding nothing to do in MemesWars 2 is a real challenge.

Living world

All the information about MemesWars 2 may be found in one of three places: the developments, the living world, or the pearl store. The expansions greatly expand the quantity of data that may be taken with you. Included in this are the additional specialties (a plethora of new skills for your vocation and a better way to play it) and dominances (account-bound elements and capacities you get from the new guides).

There are five seasons of The Living Scenes in total; the first season has been re-released for free, while the next four may be purchased on Steam or in-game using jewels. New guidebooks will serve as the setting for a few Living World story episodes.Most of them are just narrative fragments, but some of the stories include very great trinkets, mounts, and metas. They’re crucial to the story’s progression and help bring everything together.

If you’re thinking about getting caught up, you should probably pick up the Living Scene seasons. A lot of restorative justice goods and some gratifying luxury items may be found in the Pearl Shop. You may also buy individual episodes of Living World. The reason I bring it up is because you can swap your virtual currency for real cash. Actually, the diamond shop never requires any actual money from you.

FPS is strongest

While there aren’t any Steam achievements available, there are plenty of in-game ones that really lead to prizes. They may point you in the direction of what you need to manage your continuing contact or give you the sense of closure you need. Given that it is an “allowed to play” game, you may give it a try without worrying about your Steam profile being negatively affected. However, if you like doing things, you should be prepared to devote a lot of time to them.

I’m in better shape and can outrun this game by a long shot. When it comes to key metas and specific locations, my disapproval of FPS is strongest. Whenever you join a meta, there are usually fifty or more people on the screen, which might seriously degrade your frame rate. The game might place a burden on your computer’s resources at particularly busy moments since it is often CPU-intensive.

If you require access to additional methods, there are a few options that will consume them all: Character Model Breaking Point (how many players can be on screen at once), Character Model Quality (there’s a default model that heaps and uses less resources; the lower this setting, the more default appearances will be shown), and Shadows (there’s barely any difference in frames per second (fps) between none and low, and between medium and high).


Ultra will kill your fps, though, and so will reflections (there’s not much of a difference between none and sky/territories, so just don’t use all of them) and Impact LOD (clicking the box will limit the particles other players may use in their spells and abilities). The reduction of these controls is a significant improvement for the show. Just because you have a powerful computer doesn’t mean you can ignore these options.

Excellent resolution (4K) visuals plays perfectly, with plenty of fun and educational stuff to do. For instance, hopping puzzles are among my absolute favourites, and those mounts seem fantastic. There is no ongoing fee, and the servers are performing normally. There are always plenty of people in the amateur zone, so I never feel lonely there. amazing MMO experience so far. I’ve been delving further into the game, trying out new skills, and exploring the world, and I must say that the locals are kind and helpful.

When they want to do a global chief and a back rub in the conversation when it begins and where to meet, I saw a coach icon on the itinerary.Furthermore, there is no such thing as a silly question. The world is full of hidden passageways, and you will be rewarded if you take the time to explore them. Yes, it might be overwhelming, and maybe you’re like me and have to start all over again and again to find a class that works for you for the best possible major chance. but you’ll get there.

Knowledge tree

In addition, each weapon has a unique set of skills. As a blade and a knife come from different branches of the knowledge tree, Since I could have done without the game’s crafting style, I regret not trying it sooner. I went into the game with low expectations because of my history of disappointment with massively multiplayer online role-playing games. World War II accomplished what no other game has.

Both the class fabrication and the style war (the “genuine final plan”) allow for an incredible amount of personalization. But we can’t talk about MemesWars 2 without talking about their mount system, which is, without a doubt, the finest mount system in gaming, PERIOD. In contrast to most other games, mounts in MemesWars 2 really have a sense of where they should be going.

To my delight, the game perfectly satisfies my preferred play style by rewarding me for doing nothing more than exploring and immersing myself in the world. If I get the opportunity, I prefer to jump about in control just for the heck of it, and the game rewards that kind of play really well.

New set of skills

Submerged Battle is not like other games where you just walk down the ocean floor or where you can’t even get wet. In MemesWars 2, you’ll be able to go for a swim and develop a new set of skills, a unique approach to combat, etc. Much more awaits your independent investigation. I’m not going to lie: $100 is a lot of money for anyone evaluating another game.Thankfully, reaching the game’s maximum level—and the rest of its content—does not cost anything beyond playing the game’s standard version.

There’s little question that even as an FTP player, you can invest 100+ hours into the game and have satisfying interactions with a variety of other people. The HoT/PoF group occasionally goes on sale for $15, so if you do decide to wait it out, you can take advantage of extension deals when they come around. Although an agreement on the End of Days has yet to materialise, it would not be shocking if the date were to be pushed back to this year.

Regardless of how much I adore Steam, the definitive version of MemesWars 2 is available for purchase on ANET’s website, and it includes 4,000 jewels (enough to buy the living stories), all three expansions, and a second character’s personal storage area. There is more incentive for you, but you can’t really go wrong with either option. MemesWars 2 is insanely valuable, so I recommend it for free or almost free! End


Here you are. The game that inspires the enthusiasm of so many different types of creative minds The core experience can be had for no cost. There is no blatant reason to rule out giving it a shot. No matter how long you’re planning on staying, many people remember it as a positive experience that contributed to their health because of the environment.

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