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Merge Mermaids MOD APK (MOD, Free Shopping)  – Download and play this FREE consolidation game!Join this sorcery legend!Enjoy your relaxation life Have you at any point utilized combine wizardry? Blend winged serpents? MergeElves? MergeLand? Presently, you can blend mermaids!Magic winged serpent educated Merge mythical beasts sorcery to the mermaids! You can drag and consolidation EVERYTHING in the Merge Mermaids to make an enchanted fish life!Let’s test the riddle legend together.

The charming mermaids live on the wonderful seabed and carry on with a blissful life. At some point, baffling powers reviled the seabed. The existence of mermaids are annihilated. They tracked down the enchanted mythical beast and took in the consolidation sorcery of the union winged serpents, wanting to save their life. Furthermore, you, our players, bound to turn into the SAGE of the enchanted animals, assisting them with building, directing the them make a riddle legend.

No conflict, No killing, No battling. Blend Mermaids is only a totally tranquil consolidation game!!! At the point when you enter this union game, You will observe that the seabed is cursed,everything has lost its essentialness. You need to utilize blend wizardry to modify the fish life.At first, you really want to consolidate sorcery companions to assist you.To with doing this, you want to combine 3 to incubate the egg fo rmagic animals, like enchantment

mythical serpent, mermaids, butterfly, mythical being, phantom, thus on.There are beyond what 200 kinds of enchantment animals can be consolidated and brought forth. With respect to mermaids, child mermaid are delicate and can’t do numerous things, so we keep on blending mermaids until they develop into more grounded like an enchanted mythical beast solid and do more positions for the fish life.

With such countless charming accomplices helping, now is the right time to accomplish our definitive objective: plan home and construct a wonderful fish life. The consolidation wizardry showed by the enchanted mythical serpent can blend mermaids, yet in addition combine all items in the union game. Consolidate seaflowers to deliver mending oceanpower. Combine excavators to get development materials. Blend houses to fabricate more mermaid home.

Combine fortunes to get tremendous abundance in return for additional mermaids. There are an excessive number of sorts of things can utilize combine wizardry, like trees, grass, rocks, food, chests, even precious stones! Each time the thing is combined, the thing will be updated. At the point when the thing is combined ordinarily, it will end up being the most lovely and exquisite one. Go ahead and utilize your union wizardry and make in excess of 400 sorts of articles on this consolidation game.

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Version 2.34.0 is out!
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• New levels: 871-880
• Some Optimizations
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2.38.0 157.4 MB 4.4 04/07/2022
2.34.0 - 4.4 04/07/2022
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