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Package Name Merge Witches MOD APK
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 3.27.0
Size 451.8 MB
Requirements 4.4
Last Update Dec 04, 2023
Date Update 04-Jul-2022
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Supported Platforms Android

Merge Witches MOD APK (MOD, Free Shopping) – Is it true or not that you are searching for consolidated games, puzzle games, free games, and young ladies’ games? Then “Consolidation Witches” will most likely be an excellent objective for you! There was a serene and puzzling sky city, where the charming witches lived a quiet life.


Be that as it may, the shrewd beasts found the sky city at some point. The beasts annihilated their home and quiet life and removed their honor. From that point forward, dim brown haze cast a shadow on the sky city.

Legends say that you, our players, are the most intelligent and courageous experts. Will influence the witches to blend brain, match brain, settle puzzles brain, and plan home brainly. Rout the beasts with combined enchantment, and consolidate sorcery to bring the distinction back and fabricate a quiet life overhead city.


To finish the objective, you, right off the bat, need to gather more adorable animals to assist you with getting more ability to scatter the dim brown haze and configuration home in this union riddle game! The child witches like to rest and might not at any point do countless such positions, so you want riddles to gather, hatch and union witches to make them more grounded, and they won’t rest extraordinarily lengthy. They will assist you with getting better rewards.

You can even gather and find all sorts to add them to your Witches Book! Notwithstanding the charming animals, numerous articles can be utilized with combined magic, similar to portable blossoms, versatile trees, portable grass, portable bushes, even versatile structures, and so on. Each time the item is combined, the article will be redesigned and better.

Features Of Merge Witches MOD APK

At the point when an objective article is blended commonly, it will become like a splendid dream. As the items are portable, you can utilize your union wizardry to gather and find more and better of them and move them to any place to arrive at your objective – plan home and fabricate a quiet life in this consolidation puzzle game.

There are additionally numerous adorable creatures. Complete the orders from the objective cute animals, and you will get unique prizes. Investigate the level guides brimming with puzzles. Drag, consolidate, and match the level guides to tackle, combine perplexes, and take tips back to your city!


When puzzle game meets combine sorcery, do you have the certainty to challenge and become quite possibly of the best expert and legends? Might it be said that you are prepared to appreciate Merge Witches? Find and gather more charming animals, find and gather more gorgeous items, consolidation, and match to tackle puzzles, plan home, and fabricate a quiet life. Now is the right time to adapt to the situation and partake in the most habit-forming consolidated sorcery!



What's new

Welcome to Merge Witches and version 3.19.0 is out!
Play free!
• NEW events are coming soon!
• New levels: 601-610
• Some optimizations
Merge & Match! Create a magic kingdom!


Version Size Requirements Date
3.24.0 451.8 MB 4.4 04/07/2022
3.23.0 451.8 MB 4.4 04/07/2022
3.20.0 451.8 MB 4.4 04/07/2022
3.19.0 - 4.4 04/07/2022

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How do I avoid being blocked in the game?

  • To avoid a ban in the game, we advise you to play with the Internet turned off or install the original version of the game

How do I use the MOD?

  • To use the MOD, simply shop for in-game diamonds