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Metel is a new puzzle game with horror elements. You have to visit the role of the victim of a maniac. Escape and learn the story of each hero in the game.
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May 5, 2022
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METEL HORROR ESCAPE MOD APK is a puzzle game that incorporates horror elements. You will play the role of a madman, and you must escape and learn about the stories of the heroes. The maniac should not notice the escape attempt. Ever imagined being kidnapped one day? When you awaken, you are in a dark and frightening place. Also, This game’s name is METEL HORROR ESCAPE, and this is a unique puzzle game. Dark and disturbing colours are a part of the world in this game.

You will feel anxious every second due to the dramatic music and sudden sounds. You will need to avoid the madman’s traps. He’s crazy and eccentric, and he was looking for you to kidnap. Kidnappers will place you in secret places like abandoned houses or metal cages. You will likely be subject to the torture of your kidnappers here. All around you are only blood and tear. The goal of the METEL HORROR is to get out of these places. METEL HORROR ESCAPE MOD APK takes players into a freaky world with sharp 3D graphics.


The character designs, houses, landscapes, and horror-themed settings are built-in horror style. The game’s sound effects are very realistic, and the sound quality is almost identical to real life. METEL HORROR allows players to have the most realistic gaming experience.  The game characters of METEL HORROR ESCAPE MOD APK interact with the players very well, and they can hear the characters communicating with players through voice effects.

It allows players to experience the thrill of playing games while also feeling like they are watching horror movies in theatres. Although there are many options to vary the gameplay, there are many similarities. Antarctica 88 and The Twins will be entertaining horror games. At the moment, METEL HORROR ESCAPE MOD APK offers two characters to choose from, Alan and Emily, the male and female characters. The game’s control system and manipulation are straightforward, and the touch screen interface is used for all operations.


Here There are three levels that players can explore. Also, These levels contain entirely different content. Each level will contain six puzzles. These puzzles require you to find the key to escape. Look for any items hidden by the kidnapper at the location where you are held. These are usually small items or weapons like scissors, ropes…, fuses, and forks. Many fascinating stories are part of METEL HORROR Escape. “Awakening” is the first plot. This story will show you how to become an employee at the company.

After work, one blizzard night. A shadow follows you as you walk through small forests. You are now terrified and run. Unfortunately, you are still knocked unconscious and transported to a horrible place. The mad kidnapper is right next to you. You must now get out of the cage and enter the basement. You will also discover “Basement” as the second plot. You will also meet a girl who is the victim of a mad kidnapper. After learning about her story, you decide to hide in the basement with this girl. Although everything was going well, that wasn’t the case.


Oh my God. I first saw the YouTube video about the game and downloaded it. I didn’t know how it worked, but I learned later that you could watch the videos on YouTube. It doesn’t matter what the dialogues are about maniacs or the background begins. One of my favourite games ever.

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What's new

- Chapter Release - Emily
- Secret ending
- Updated voice acting - Alan
- New skin for a maniac
- Bug fix

  • The masked enemy sold with real money in the game is unlocked.
  • You can use hints without watching ads in the game.

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