Minecraft APK (MOD, Full Version) free on android

Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10.
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Minecraft APK is good, and all but the frame rate drops from time to time. It will be okay for a few minutes, and then it will be choppy and okay again. I’m using a high-end device, and there is no way my device is unable to handle the game. I never had any frame drops when playing Asphalt. It is way heavy than this game. If it can handle that smoothly, it means this game will be easy. Try to optimize for mobile devices, please. Other than that, everything is excellent—my favorite. I enjoyed playing it: frame drops, rust.

Minecraft Apk
Minecraft Apk

game is fantastic because there are so many different ways to play, for example. You could be a red stoner, a builder, a miner, a terraformed, a hermit, an explorer, a farmer, a paper, and much more. Plus, there so many fun minigames like spleen, bed wars, tent run, build battle, minecraft prisons, sky block, hunger games, and many more. And you can’t forget that you can play on creative mode, survival mode, and adventure mode (for explorers). And the two bosses put the cherry on top.

This Minecraft download is fantastic! But I have a new egg spawn suggestion, I think you should add fireflies to the match and jars that you can put them in, and you should make fishbowls that fish can stay in, and I have noticed an issue that after a while of playing, the screen will shake around randomly, but other than that this is a great game! There are endless possibilities! So good! Keep up the excellent work, Mojang!

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This Minecraft APK  is super fun because people can build whatever they want and my brother taught me when I was four he chooses that age so my hands were big enough and the funniest part was when I looked at him like I was crazy and I liked it, and I started to play on his Xbox more and. I stopped playing on it for like two or one-year’ s/year. Because my sister got Minecraft on her phone then when he was gone, I started to play on it more, so that’s my story bye.

If you could give more than five stars, then I would. Minecraft is a very immersive and fun game. I play this game a lot! There is so much to do in it, with more content added with almost every update! Although, if you don’t get this on a computer, you’re missing out BIG TIME. WARNING!! YOU NEED A GOOD PHONE/COMPUTER! OR ELSE YOU ARE SENTENCED TO LAG!!! Did I say this was good already? Cause it is.

Amazing game!! And I’m not sure if the developers with see this or not. And I also don’t know if its only me. But when I’m playing with my friend, we both have custom skins. But when we join each other, the surfaces change, and both players now have the same skin. The only bug that I seem to have- other than a few glitches when I join servers. But I assume that’s natural for having so many players on at once. But yeah.


I’ve had Minecraft APK since I was four and I play it with my brothers, so I have a lot of laughter and some sad moment like when you die. But overall, it’s a good game I like it, all my friends like it and, you can also make new friends on it if your careful but, I think if you are looking at this, you should at least try it. The servers are fun too, and you can play competitive games. I little bit calmer games hide and seek on some of the servers wears all kinds of sports.

Best game! Better than Fortnite! You can play on servers, make your worlds, play with your friends! There are so many items—a new version of survival. You can be creative, A.F.! I’m in love! That’s what has made me play for 4 YEARS! The fact you can mine, build, fly, survive, fight, swim, and be creative, IS WONDERFUL, Minecraft is such an AMAZING game if you decide to be creative and build! You can pretty much do anything. EVEN CREATE YOUR SERVER!

This Minecraft is like the best game! You just have to play it. You can build anything you want! From stunning homes to amazing cities. There are two types of modes, creative, where you get all the blocks to make anything you want. Then there is survival, which is where you survive the treacherous World of Minecraft. Amazing! And by the way, go check out the Hive it’s AMAZING!

Tweak how the game plays: you can give items away, summon mobs.

Entertaining game to play! I have Minecraft on my phone and my Xbox, and I love it! It’s the combination of creativity, survival, and fighting that make this game so epic! Moreover, there are several servers that you can try out! You can play minigames in those servers, too, am looking forward to moving on with this journey.

Best game ever. I just got Minecraft Dungeons, and it’s also awesome. The controls are okay on pe, but with a controller, it’s fantastic. Perfect graphics, low lag, and amazing servers, worlds, and games, I play a lot of egg wars and win a lot. It’s nice to play the servers and play with my friends in our realm. Everything works great, and it is fantastic. One complaint is that the lag is sometimes terrible. Overall, one of the best games I have ever played.

BEST! It is so fun, and it lets you create whatever you want. There are safe servers, and you can’t learn any information about anyone. You can play with your friends, although it can have connection problems. There are so many choices and updates that make it my favourite app. The money you pay for it is worth it. You can use Skinseed for the skins, or you can make a skin. I have had so much fun with this Minecraft download, and I hope others have had pleasure with this.


Very fun, but sometimes it won’t let me download the maps that I wanted. Some crashes, some lags, but still, this Minecraft download is entertaining!! P.S. I recommend this to all the people and not just kids who love building and making stuff because this is the perfect game for you!!

Honestly, this Minecraft APK is my childhood. I have always watched the people on YouTube playing the game. I sometimes would even rematch the videos from morning till sundown. And when I experienced it for the first time (5-3 years ago), It was even better than expected overall I like the Minecraft. The creation of multiplayer servers made the experience even MORE fun. I’d like to say thank you to the team for making such a fantastic game.

Minecraft Apk
Minecraft Apk

You can’t go wrong with minecraft, and with over a decade of free updates, there is always a reason to revisit it. In the past few years, Mojang has updated the Bedrock edition of the game to be nearly identical on Xbox, Windows, Switch, and PS4, despite cross-play. There are issues with Bedrock, namely with servers, mods, and Redstone. Java is, in my opinion, the definitive version of the game, but if you are looking to play Minecraft on the go, this is a great way to do it.

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The Minecraft APK is excellent and entertaining to play. It takes a while to get the new items into this version, and the game can get leggy on servers. The game is still entertaining to play. I have two questions about the game, though. Instead of being on the same WIFI network as the person, you’ll want to play. There will be a way to join your friends or family.

I love Minecraft APK SOOO much! But there is one thing I would love you guys to add in the new update, maybe make like another button on the top of the screen to change the point of view. kind of like the one where you can change the point of view when you go to the menu in the older version, with this, it would be easier for you to change the camera angle than just going to the settings and change it there, I hope you guys add this

I have played this Minecraft for six years, and I’m ten, and I still love it has updates maps parkour you can build anything you want, but in block form, it is my favourite game in the whole world. I have it on every device in my house. You should get even though it costs money it’s worth, I swear. Also, there are more than just maps; there are mods, etc.


Wow! This game, called ‘minecraft,’ made my childhood happy. So, I give it 5-stars, it is an excellent idea to make a pocket edition of Minecraft (also called ‘bedrock’), so I can play my childhood game anytime & anywhere. I don’t experience any significant bugs while playing this awesome game. I don’t regret buying Minecraft on the play store. Thanks for the hard works of all developers of this game. You all doing great.

It is enjoyable, and you can play with your friends. You can change the difficulty if you are new you might want to go on peaceful. You can download your skins, and you can change your name. Overall, this Minecraft is entertaining to play alone or with friends. I like to record my YouTube videos and play this. Also, I recommend using a more significant device, like a tablet or an iPad, because the bigger screen makes things easier to see. I hope this helped!

Great graphics, almost no lag at all. I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy and adventure. Also, please tell me when the 1.16 nether update is coming to Minecraft because I’m getting a little bored of the old blocks. Because on Chrome, it says that the nether update was due May 26, 2020, and that was a day ago, so yeah. And also, in the future, can you add an end update, perhaps? But still, I give this game five stars for being able to create anything you can imagine.

How To Play

I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was 3. I’m now 16, and I still play it. I love that you can change characters, make a new world and join servers, it was VERY AMAZING :3 thank you Mojang and Microsoft for making this app I also could spawn some pets and mobs to attack with to practice my PVP it’s so cool for a teen and adults and to toddlers and kids. Don’t spread the virus. Spread the game. I appreciate your advice and your updates for me. I wish we had more updates soon! Bye

I love it! You can make anything, but I hope you can play with players without money pls fix this! Mabey for the next update, we can add birds to the sky! And a new host mob! And it will be the crow! It will swoop down from the air like a mob we have today. Also, It will take five hearts from you! You can tame them with seeds! The next one will be the cardinal!

I love the game, although there is one bug, my friends and I play a lot. The skins, say I have a skin seed skin on then my friend puts one on too. The skins glitch, and then my friend’s skin is my skin; the only way we can have surfaces is if one of us has skin from a marketplace pack, and I also have the newest updated version of minecraft at the moment. However, I still haven’t got the update where you can fit in a one-block space using a trap door is it coming to P.E.?

Story And Missions

I play it all the time, but when I tap the loading screen or any loading screen, it crashes. I thought you guys fixed this in the hotfix, and it doesn’t hit when I am a beta tester, but I can’t play with my brother because he can’t join the beta, and sometimes it crashes after I play for a while. But I still love this game. I had it for five years almost.

My brother tried it. And my causing tried it. Then you should try it too. You can do whatever you want. Play minigames, build a house, play with friends, survive the darkness, and let your creativity do it. There is so much to do with minecraft. I had installed it in my pc (Windows 10 edition).

Minecraft APK (MOD, Full Version) free on android

It’s a great game you should really buy it you can do a lot of stuff and even use mods. I love it! Edit: it’s been a while, and now it’s Glitching and stuff my Microsoft account is not set up or something? But actually, it’s perfectly fine, and I can’t play minigames it says coming soon, but for others, it’s there. My skins are all grey like when I first started playing, and even when I fix it and load back in its back too grey.

Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10.

I’ve been playing Minecraft APK for as long as I can remember. And I think that it is the BEST GAME EVER!!!!! And I know that a LOT of other people tried to make their version of this game, but I think you should just get the real game. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to express their building skills!

Excellent, but can you add some furniture, cars, and some more emerald items like armor. Also, add some rubies and be able to craft supplies like a sword, pick, ax, and shovel with the shield. And make them as healthy as diamond and make way for God’s sake to make a way to get Bedrock. Also, make fences out of every building block, including emerald diamond gold and iron. if you listen ruby and lastly make it able to hatch and tame a dragon. Please add these. And I’ll rate it 5 out of 5.

I enjoy this Minecraft a LOT!!! If you are looking for a game where you have endless things to do, then this is the game you want to get! I would like just to ask something, when are we going to get the nether update? Java Edition is going to get it very soon, at least from what I’ve seen there. If possible, please could you add the feature where villagers shake their heads when they can’t trade with you, it will add so much to the game!

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Similar to the P.C. version. But have some problems, 1. For character move control, a floating button (like in bill royal games) is secure and better than the press button. 2. There should be an auto walk (double tap to run) button for the quick and easy run combo. Since it requires three fingers to do this combo with the current setup. 3. Boat control is reasonable, but sometimes it won’t go forward with both button pressed. So this needs to be fixed with a move forward button. Apart from these, the game is great and fun

A game with creativity, though I wonder why things are different in Java and Bedrock edition, I’m still confused as to why stuff is like, All in all, I’m proud to say that this is the best game ever created. I thank Notch, Jeb, and also Team Mojang that helped create this great game. I might have made you know a similar comment before, but this is better to read know.

As one could say, this game declared as minecraft is quite exquisite. Throughout my years of playing, I have always found the previously mentioned game to be quite amusing. I would go as far as to say that the previously stated game is by far the most beautiful. If thou have not endeavoured in the match mentioned above, thou ought to attempt in the game. Thus, leading thou into the most amusement of this life. Therefore, leading them to inscribe an even more excellent review that even I can’t fathom.

You can modify data-driven behaviors in the Minecraft to create new resource packs.

The Minecraft APK download is perfect. My favourite part is that you can code and get so much stuff you couldn’t understand. But there is one glitch in the game the legendary Phoenix map from the marketplace for some reason monsters and yetis are randomly spawning even though there is no scroll nearby. I also looked around, and there was no scroll. Is this supposed to be happening or is this a glitch please fix this

It’s an excellent game, and I love it. Although I’m not sure about anyone else, whenever I select a slot to add in a new skin, it imports it, then the rest of my surfaces either delete themselves or turn into staves. When I exit the game to choose a cover from my gallery and go back to the game, the loading screen freezes, the screen turns black, and nothing responds unless I decide to wait for it to no longer be a black screen just turn off my phone. Please fix this

minecraft is a fun-building game; you can build and design your worlds and play with your friends and build together. You can even make your addons or install a few! If you want dragons to Candyland, even to monsters and adventures, Minecraft has it. It’s SO worth the 7.00 $, and then you never have to pay EVER again!

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minecraft is a whole new experience for new players. In the minecraft world, there are lots of biomes. Biomes are parts of the MC world, ranging to different ecosystems and communities to explore. You can do a lot in MC, and you can learn on your journey how to play. minecraft is relatively extraordinary but straightforward in a unique way. Also, I would recommend buying this game. Minecraft has been one of my favorite apps for the longest time ever. Also, I have played this game so many times with my friends. I have experienced a few bugs and glitches.

Minecraft Apk
Minecraft Apk

Alrighty, so I do love this game, but when I tried to chat in multiple players, my friends tell me on the signs that they can’t see my chat, and I can’t see the res, and when I tried to report the bug, it asked for my password. Still, the thing is I don’t know my password, and I need to use email to fix it, but I’m not on the Wi-Fi, so pl help with this or at least tell me what to do.

This Minecraft is fantastic. You can play with friends, and you can make the house build together and have a lot of fun to download this game NOW and play with online friends! And it is bin two years I have played this amazing game it’s so fun instead pretend like this game didn’t come out it is not going to be fun we need to play explore

Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles.

Okay, love the game, not telling anyone how sees this not to download I think you should use it a great game I couldn’t live without it, but I’m having trouble entering a bug so hear it is my file was gone and like. I redownload it, and only two worlds are there. I don’t know if they are even mine. Still, I wouldn’t complain if my one world I spent over 200 hours on wasn’t gone I currently minecraft is working hard to fix bugs, and I’m not that important, but I thought you should now Minecraft.

It’s okay, but by mobile standards, it’s probably the best game angel. Also, I have no problems with anything apart from some lag, but it’s most likely my phone. My friends and I play a lot in games and in-game servers, so five stars. I apologize for some spelling.

I think the game all of the versions should have vertical slabs and you can place carpet on or under a block or stair or pieces it also needs a new dimension, and the pass once needs an update minecraft also need chains so you can make lanterns longer and you can make chain armor Minecraft could also have some sort of end quartz I feel like


the best game I used to play it when I was young then a few years ago I found it again then I logged in, and I found all my old worlds it brings back so many memories, and it has changed it became way better hope Mojang will keep this game forever I hope for a cave update that’s the only thing that hasn’t changed

Maybe I made an overreaction, and I want to make it up, I LOVE THIS GAME, and I hope that people will play this all the time the fact you can get enchanted books from fishing FLOORED my expectations, and this is an entertaining game it’s almost like this is the BEST game EVER. Maybe like 1% better than Roblox, but this is my FAVORITE game EVER don’t hesitate to buy this, this is an AWESOME game.

The game is perfect; some things would be fantastic if added. Sideways slabs- sideways slabs have become a meme, and for some builders like my friend, it would help make builds look even better. Redstone- Redstone is an excellent addition to the game they’re some bugs and things that could be like Redstone comparators. Receptors are only one slab tall or slab Redstone lamp and piece Redstone block. All of these could benefit the game a lot. Thanks a lot.

Graphics and Sound

It is a super great game my most favorite game ever you can play on realms servers. Also, you can do almost everything is like in the future. You can even do multiplayer. It’s so cold my only problem is they don’t update it much I mean like pocket edition they don’t upgrade. Also, they update java edition, but I still like pocket edition cause there’s a lot of glitches. Even Mojang or Microsoft. Especially Markus person pls update minecraft, I’ll be waiting for it for every update like java edition thanks.

I love this game it’s so calming and relaxing, but I have an outstanding request for Minecraft can you the creators of minecraft add a new dimension I call it the unknown it has a lot of villages made of dark wood planks and obsidian floors [AND THE UPDATED IS FOR ANDROID PC AND XBOX], and it has mobs called cavers their only hostile to the player if they attack them and there is a boss named the master he has 1000 health and is a mix of the wither and ender dragon [billed a portal made of magma]

The game is fantastic, but the only problem is that I create a new world cause. I put my account from my Xbox, and it doesn’t let me get to my old world, so I create a new world. Also, I can’t get into the new world, and when I do that, the system kicks me out from the game, and I waste $7.00 for nothing.

Play with up to 4 friends with a free Xbox Live account online.

I first knew this when my sister played minecraft, and I thought this was scary. Also, I remember that I got scared of the villager, but now I can play it and its super good I can’t even say anything. Also, your making updates that make minecraft more fun to play, and there’s an update (I think) that you made that when a flash of lightning strikes, it has a chance of spawning skeletons riding a skeleton horse and it was creepy and cool at the same time!!! p.s. pls make a cave update

I love this game because you can build any house, enjoy the game, and find a diamond in mining. also, You can also make a diamond block with crafting table I love minecraft I download Minecraft you can connect.

You also added how to train your dragon dragons into the game. If you add how to train your dragon dragons, can the light fury and night fury teleport and breed the night fury and light fury.


I’ve played this game since 2011 I love it, and I’m excited for what will come next this game was and still is the best game I’ve ever played, I hope many others like me will enjoy. Edit: I do have a few things I don’t enjoy, however, for one the loading time on world’s is atrocious and takes up so much time that I could make four stacks of pancakes before I load into the world, as well as the fact that if I want to play with a friend my skin and his skin will switch and won’t turn back.

Minecraft APK (MOD, Full Version) free on android

So cool of a game. You should download this game because it’s fun and I like it You should play the game it’s so This game It’s sometimes Makes me rage because it will kick me off when I press the game trying to get on so maybe the creator should fix that because I’m raging I had to leave at 300And 705 pictures to get that get on it I made a research pk, and I wanted to try it, but it’s just not letting me on I reset my tablet I delete pictures, and it’s still won’t

I love this game O so much is my favorite game the world but one thing I had three stacks of Sweet berries I Could not tam One Fox otherwise I love the game it’s the best game in the world download It all I want is to tame a Fox and more animals and thinking zebras and elephants and maybe some lions.


minecraft is a good game. It helps children develop and learn about the world, and despite what some say, it’s not the game that makes people mad and has anger issues, temper tantrums, or an addiction to the game. It’s the people who play the game.

This app is just so Addictively fun, but pls make updates faster were so far behind I can’t wait anymore for new updates it’s too exciting but thanks for making it love it so much I rate this better than all other apps! Oh, and pls add on Mojang to upload zip files and zip world minecraft I want it to happen.

minecraft is an exploring adventure of fun; it’s where you can do whatever you want; there are these blocks called command blocks. And its where you can so magic if you know the right thing to do Minecraft helps you learn. It is fun accessible and impressive have your kids play it you can build whatever you want. Bye.

How to Download Minecraft Pocket Edition For Free

I think you should add bison because they would be suitable for farming because you can fam them for meat and peacocks to farm for longer feathers or just colorful feathers for arrows. And I also think your s hi old add wagons that horse or donkeys can pull so you can sleep and store more materials while you’re on the move to expand the world.

Do I have to say anything minecraft is da bomb I’ve been playing for seven almost eight years and I’m ten when Fortnite came out I was like this is going to be better than Minecraft, but I was wrong no matter what Minecraft will always be my go-to game. I love Minecraft, and no one will convince me otherwise. -Kittycat Daycare 2020

The best game out there much better than anything I’ve ever played. It takes #1 on my favorite game list, and servers make it five times better, just the feel of finding diamonds gets me every time I can’t think of anything else to say but wow omg thank you for bringing this game to my life love it.

Bugs and Other Issues

So, I was having a fun time playing this Minecraft with my friends. I realized that when you buy a book from a villager, you don’t know what book you are buying. That is the stupidest thing ever the person who added that is an idiot. It’s so dumb. It is impossible to get a mending book cause you’re buying a book with all your hard-earned emeralds and surprise. It’s a curse of the binding text! Anyway, I was going to give this game five stars, but I will give 1 star.

I love the game I’ve been playing the game since the beta I remember when there weren’t any mods multiplayer, or anything all I need to say is thanks to the creators we got this beautiful game (remember when the title screen was just plain old dirt) and could you please make a cave update and a mob variate update that would be awesome like if you agree don’t well if you don’t

Hey, Mojang can you like if you want a pet zombie in minecraft can you like make zombies follow you, and they won’t attack you. You know you can cure zombie villagers can you make an update so you can cure regular zombies and they can turn into Alex or Steve and arms down when you hear them so can you make this update. Respond if you can make that update, please.

Minecraft Immortality Version Review

minecraft makes me happy, and it’s not dull, but it’s fun! I can’t invite my friends to my world, but I enabled multiplayer. I hope you fix it out as fast as you could. By the way, it’s good to spend my time when I have no idea what to do. I love this game because it’s adventurous and figure up to survive myself.

Minecraft Apk
Minecraft Apk

It is pretty impressive, and I like the game so much. I usually play in my free time, and it is such fun, and even when the power is off, it also can go so far. Also, I can use it anytime, I use it anywhere I want, and yeah, I like this Minecraft game. minecraft is the best game ever I’ve ever played in my whole life, and I recommend that you should give it a 5-star rate and that you download Minecraft even if it’s at a high cost.

I have since it came out, I’m glad it fixed most of the bugs, and I’m so happy they kept some of them. The only thing I ask to offer would be a stray dog more often, I did find cats everywhere around towns, but I never seem to find a dog anywhere. It would also be nice to have a new biome, a prairie, a hot spring, or full mountains.

Review Minecraft Android All Premium Skins Unlocked Version

I feel like a person is on my servers with me and why is because I feel like they’re invisible, and when I one time was confident. Also, I was going to run over the web at a zombie village, and I fell in, and when I was breaking out it all the sudden reset from breaking, and I had to break the internet instead, and I stopped playing minecraft then.

I love the fact of Bedrock because I built a historic house its made out of wood from the inside and Bedrock from the outside and also I built a system that no one can enter my home and notch can you please add new blocks and piglets please we want to trade and get crying Obsidian. Please add the realistic texture pack for free cause it looks Amazing. We all like it, and please notch.

minecraft is to be the best game I have ever played in all the nine years that I have played it. also, Minecraft is a vast big blocky world where you can build from phenomenal structures to interesting parkour hobbies. The two main game modes are survival, where you need to look for resources and take care of yourself, and the other game mode, creative, where you can use each & every item in the game and do whatever you desire. You can also join servers and have fun with friends.

How to download Minecraft Full Version

Okay, I like the game, on the other hand, I had servers, and they disappeared one day when I wanted to play, so I just made a world instead and btw when is the new minecraft update coming out of mobile and concise because I wish all the new things.

Love this game install so cool explore so many worlds enter your friend’s worlds the best game I have it download the best game ever real good you can survive build houses, so fun installs best build the game I have ever experienced.MOJANG for making this game love it so much. I could play this game every day of my life, non-stop.

It has got to be the BEST game out there. Also, It may be leggy while you play. But that’s because you’re probably playing on something that is old or is leggy anyways. I bet the one and 2-star reviews are by Fortnite kids who only downloaded to give it a bad review. And never even played a second, if you’re trying to play with friends and it does not let you seven words. Get. A. Microsoft. Account. And. Friend. Them.

Minecraft APK (MOD, Full Version) free on android

You Don’t Understand Mate This Game Is A GOD If You Don’t Download This Game You Are Naturally A Bad Person. Still, No Seriously BUY This Game It Is A Kid-Friendly Game, but New Updates Everyday Mate This Is A Legend This Game Is Amazing Don’t Say No to This or Your Kid This Is Worth The 6.00 $ / 4.00 £ Mate Download NOW.

also, download other game

Review by Official Users of Minecraft

I love Minecraft! It’s amazing! The concept of the game is incredible! You can reach many possibilities with this game. I don’t even know why other people give only a few stars to this game! To those who hate their experience in Minecraft, I believe that there may be a problem with the device you are using or which is most likely is that you haven’t signed in your Microsoft account in.


It’s great if you have a keyboard and mouse, but what’s annoying is when I go into chat, it pops up my bar with the triangle, circle, and square and won’t go away when I exit conversation or reload Minecraft, so I can’t see how many items I have in my Hotbar. Developers, please fix this so I can play survival! Please make it, so it’s like Youtube; it pops up for 1 second, then disappears.



Applied patches

  • WARNING: To play the game with the latest features, when creating a new world or editing your old world, go down the game section under the create button in the side menu and activate the features under the Trials section.
  • If you are getting the can’t be opened error while installing the map, go to the profile tab (Settings / Profile) in the settings of the game, select the “File Storage Location” section as External and close and open the game, the problem will be fixed.
  • WARNING: if the  game closes at startup, delete the contents of the games/com.mojang/minecraftpe/ folder and open the game again, it will most likely run smoothly.
  • WARNING: Do not delete the minecraftWorlds folder, otherwise all the Minecraft universes you have created will be lost.

What's new

What's new in 1.14.60: Various bug fixes!


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