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Mini Metro, the sublime subway simulator, now on Android. No ads or in-app purchases.
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Dinosaur Polo Club
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Package Name Mini Metro MOD APK
Developer Dinosaur Polo Club
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.51.0
Size 239 MB
Requirements 4.1 +
Last Update Mar 03, 2024
Date Update No update available
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Average Rating 4.6/5
Page Views 247,743
Downloads 53,857
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Supported Platforms Android

Mini Metro Mod Apk is addictive, simple and amazing. Play in the subway simulator and connect random stations that appear on the map. You can choose to have more resources for managing your Metro or stop overcrowding stations at the end of each week. Otherwise, it’s over. The more people want to use your Metro, the harder it becomes to manage them. It’s super fun and well worth the money.


Mini Metro Mod Apk is a challenging and clever puzzle game that you don’t want to lose. I think the GUI is one of the best in video games. Yet, it’s so simple that most people would not notice it. It’s amazing that I only spent $1 on this game. It’s so much of a blast! This music has two problems: It is not offensive, but it becomes irritating after 5 minutes. The only thing they have added is an option to turn it off.

We are grateful! It’s a great feeling to see complex orchestrations emerge out of such simple rules. The Mini Metro Mod Apk invites me to test my imagination. I keep playing the game again and again also i don’t want to be better, but I do it to experiment with new ideas and make new connections. I can get lost in the flow of shaping and drawing with just a few gestures. Mini Metro is fun because I can create and recreate until my figures find an elegant solution.

It’s a joy. It’s great for daily challenges. You can tap on the achievements icon to see all achievements and any that you have not completed. You could tap on the “to-be completed” achievement to get straight to it. I must scroll down to the correct city to achieve this achievement.

Over Two Dozen Of Real-world Cities To Test Your Planning Skills.

It is refreshing to find a simple game with a challenging challenge in an app store full of pay-to-win and copycat games. I was sceptical at first that the game would take too much time. It keeps me coming back! It was so annoying that I had to take it off my screen. You can always find a new strategy and new ways to complete the colourful maze that is spaghetti geometry.

Although I didn’t like and understand the game at first, I grew to love it and continued to play Mini Metro Mod Apk more. It’s been an enjoyable ride for fun that I have had for less than a week. It doesn’t matter if you have trouble understanding it. Just keep going. It is worth it.

It’s definitely worth the few dollars it costs. I enjoy looking at maps of metro systems and looking forward to more levels Bangkok, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Busan, Hamburg, Hangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Nagoya, Osaka, Oslo, Philadelphia, Rome, Santiago, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Taipei, Tehran, Tianjin, Toronto, Vienna, Wuhan, Xi’an.

This Mini Metro Mod Apk is among my top five favourite apps and may even be the #1. It is all about strategy, intuition, attention, detail, real-world experience, good luck, and many other things. This game is a great source of inspiration, even in my worst moments. It has a simple, recognizable design and a clear visual language that encourages gameplay while minimizing stress.

Mini Metro MOD APK Paid & Unlock All Cards Free Download For Android

The Mini Metro Mod Apk is enjoyable, but there is one problem and one bug. I agree with another commenter that the difficulty ramps up quickly after a certain point. And the bug is that my Google Play Games achievements are not being displayed. It may be something to do with the Android version or the Games app settings. I currently have 0/57, despite having achieved them within the game. The app is also connected to the game. It was fixed, and I got used to the difficulty.

A fun, real-time puzzle game that gets very challenging quickly. You won’t be able to stop enjoying the calm atmosphere and simple visual style. The interface in Mini Metro Mod Apk is easy to use and has visuals that resemble real-world, stylized metro maps. The lines snap to the stations well and retain their aesthetic while being placed. It doesn’t feel like there are too many levels. I love that different levels have different characteristics.


Amazingly simple game, but with great complexity. Mini Metro Mod Apk is the ultimate game developer’s dream. It’s the only game that I have kept on my smartphone since I bought it. It’s easy to use and fun. This Mini Metro Mod Apk is still fun to play, even though I have been playing it for many years.

I originally played the game on my phone. It wasn’t easy to see the map scale. I am now exclusively playing on a Chromebook.

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What's new

Pulling into Deák Ferenc Square! Check out our most recent update, which includes:
• A brand new map featuring continental Europe’s oldest metro system: Budapest!
• Several improvements to audio quality, including the ability to turn the volume completely off so you can tune into your favourite podcast or playlist while building the metro system of your dreams.
• Improved visuals for our maps with smooth rivers and coastlines including New York, Saint Petersburg, San Francisco, Cairo and Mumbai!


Version Size Requirements Date
2.49.0 Varies with device Varies with device -
2.48.0 Varies with device Varies with device 26/08/2021

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All levels in the game are unlocked.

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