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Ultimate fishing game!
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Nexelon inc.
April 3, 2020
4.1 and up
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Package Name Monster Fishing 2022 MOD
Developer Nexelon inc.
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 0.4.11
Size 88M
Requirements 4.1 and up
Last Update Feb 22, 2024
Date Update April 3, 2020
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Average Rating 4.2/5
Page Views 471,950
Downloads 112,369
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Supported Platforms Android

Monster Fishing 2022 MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – I can play daily with its exciting new places and new fishes that I get to keep. And I never get bored because It’s constantly changing & I can always change locations, bait, pole, line, reel, everything! It’s so realistic & I have learned about so many fish. Plus, every game aspect constantly advances, scoring, making money, and collecting fish in the tanks.


Monster Fishing 2022 is the best fishing test system out there! This game has a decent update rate, enormous substance, and great authenticity that on fish simulated intelligence bar control goads and bait use, illustrations, and the way of behaving of the fishes, in every lake, weather patterns, everything.

Many fishing styles, from classic float and trap to feeders and blends, continue to refresh and improve. From my perspective, the best (and perhaps the main genuine) fishing test system out there. Make it a point to it. It is worth even the DLCs on the off chance you get them.

The Story

The reason I downloaded Monster Fishing 2022 was that I was keeping watch for a calculating test system. Since this one was free, I attempted it first (around then, I had placed a few different test systems on my list of things to get because I wasn’t expecting much from a game that is for nothing). Well, I didn’t want to look any further. I enjoyed the game quickly, although everything can take hours or even days (given the extra time) with minor interferences.

Indeed, individuals were taking a gander at me sideways for that – calculating away at different areas all over the planet and looking for loads of changed types of fish. The illustrations are overall quite reasonable. The sounds are generally exquisite; the woodpecker sounds like a digit, like an automatic rifle.

Real 3D Fishing Experience With Monster Fishing 2022

Assuming it got situated excessively relative merits a grin. However, I’m no master on weapon sounds, mind you and add to the deception that nature encompasses you—playing for 1 1/2 years now. At level 46 (a more severe fisher would most likely toss their hands up with sickening dread), I haven’t spent a solitary dime on Premium or DLCs. I don’t truly regret that yet.
What’s more, I don’t understand I’m absent on something.

I’m not playing the game to step up as quickly as possible. I partake in the relieving experience. The inner serenity. That charming expectation of what sort of fish I will be hauling out of the lake next. I like that there are numerous new lakes for me to visit, missions to achieve, and accomplishments to get (long haul inspiration). Then again, as of late, I experienced somebody at a similar level who has been playing just for a month. So the game gives you various methodologies.

Different Types Of Fishing Rods

What’s more, it is a Monster Fishing 2022 worth putting cash on the table (even though I didn’t). It resembles the home-prepared fresh cereal treats my neighbor gives me now and again (and unintentionally today): I would also pay for those since they’re seriously mind-blowing.  Since they taste better compared to those, you can purchase them. Monster Fishing 2022, Well, where do I start? Some might say Missouri.

I speak from my life as a youngster messing around with any semblance of “monstrous bass” and “title bass.” To give some examples, this is the sort of game I had been searching for, for a long time! Having perused the “guide” for this game, it seems like it might quickly become one of my number one rounds. Presently, that is an achievement thinking about my gaming history.

Highlights Of Monster Fishing 2022

  • Battling a Fish: you need to fight it rather than bringing it. You break your hardware or risk losing the fish.
  • The Tackle: Tackle assortment is Fair in its current detail with numerous Baits, Rods, Reels, Line, Lures, and substantially more
  • The World: the Monster Fishing 2022 world depends on three main things: Level, Cash, and Gold. You gain XP/levels for getting fish.

The better the fish, the better the XP. The equivalent is said for cash which you use to buy things like new tackle, bait, Licences, and moving home to another state. Would it be a good idea for your wish? Gold is a sort of Extraordinary cash just acquired by getting delightful fish called “one of a kind’s” (you can likewise buy gold utilizing genuine cash. Would it be a good idea for your wish). You can use expressed gold in purchasing unique things: these Incorporate exceptional lures, premium poles and reels, and better wearable hardware.

How to Play

MY involvement with Monster Fishing, 2022-having purchased two or three of the DLC packs. I thought ide view check whether anything at a bargain is thinking about its the biggest shopping day of the year. And I saw there was, so I chose to purchase a multi-day premium pack soon after purchasing.

I saw the group hadn’t appeared in my in-game stock like when I bought the DLC, so I thought I’d leave it some time since the servers had recently returned up after some maintenance, yet nothing. I figured it probably had something to do with the care. So I chose to email support and question what had happened.

The staff answered Rapidly, likewise adorable and professional, and tackled my concern after a couple of messages to and fro. You can genuinely tell. These designers often think about their players and making their game better.


I was astonished by this, considering the stain some early access games/Dev groups leave on players. By and large, this is a genuinely charming game, and I cant recommend it enough to any individual who prefers Fishing regardless of whether you’ve ever been Fishing. However, you need to check it out.

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Fixed minor bugs


Version Size Requirements Date
0.4.4 88M 4.1 and up 03/04/2020
0.2.9 88M 4.1 and up 03/04/2020
0.1.147 88M 4.1 and up 03/04/2020
0.1.141 87M 4.1 and up 24/02/2020
0.1.130 89M 4.1 and up 21/01/2020
0.1.125 89M 4.1 and up 26/12/2019

Applied Patches

  1. After you spend your first diamond in the game, it will be unlimited.
  2. You can exchange diamonds in the game and have money.